The overwhelming inertia of the cargo truck made it unable to stop on time, which resulted in it tumbling several feet before flipping over the rail.

Thum! Thum! Thum!

After a series of loud thuds, the truck was firmly planted into the mud by the road. The yellow dust that was stirred up had left the drivers passing by in a daze.

Lin Ruoxi was still trembling from the incident. She witnessed the close encounter with the cargo truck before its eventual demise but was however not too excited about the turn of events. She quickly calmed herself down and turned towards Yang Chen who exhibited his satisfaction with the outcome with a grin. “You knew somebody was going after me, didn’t you?”

Yang Chen pouted and replied, “That wasn’t just to harm you. It was also partially aimed at me. Their original plan was to finish you off by poison. But you were immediately discharged which undoubtedly thwarted their plans. They couldn’t find a decent opportunity for execution, which was why we were unscathed on the trip from the hospital back to the company.

“Now that our enemies have reorganized their game plan, they knew it would leave traces behind if they conducted the plans over at the headquarters, which was why it seemed like a golden opportunity when we diverted our route to a more remote location.”

“You mean the both of us?” Lin Ruoxi was connecting the dots. “Killing me was something that I foresaw. After all, Li Minghe’s grand plan was to see my demise. But my concern is how you have been roped into this with me. What did you do to gain his hatred?”

Yang Chen had a change in emotion before he cracked a smile. “Who knows. Maybe it was to prevent remandments once and for all.”

Lin Ruoxi was however unconvinced but decided to stop asking questions. She coyly pouted and said, “So that’s why you insisted on fetching me to the headquarters. You knew it since the start but you didn’t even bother to tell me. I know you wouldn’t find it perplexing just from an amateur scheme like this one. But would it kill you to give me a heads up?”

Yang Chen kept his silence as he started the engine and went on the road, before he solemnly asked, “Ruoxi, do you hate Li Minghe now?”

Lin Ruoxi was dumbfounded as she stared at Yang Chen, curious about his sudden change in tone.

“Not to that level, but definitely not one I’d favor. After all, I’m not even sure why he went through so much trouble to see me fail. And to see me lose my life…”

Yang Chen frowned as he continued, “He has already come so close to murdering you on multiple occasions but you still don’t hate him? In my opinion, he deserves to die.”

Lin Ruoxi sighed. “I know you are worried about me. But I somehow still believe in the rule of law. If we slaughter him in cold blood for his attempted murders, wouldn’t that make us just like him?”

“How are you still talking about justice and the rule of law when that imbecile had continuously plotted to see you dead?!” Yang Chen was not having any of it.

Lin Ruoxi bit on her lip and replied, “I’m not like you. I can watch my rivals in business lose over and over again, or even watch them go bankrupt in the process. But taking lives is something that I cannot do, regardless of how indirect my involvement is. I’m just a businesswoman. I can’t soak my hands in blood. I know I sound all sappy right now, and you can be impatient with me, but I just can’t do it.”

Yang Chen gave a bitter smile as he shook his head. “Both are women. But if this were to happen to Rose, she would’ve sent a legion of men to make sure his head was on a silver platter, with or without me. Hehe…”

Lin Ruoxi glared at him. “Don’t you dare to use Rose to trigger me. I will not deal with this the way she would. If you’re that great, why isn’t Li Minghe behind bars yet?”

Yang Chen sighed and answered, “If he is still alive, placing him anywhere doesn’t really matter all that much. You must understand that it would be a better plan to set the trap and lure in the big fish. Look, don’t worry about this. Your safety is my responsibility.”

The couple once again fell back into silence as both were left with nothing to say.

As they approached an alleyway lined with eateries, Yang Chen went down from the car and bought Lin Ruoxi a box of glutinous rice balls.

As she stared at the box of her favorite snack in her hands, she shifted her gaze to the grumpy man by her side. She mumbled, “Yang Chen… do you think I’m a useless person? Always bossy… always a burden to you?”

Yang Chen smiled casually. “Stop overthinking this. If you can bear with a thick-skinned playboy as your husband then I surely can appreciate the fact that my wife is overtly gracious towards certain matters. After all isn’t that what marriage is all about? Respect and acceptance of one another, am I right?”

A faint yet bright smile cracked on Lin Ruoxi’s mesmerizing face before she nodded…

It was afternoon. In a fitting pantsuit, filled with elegance and grace was Luo Cuishan. Accompanied by several personal assistance, she entered the conference room of a certain building in Zhonghai’s central business district.

The executives of several major banks who had been waiting for a while instantly stood up and gave their salutations. They were all honored by the presence of the premier’s wife, not to mention her role as a highly ranked minister as well.

Luo Cuishan casually shook their hands, and each took a seat before she went straight to the point. “How are things going regarding the incident at Yu Lei International?”

A grizzled old executive replied with a smile, “Thanks for asking, Madam Luo. Yu Lei International’s share price has fallen below the threshold of thirty-five percent. Their situation is not a favorable one, for the leaked information was a nail to the coffin for the corporation.”

Luo Cuishan solemnly proclaimed, “To all executives present, with your ample experience in the field of finance, I would like to inquire, in regards to Yu Lei International’s current crisis, what is the likelihood of them staying afloat?”

“Sigh…” An executive said, “No offense, but anyone with slight knowledge about the sector would be aware that at their current pace. Yu Lei’s share price will very likely fall more than fifty percent. At that point, only the heavens would be able to save them. Under my calculations, unless they possess 40 billion in reserves and are willing to invest it all into the stock market, there is nearly zero chance of a turnaround. But nevertheless, if they really had that amount they would have already taken the shot, which says a lot about their current condition.”

The other executives all agreed in unison. Even if they agreed to provide financial support, it was only a matter of time that Yu Lei International went bankrupt.

Luo Cuishan appeared conflicted as she declared, “If that is the case, I would suggest everyone present to refrain from needlessly conducting the so-called investments.”

Everyone present was stupefied by her remark. They exchanged glances with each other, unknowing what to expect.

Skeptical, the elderly executive asked, “Chief Luo, you’ve come today to talk to us about helping Yu Lei International, haven’t you? But why…”

Luo Cuishan solemnly explained, “The premier himself is mostly in Beijing, thus his lack of familiarity this region. He’s just concerned about large businesses in this country. In spite of that, from all of your professional advice, I believe it is very much unwise should we provide financial aid to a failing corporation. Since it was I who have given the order, the consequences will fall into my hands instead of yours. But to maintain the reputation of my husband, I would like to plead for everyone here to keep it a secret from him. You will all lend a hand, won’t you?”

The executives within the room felt the uneasiness resonated throughout the venue.

“Well, since Chief Luo has made the decision, I believe it is only right for us to obey. By avoiding unnecessary investments, we will henceforth void all financial support towards Yu Lei International…”

All the other executives unanimously agreed.

Luo Cuishan gave a smile of relief as she announced, “Well, once again thank you all for coming. The duration of my visit here is limited so I will have to skip the lunch event. But I’ll ensure you all that my next visit will be with the premier and the drinks will be on us!”

The ones present instantaneously stood up and bowed as Luo Cuishan left the office with no sign of obstruction.

After leaving the conference room and entering the elevator, Luo Cuishan instantly kept her fake smile. She ordered one of the assistants by her tail, “About the thing I told you to prepare, is it ready?”

The assistant instantly replied, “Yes ma’am, it is ready and the information is all neat and organized. It shall be delivered to the hands of Lin Ruoxi upon your request.”

Luo Cuishan praised her and asked, “Is that idiot still loyal?”

The personal assistant gave a sinister grin. “Yes, ma’am. He is still at the mansion with the woman he previously manipulated.”

“This is the final leg. Make sure all arrangements including the ones abroad are in place. Just to be safe, the backup plans must not go wrong as well,” Luo Cuishan ordered.


Right at that moment, the elevator bell rang as they arrived at the ground floor.

A calm and polite smile once again graced the face of Luo Cuishan before she proudly came out of the elevator.


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