Back then when Wang Ma narrated the story, there were a few key parts to the story that even she was unsure about—things like how the Old CEO had discovered Xue Zijing.

Those were dark times for members of any major clans. And so, it was kept a secret deep underground by both the Ning and Luo clans.

Yang Chen took a deep breath as he smiled bitterly. Slowly but surely, decades upon decades of events started to reveal themselves, leaving him in a constant dumbfounded state.

Xue Minghe was filled with fury and hatred as he clenched his teeth. “I guess you finally found out that Yu Lei International belongs to us! It belongs to the Xue clan! It was that betraying woman that cost us our clan, Yu Lei, and everything else! Your clan chose not to step up when we needed you the most. Not to mention that the Lin clan was adding fuel to the fire with that daylight robbery. I will bring this strife to my grave! Lin Ruoxi is a bitch like her mother. Even hell would be too merciful for them!”

Yang Chen raised his eyebrows, as he stoically replied, “There is still one thing, however, that confuses me. You’re aware that it was the Ning and Luo clans that forced your clan to a dead-end along with all the misery that came along with it, and yet you’re here loyal to this woman to plot against your own cousin.”

Xue Minghe was instantly left speechless as he turned away from Yang Chen, only replying with a snort.

Luo Cuishan meanwhile chuckled and replied, “Well I can safely say that I was not involved in the desperate plottings and schemes but it was instead the elders within our clans. Blame me if you wish. Besides, if it wasn’t for me, this idiot would have already been dead in a prison cell over at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania a long time ago.”

Yang Chen quickly took a glance at Xue Minghe, which at the mention reminded him of the documents he had read through. It did mention about Xue Minghe’s felony past, but it was shrouded with plot holes. Ever since his release, Xue Minghe’s life took a complete U-turn, from his name change to Li Minghe and his transfer into Muyun Group in Hong Kong.

Xue Minghe upon hearing the mention of the prison instantly went pale as he was sweltering in cold sweat, seemingly recalling dark times in distant memory.

Luo Cuishan saw that Yang Chen appeared slightly disjointed as she boastfully taunted, “Well it looks like I did a pretty great job keeping these events secret all these years. Speaking of which, aren’t you curious about what happened that year?”

Before Yang Chen could speak, Luo Cuishan put her finger by her lips as she taunted, “Shh… let me explain.”

… …

Upon their expulsion from the country, due to insufficient funds within the Xue clan, in addition to the series of unfortunate events, the clan was led to its inevitable fragmentation.

Distant relatives parted ways to chart their own path. Ultimately, only a few loyal members stayed by the clan leader’s side.

In a foreign land with extremely limited funds, they decided to settle down on the suburbs of Philadelphia’s Chinatown. With the little savings they had, they started small businesses, modest eateries, and in hard labor.

A clan once amassing wealth and assets aplenty, had to settle for scraps to survive amongst the trenches of society!

Xue Minghe was still young and immature when they went from riches to rags, which caused him to build and fester on the hatred that he had carried on all these years.

A few years went by before they finally found their place in society, but it was nowhere near where they once were.

Many within the Xue clan soon lost contact with one another, and their settlement in America solidified their presence in one’s mind only as a forgotten past.

Xue Minghe was brought up in that environment as his urge for revenge grew.

During his high school years, he was surrounded by people who were mostly uninterested in studies, spending most of their time loitering, drug dealing, and involving in robbery and prostitution.

However, Xue Minghe knew that for him to make his way back to the upper class, education was an important stepping stone to take back everything that was rightfully his.

However, during his time in high school, he was accused as a drug dealer by a lot of his schoolmates at once!

That had ruined Xue Minghe’s entire life! He was subsequently arrested, and due to the modest financial condition of his family, they could only watch as he was innocently sent to a juvenile rehabilitation center.

Those months in prison were constant torture to Xue Minghe’s mind, body, and soul!

His earnest and nerdy appearance did not help him against the violent criminals who resided with him.

In a prison without a female presence, a young and fresh adolescent was easily the target of choice as their preferred pastime.

Xue Minghe’s life was flipped upside down as he lived in what could be referred to as ‘hell on earth’.

And after months of physical and mental abuse, someone was willing to pay his ransom in full. That person was none other than Luo Cuishan!

Luo Cuishan was thorough and always a few steps ahead. All these years she followed the Xue clan closely, in part to make sure they could never bounce back, while at the same time carefully monitoring as they stumbled in the trenches of society.

When she was assured that the Xue clan’s chapter in her life was put to an end, she discovered that her husband Ning Guangyao had been assisting Lin Ruoxi in all her drawbacks right under her nose!

That unexpected discovery added to her unfathomable hatred towards Xue Zijing’s daughter!

It was then that Luo Cuishan recalled Xue Minghe was in a cell, which prompted her to wonder, what if she decided to pick a youth from the dirt and offer him a chance to fulfill his vengeance. How far would he go for revenge?

As he was also blood-related to Lin Ruoxi as cousins, if they were to be in deep confrontation, Lin Ruoxi would suffer mentally regardless if she won or lost!

As a result, Xue Minghe was subsequently freed, and under the assistance and funding of Luo Cuishan, cleared his accusations, enrolled in an elite school and was officially lifted back into the fringes of nobility. He adopted a new last name as he made his return to China by his recruitment into Muyun Group in Hong Kong.

What Luo Cuishan initially had in mind was for Xue Minghe to progress through the ranks within Muyun Group before competing with Lin Ruoxi as business competitors. Never would she have thought that a golden opportunity would fall right into her hands—Muyun Group had put in a request to send an employee to Yu Lei International!

With her role as the clanswoman of the Ning clan and a member the Luo clan, she played her cards under the table to allow for Xue Minghe’s transfer to Yu Lei. Li Muhua, Muyun Group’s chairman, was not too concerned about that. After all, it was not a transfer of significant importance.

As Luo Cuishan blissfully narrated Xue Minghe’s backstory, Yang Chen was focused, keeping his silence.

Luo Cuishan might have hidden most of her true intentions from the narration, but Yang Chen figured out that she was on a certain degree acting in retaliation to her husband’s actions, the target, however, unfortunately, was Xue Zijing and her clan.

Xue Minghe was still engulfed by the harrowing flashbacks induced by Luo Cuishan’s narration, notably his time served in prison, as he was visibly pale and petrified.

For a decent man, that was undoubtedly a suicidal experience that would traumatize one for a lifetime. If not for the burning hatred fueling his fire, Xue Minghe would not have lasted until this day.

He knew clear and well that Luo Cuishan was using him as a tool for her master plan. He was also aware that her family spearheaded the downfall of his family. But now that he was gifted with a quick exit from that living hell, he could only obey as she wished, and to first retrieve Yu Lei International.

The schemes ultimately went sideways when Lin Ruoxi used him as a jump board from the events that he initiated.

“What a pity, I was expecting a family feud with the result of them ending each other off.” Luo Cuishan sighed as she stood up. ”Alright, I told you everything I need to say. It was my fault to have even the slightest expectations for this dimwit. Now that the cat is out of the bag, I’m going to take my leave. As for that idiot, you can do whatever you want with him. He has served his only purpose in life.”

Luo Cuishan ended with a smirk and headed towards the door.

Yang Chen that was quiet all this while, stretched out his leg and tapped ever so slightly on the plywood right in front of Luo Cuishan.

Crick! Crack!

A chain of loud shattering sounds were heard as the pinewood tiles appeared to be blown from within, a crack of a meter wide emerged out of thin air!

Luo Cuishan abruptly halted her footsteps as her expressions changed ever so slightly. “What? You aren’t actually thinking of killing me, are you? Need I remind you, I am the clanswoman of the Ning clan and the first lady of the coutry? Our clan alone is leagues ahead of the Zeng clan that you decimated. If you so much as touch me, I will make sure the entire China would be on for your head!”

Yang Chen stoically emphasized, “What I am contemplating right now is not if whether you’ll die, but how you die. As for the consequences, well I do believe you will have a hard time communicating it from six feet under.”

Luo Cuishan felt a crippling chill as she was aware then, that Yang Chen was in no way joking!

And right that moment, she instantly drew out her handgun and aimed right at Yang Chen’s brains. Despite being just inches away from him, her hands were trembling in terror!

“Do you think I’m afraid of you? Do you really think I have not thought this through? I warn you, you’d best be double checking with that little bitch Lin Ruoxi.” Luo Cuishan gave a sinister laugh.

Yang Chen felt an unsettling premonition. “What did you do to her?”

Before he could finish, his phone started vibrating.

Yang Chen ignored the gun pointed at his face as he checked his phone, only to see that it was indeed Lin Ruoxi!

Luo Cuishan’s smirk grew broader as she knew she had the upper hand.

“Is everything alright?” Yang Chen picked up the call.

On the opposite side of the line was Lin Ruoxi in a faint and stuttering tone, with hints indicating that she had been crying. “Yang Chen… please… don’t hurt her.”

Yang Chen was confused as he lowered his voice. “I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about, I know exactly how to handle this.”

“No!” Lin Ruoxi was at the verge of breaking down as she pleaded, “I know who you’re facing right now, she’s sent me all of it. All of the documents… just… I beg you, please don’t hurt her…”


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