Meanwhile, halfway across the world, Yang Chen received an update from Sauron regarding the mission.

“The hostages are secured. Awaiting further instructions, Your Majesty.”

Yang Chen checked the time on his phone. He estimated that the entire process took around fifteen minutes. Indeed, the American veterans were incredibly efficient in their familiar territory.

Yang Chen stared at Luo Cuishan pathetically weeping on the ground, and said with a voice full of disgust, “The people that you sent are dead. What else have you got to say for yourself?”

Luo Cuishan lifted her head as she glared viciously at Yang Chen, like a venomous snake ready to strike despite her situation.

“You were lucky I hired dimwits for the job. If you want to kill me, make it quick. But don’t come to regret the consequences of your actions!”

Luo Cuishan was ready to throw caution to the wind. After the extreme humiliation in Yang Chen’s face, even to the extent of incontinence, she would rather die than to live by Yang Chen’s mercy!

Now that she was thwarted by these two young people, there could not be another time in her life that she wanted to skin them both alive!

Yang Chen was not agitated as he replied, “Since you said so, I’ve got no reason left to end your life. But from my perspective, despite not having any pre-existing conflicts at the moment, you will still find ways to cause trouble for me. Keeping a venomous serpent-like you alive would eventually turn back to bite me in the hind.”

“Hmph! Cut the crap. You came here to kill me, so do it!” Luo Cuishan sneered.

Yang Chen shook his head. “Killing you would lead me into more problems. I’m not that stupid.”

Luo Cuishan burst out into laughter. “I knew it! I knew you wouldn't have the guts to kill me! All these years that I’ve lived, I’ve met every personality that could possibly exist in this world. Did you really think I couldn’t read your cowardly antics? I saw that from a mile away!”

“Is that so?” Yang Chen brushed it off as he turned towards Xue Minghe. “How about you, do you want to live?”

Xue Minghe was sure today was the day he would lose his life, but now with Yang Chen’s behavior, could it be a glimmer of hope?!

Despite losing everything he ever had, he was now a changed man. He had Wu Yue and their unborn child to care for!

Xue Minghe blankly stared at the unconscious Wu Yue by the corner, tears threatening to fall.

He wanted to live! He must live on to protect this woman, to see his own child!

“I—I want to live! Please… spare my life!” Xue Minghe gave no second thoughts on his dignity as he pleaded for his life. This was his one chance to see his child be born!

Regardless of his intense urge for revenge, it was nowhere near the power of fatherly love!

Thump! Xue Minghe unhesitatingly kneeled right in front of Yang Chen. It was not pity or a false display, but a firm and sincere stance.

Yang Chen saw the genuine affection in Xue Minghe’s eyes as he watched over Wu Yue. The passion and love he had towards her moved Yang Chen ever so slightly.

“I wouldn’t have thought that you would bring Wu Yue along with you. It seems like you actually fell for her,” Yang Chen mentioned with slight lament.

Xue Minghe seemed tense as he forcefully nodded. “At first I was just fooling around with her feelings. I needed her to love me if I wanted to succeed. But as time went on, I realized she was the only person in my entire life who has genuinely cared about me and wanted nothing in exchange. She understands me like no one else. She trusted me.

“Only by her side do I feel valued and respected. She did not care for my past or the things I have done in the present. My presence was good enough for her.”

Luo Cuishan on the opposite corner responded, “How pathetic. Spouting anything that could keep you alive. Do you really think that your sob story would be enough to keep you alive? He might be afraid to kill me, but he’s definitely not afraid to kill you!”

Yang Chen’s gaze froze. Lifting his leg, he accumulated a gush of air and abruptly flung Luo Cuishan outside from the ground!


Luo Cuishan smashed right into a display case, allowing the pots to crash around her.

That act alone was enough to knock her out!

Stupefied, Xue Minghe finally realized that if Yang Chen wanted to kill him, he could do it with the snap of a finger!

Yang Chen, however, was unamused as he continued, “If I let you live, how would I know if you’d try to harm Ruoxi again? God knows I could take a break from all that.”

Xue Minghe was caught off-guard by the statement as he started to contemplate his options. Having seriously considered for nearly a minute, he realized it wasn’t worth it and shouted, “No I won’t! I swear for the rest of my life that I would never harbor feelings of revenge towards her ever again!”

“You sure?”

Xue Minghe turned towards Wu Yue as he wept. “I want to bring this dummy back to America to meet my parents. I’m thinking of looking for a real job once our child is born. I will make money the right way. I would never want to see my child go through the things I’ve experienced, to be shoved around, to be thrown into prison just because I was poor and powerless…”

“A child?!” Yang Chen was astonished, glancing Wu Yue and immediately back at Xue Minghe. “Wu Yue has your child?”

Xue Minghe replied with a tremble in his voice, “I too was unaware of it until a few days ago. And because of that, I beg you to spare my life. I am willing to go back to prison, I really am. All I wish for is that my child will have a father when they are born.”

Yang Chen lowered his head as he contemplated, before he declared, “Okay, look. If you do one thing for me, I will consider letting you go scot-free.”

Xue Minghe was excited. “What? I would do anything!”

Yang Chen pointed at Luo Cuishan who had just recently crash landed by the corner. “I need you to strip that woman bare. I have planned something for her, but she peed herself and it reeks, so I really don’t want to touch her.”

Xue Minghe was dumbfounded. He never would have thought that Yang Chen would result in using such ‘demeaning’ punishments. He had an internal argument while staring at the woman by the edge of the room, then back at the unconscious Wu Yue by the couch.

“Not a fan?” Yang Chen frowned. “This could save your life.”

Xue Minghe awkwardly mumbled, “Can I… take Yue’er back upstairs before I do this for you?”

“Oh? Why is that? She is unconscious. Do you really think she would blame you for this?” Yang Chen cheekily grinned.

Xue Minghe shook his head. “No, even if she’s unconscious right now, I just can’t strip another woman’s clothes right in front of her. But if you request otherwise, I will do it.”

Yang Chen burst into laughter as he clapped his hands. “Congratulations, you passed.”

Xue Minghe was once again clouded by confusion as he failed to follow with Yang Chen’s proclamation.

“If that moment when I questioned whether you would seek revenge and you replied without a second thought, then I would’ve instantly ended you. It would clearly lack sincerity. And if you instantly agreed to strip that woman down without considering Wu Yue, then I would’ve also taken your life, because you clearly didn’t love her as much as you say you do.

“But now it seems that you’re ready to take up the responsibility as a father and a husband. My wife Ruoxi made me promise that I’d spare you, and that is exactly what I’ll do. After all, despite your involvement, my problems lie with the mastermind.”

Xue Minghe wept tears of joy as he got down on his knees and started kowtowing, overflowing with emotions.

Yang Chen signaled him to stop and interjected, “There are several lifts that you can take outside. Don’t even think about going back to Yu Lei for a farewell. Just get on with the procedures needed to return to America. If you face anything just send me an email to the company’s mail. Other than that, I don’t care.”

Xue Minghe was still trembling as a consequence of the turn of events. He then expressed his gratitude towards Yang Chen before helping Wu Yue off the ground and off through the door.

After Xue Minghe had left the building, Yang Chen let out a long sigh. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t picture how Xue Minghe was going to have a child with Wu Yue.

According to the family bloodline, Wu Yue’s child would be the nephew or niece of both him and Lin Ruoxi. Not to mention, no one understands the feeling of growing up without a father more than himself. He could not bear to let the innocent kid suffer.

He had only recently discovered the softer side of himself, one that had been gradually developing since his return to the country. Or it may be the side effects of the divine light back then that had resulted in his brutality.

All in all, Yang Chen did not regret his decision to let Xue Minghe go.

He turned towards the unconscious Luo Cuishan before yelling at the door, “Adeline, come on in!”

Amidst the darkness, a mesmerizing silhouette in a tight-black jumpsuit seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Adeline pouted and stared at Yang Chen. “Your Majesty Pluto, you don’t actually want me to strip that old hag, do you?”

Adeline had only just arrived but she managed to overhear Yang Chen’s conversation, which was why she kept her distance.

Yang Chen cunningly smiled. “Come on, she has taken good care of her skin. She still looks like she’s in her mid-thirties. I believe she would still be highly demanded in nightclubs. Also, if you’re disgusted by the smell of urine, are you instead expecting me to do it personally?”


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