Adeline was not happy with how things played out. She regretted not leaving earlier and was dreading her next task. However, as much as she wanted to leave, she was not bold enough to.

“Hurry up!” Yang Chen barked.

Panicked, Adeline dashed over immediately.

She kept reassuring herself that it was just urine, nothing else. The rest were probably jealous of her working in direct command of Yang Chen. But the task at hand was less than glamorous.

Adeline didn’t dare to touch much of it, so she ended up tugging at the fabrics in order to get her. Soon enough Luo Cuishan’s clothes were ripped to shreds.

Luo Cuishan’s plump torso was exposed under the lights.

Yang Chen gasped a little. Ning Guangyao was lucky to be both wealthy and in love with such a beautiful woman. Luo Cuishan may not be as beautiful as his mother-in-law Xue Zijing, but she was definitely not on the short end of the stick. Many women could only dream of having such supple and fair skin at her age.

This woman, unfortunately, had a wet patch between her thighs coupled with an odd smell.

Adeline furrowed her eyebrows.

Yang Chen laughed and waved at Adeline. “Come, let me tell you what to do.”

Adeline was confused. “Aren’t we getting a camera?”

“Look at you. What makes you think I will stoop so low?” Yang Chen was visibly upset, sighing as he looked away. He paced with his hands behind his back, then gleefully said, “Those who use pictures as blackmail are cowardly criminals! Where’s your sense of originality? We have to do things differently around here. Has your time in the Sea Eagles taught you nothing? You are the best of the best. Which means you are expected to do things others cannot!”

“Are we peasants? No! What exceeds the actions of these peasants? Art! What is art? It’s a form of life, higher than life itself! If you thought I would use the premier’s wife for a simple video, you’re also wrong! What I want to shoot is something deep, something thoughtful… Like an art film!”

The Caucasian lady was startled. Although she didn’t understand much of what Yang Chen said, he sounded pretty impressive.

“Then… Your Majesty Pluto, what should we do?” Adeline asked, obediently running to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen came close to her ear. He sneered while whispering something to her.

After listening, Adeline had a strange look on her face. “Your Majesty… can’t we just kill her? I’m all for punishment but that just seems a little too cruel.”

“Not cruel! I’ve told you, this is an art film! What is an art film? It’s the fusion of art and literature. It must stir the heart of the audience!” Yang Chen raised his brows. “Cruel is also a feeling.”

Adeline shuddered and gulped. She obediently nodded anyway.

Unwillingly, Adeline wrapped the naked Luo Cuishan in a carpet before carrying her away. Although they were both female, she could run a day despite Luo Cuishan being on her back.

After excusing herself, Adeline brought Luo Cuishan out of the compound, found herself a car, and left with the woman.

After everyone had left, Yang Chen’s smile slowly faded. Under the bright lights of the villa, there was only a lonely silhouette in the middle of the living room,

Yang Chen looked up at the night sky with a deep breath. The next second, he disappeared.

… …

In her backyard, Lin Ruoxi was sitting on a bamboo chair. Since she got home from the office, she had been sitting alone waiting for Yang Chen to return.

Guo Xuehua, Wang Ma, and Zhenxiu didn’t know the events that transpired earlier this evening. When they asked her to come indoors, in less than three minutes, she’d run to the yard again to wait for Yang Chen. In the end, they could only let her be.

It was a difficult night. Lin Ruoxi thought it would be over after she showed her cards, but she realized the most difficult problems she had to face only arrived after the company was put out of harm’s way!

Although the Xue’s were far away in America and had wanted nothing to do with her, it was still difficult for her to turn a blind eye towards them.

When she knew her mother was married to the Lin family as part of a business deal, and that Yu Lei was initially the Xue family’s assets, Lin Ruoxi felt like her world was crumbling. She felt like she was no longer in control over the pieces in her life.

Since the beginning, it was her mother who had burdened the Xue’s. But when she passed away, it was as if the weight of the crimes were transferred to Lin Ruoxi herself.

Her luxurious upbringing was built on the pain of the Xue family.

When she was wallowing in self-pity, there was finally a knock on the door. A familiar silhouette opened the door, then slowly entered.

Lin Ruoxi shot up, dashing to Yang Chen. She tearfully looked into Yang Chen’s eyes, a face full of questions.

Yang Chen warmly smiled. “Babe Ruoxi, you’ve been so good waiting up for me.”

“How are they?!” Lin Ruoxi blurted.

Yang Chen’s smile froze. “Depends on who you are referring to.”

“Of course I’m talking about the lady who has kidnapped the Xue’s, and Li—Xue Minghe! They’re fine, right?!” Lin Ruoxi asked urgently.

Yang Chen pursed his lips, and said with a calm expression, “So you were only up because you were worried about them.”

When Lin Ruoxi saw how Yang Chen didn’t answer her question, she panicked more. “You… Did you… kill someone?”

Yang Chen fell silent while staring at her face. Looking at the infinite amount of worry that was present on her face, his heart felt like it was on fire!

“Why are you not saying anything, Yang Chen? You promised me not to kill! You... Say something!” Lin Ruoxi was enraged with his silence. If that man killed Luo Cuishan and Xue Minghe, wouldn’t that mean he had basically wiped out the Xue clan?!

The corners of Yang Chen’s lips curled and were visibly shaking. He was doing his best to keep his voice low, but his strong emotions caused his voice to be haggard and raspy.

“The Xue’s are safe. I have sent both Xue Minghe and Wu Yue back to America. As for Luo Cuishan, I will punish her, but I won’t let her threaten the people you love,” Yang Chen explained.

Lin Ruoxi sighed in relief, her feet shakily taking a step back. “Thank you… That’s all I need to hear.”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly at himself. “Lin Ruoxi, do you not trust me…”

Lin Ruoxi slowly raised her head. She looked at the man, confused.

In the dark, in the quiet yard, Yang Chen’s breathing was rugged.

“I don’t know what you think of me. Ever since our wedding, I can only guess and speculate whenever you have problems because you never tell me. Someone told me that our chemistry wasn’t good because I don’t know you well enough. And that’s why I went to your school to meet your teachers, hoping to get to know you a little better. However, I realized that you have changed quite a bit in the last few years making all knowledge of that time redundant.

“I remember when you wanted to marry me. I said I wanted both of us to know each other better as husband and wife through heartfelt, open talks. I wasn’t joking, not then, definitely not now. As for me, I have never deliberately hidden anything from you. As long as you were willing, I was ready to open up about my past. You never bothered to ask. I also don’t want you to know some stains, so I’ve done my best to let you see only the good parts, hoping for you to feel safe. All I have ever wanted from you was your trust. I sincerely hope that one day you will let me in.”

Yang Chen gazed deep into the woman’s eyes, struggling to find expression. Lin Ruoxi’s initial emotions were confusion but it had evolved into something deeper.

“But, I have come to grow tired of it. It was as if there was always going to be an impenetrable wall between us. No matter how high I flew, and how much energy I spent, the wall would never seem to end. I cannot get to know the real you without you yourself letting me in.

“I’ll admit, I’m shameless for saying all of this. I will also admit, since our wedding, I have hurt you, and I have done things to make you worry. But, I can proudly say that ever since we met, you have been my first priority. Everything I have ever done, I took you into consideration.

“Today I had to face a woman who hurt you, and a man who plotted to kill us both and take everything we have. I don’t know what you were thinking, but did you once consider at the very moment when I was face to face with them, what your order had meant for me? Did you consider how I felt standing there with a gun pointed to my head…?

“Perhaps you think a shameless person like me would be fine, when humiliated and jeered. As long as the people you care about are alright. If that is the case, I don’t know what to say.

“I am willing to be humiliated for you, to be seen as a weakling. I am a man, but I am also your husband.

“Lin Ruoxi, can I ask you this. When will the time come where the moment I return, your first words will not be, ‘how are they’, but… ’are you alright’?”

The cool breeze of the night swept through the backyard. Yang Chen’s voice was soft, but it drove itself to the core of Lin Ruoxi’s heart.

Her eyes reddened. She opened her mouth, to say something but nothing came out. She suddenly realized that she’d already said words that broke her man’s heart.

Yang Chen grinned. “Alright, just ignore that random rant. Don’t take it too seriously. It’s late and you’ve been busy these two days. Take a shower and rest. You haven’t even changed.”

With that, Yang Chen turned to leave.

Lin Ruoxi finally spoke to stop Yang Chen, “You… Where are you going?”

Yang Chen’s footsteps stopped. “I don’t feel like sleeping just yet. I’m going out to take a walk and maybe have a drink or two. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to me.”

Lin Ruoxi could only stare at the man. He hadn’t stayed for long, but now he’s leaving again. She didn’t know why, but he wasn’t walking past just a door. He was leaving behind a very deep cut between them.

When she heard the man’s car leave, Lin Ruoxi collapsed. As soon as both her knees connected with the ground, she started to tear like there was no tomorrow…


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