An Xin shook her head in disbelief. “No… How could he do this?”

The crew-cut man squinted his eyes and gestured at his two subordinates. They immediately produced a pair of handcuffs to take her away.

The two female bodyguards beside An Xin were not wallflowers to this whole situation. They blocked the men and one of them proceeded to yell, “Even if you need Miss An to help with an investigation, you still need to treat her with respect. Handcuffs are for prisoners, something Miss An is not!”

“She’s the daughter of a national traitor. At this point, she’s lucky to be alive. And what makes you think we would be willing to beg her on our knees?” The man speaking was getting more and more agitated by the second.

She retaliated angrily, swooping to grab his arm.

An agent of the National Defence Ministry was obviously skilled to a certain degree. He looked at her with disgust before moving his arm with so much explosive energy that she bounced back onto the couch!

“We don’t wish to waste any more time. Miss An, please follow us.” The man ordered his subordinate to keep the handcuffs. It was as if they needed it anyway.

The bodyguard wanted to block him again, but An Xin stopped her.

An Xin slowly got up. Her lips were pale, and her beautiful eyes were brimming with tears. Although she knew it was inevitable, it wasn’t how she planned the situation going down.

That man literally abandoned her. He abandoned her in favour of himself!

“I’ll follow you. But at least let me inform my lover. That shouldn't be a problem, right?” An Xin gathered her emotions.

“Of course. We are government agents, not kidnappers,” the man said in response.

An Xin thanked him, taking out her phone to dial a number.

When the line got through, Yang Chen’s voice came through. A soft whisper came through the other end of the phone with a single word ‘Hey’.

An Xin’s smiled with a hint of heartache, “Honey, I guess you’re at home resting already. I’m sorry for waking you up, I’m calling you because something came up.”

“Yeah, what’s up?” Yang Chen asked.

An Xin bit her lip, then laughed tearfully, “A friend from overseas suddenly invited me for her wedding. I’m sort of in a rush so I’m leaving immediately. I’m calling to tell you I might not be able to contact you for some time.”

“Just make an international long-distance call. It’s not like we can’t afford it,” Yang Chen said without emotion.

An Xin couldn’t hold her tears any longer, but she covered her mouth so that Yang Chen couldn’t hear her over the phone. She forced herself to smile. “I’m too lazy to deal with setting up the long-distance service. Just assume I’m on vacation. I gotta go now. Bye honey.”

She hung up, exhaling a long breath and wiped her tears. As she was about to leave with the agents, she turned around to a scene of a man holding a phone to his ear standing diagonally behind them.

Yang Chen had been standing quietly not far away from them. “You’re so stupid. I haven’t even said goodbye yet but you ended the call. Don’t you know that I would be worried?” Yang Chen spoke into his phone.

An Xin’s jaw dropped, unable to form a single word.

Joy, shock, embarrassment, and fright—her emotions were a mess. Her heart was racing but she merely stood, as if frozen in time.

The agents gathered themselves from the surprise. They were suspicious of him as he managed to sneak up on them without their knowledge!

Nonetheless, Yang Chen’s romanticism with an arrested lover was obviously starting to get on their nerves.

“You’re Miss An’s lover? This is none of your business. Leave,” The man with the crew cut said while gesturing his hand in a dismissing motion.

When the man in the white shirt was about to take action, Yang Chen suddenly stood in front of An Xin. However, Yang Chen looked quite harmless with his stature just shy of a head shorter than all of them.

“There’s nothing to discuss. You take your leave.” Yang Chen’s expression darkened, his tone hard and suppressed.

“Cooperate or face the consequences. Although we are civil servants, we still have our limits.” The agents were starting to get restless with several tightening their fists in anticipation of a fight.

The agent in white eventually caved to his more violent nature. His cruel eyes flashed and his hand swiped like metal claws in an attempt to grab Yang Chen’s shoulder and push him away.

His hand never made it to Yang Chen.

Crack! Crack!

The sound of bones shattering brought a sense of dread into the quiet bar!


The man in white didn’t know what hit him. In one swift motion, he heard himself scream before feeling the intense agony.

Yang Chen calmly looked at the man. “I broke one leg. Now, remember, a dog should have legs like a dog.”

An Xin finally recovered her senses. Although she didn’t know why Yang Chen had suddenly appeared in the bar, she knew she couldn’t hide or avoid the matter!

She could feel the anger rolling off his skin, so she did not dare to interrupt Yang Chen. An Xin could only sit pretty and watch her man from behind.

They had first met in a bar. He was also protecting her then.

“Damn it…” The crew-cut agent was now infuriated. He held up his handgun, aiming at Yang Chen’s head. “You little shit, you’ve got some skill there. Now I seriously suspect your involvement with An Zaihuan. You’re also arrested!”

If this were Beijing, it would never have happened for Yang Chen to have a civil servant’s gun pointed at his own head. Sky Dragon and Ye Zi would’ve eliminated any possible threats before they arrived before him.

Now, although this was serious, it didn’t matter to Yang Chen nearly as much as the agents thought. To have allies watching him might solve some problems earlier, but they might not be able to protect him when conflicts occur.

Like right now.

Yang Chen’s hand swiped out of nowhere. The handgun was snatched away quicker than the agent could react!

The crew-cut agent only felt an immeasurable force pulling the gun from his grasp!

When he looked at Yang Chen, even the screaming man on the floor was staring in shock.

Yang Chen held the handgun, but the barrel was pointed at his own temple!

Was he mad?! Suicide?!

“Hubby! Put that down!” An Xin had always known how good Yang Chen was, but she was a woman. Women worry for their men.

Yang Chen didn’t allow time for the audience to speculate though. He pulled the trigger, releasing the bullet!


The handgun had a strong recoil, but Yang Chen’s arm barely moved a millimetre.

After a whiff of smoke, a small ball of silver-black metal fell to the ground. It quietly rolled in a circle before coming to a halt on the ground.

All four faces paled. That was a bullet fired from a handgun! How much force did it need to stop, let alone compress a bullet into a flat ball like that!

The heads turned towards Yang Chen again, who calmly put down the handgun. His head was left without scars or marks!

Yang Chen threw the handgun on the ground. “And you believed you could catch me. Pftt...”

The four men were speechless. They had met skilled people in their lives, but none powerful enough to stop a bullet from point-blank range!

“Alright, by the looks on your faces it would seem like it’s high time for you four to roll out with your tails tucked between your legs,” Yang Chen said.

The agents stepped back and hurriedly agreed. “Yes, yes… We’ll be leaving now…”

Wise men are the ones with intuition. Right now, the crew-cut agent’s mind had switched to self-preservation. His job was not worth his life.

Yang Chen frowned. “I said you could roll out, not walk out.”


The three men who were still standing were taken aback. They had a reputation to protect! How could four agents of the National Defence Ministry be seen rolling out with everyone watching?!

Yang Chen sighed but he was too lazy to respond. He lifted his leg, making three consecutive kicks!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

With three muffled thuds, the agents were kicked in the chest, causing them to soar through the air!

The three men hit a wall about ten meters away, immediately shattering several bones in their bodies. Needless to say, they fainted with blood spilling from the corners of their mouths.

The man on the ground with the broken leg gulped. Then without much hesitation, he slowly rolled out with tears and snot flowing from within.

An Xin’s two bodyguards were shocked at the sudden turn of events. They hadn’t met Yang Chen before. He turned, then said in a low voice, “Care to explain yourself?”

An Xin dared not look into his fury-laced eyes. She muttered, “I—I didn’t want to upset you.”

Yang Chen swallowed his anger. “If it wasn’t for my coincidental presence here, were you planning to lie to me and let that bunch of idiots capture you?!”

An Xin gritted her teeth together but ultimately chose to keep quiet.

“You think keeping quiet is the way to go? Alright, let’s see how I can make you talk!”

Yang Chen suddenly grabbed An Xin’s waist, bringing her to sit on a couch in the corner. Then, he laid her fragrant torso horizontally across his lap!

“You… What are you doing to our miss?!” The two bodyguards jumped up to stop him.

However, before they could come close, a blast of energy pushed them away! At this point in Yang Chen’s mastery, he could manipulate True Yuan however he wished. He didn’t injure them.

The two bodyguards had only been trained martial arts. It was no surprise for them to be shocked by this seemingly impossible move!

Due to the gunshots, the bar was now empty. People on the outside didn’t dare to enter either, so the bar was occupied only by the four of them.

Yang Chen held An Xin tight to his body so that resistance was futile. He used the other hand to lift her pink skirt, showing a red little panties.

An Xin felt a cold draught on her backside. This terrible man, in this place, tugged her panties down to her knees!

With fear and anxiety coursing through her body, the beautiful mounds of flesh trembled. The pink, mesmerizing crack in her thighs was laced with tiny dewdrops…

If it were a regular day, a scene like this was enough for Yang Chen to devour her. It did not matter if this was a bar or not! This was just like art. It was enough to send him to paradise on earth.

However, he felt nothing at that moment. Instead, he held his hand up high, then brought it down heavily!



A red handprint formed against her skin as a result of the strike!

When An Xin felt the pain, everything she was holding back from before exploded. All the guilt, pain and tears. With the gasp, she cried!

The two bodyguards were as confused as they were embarrassed. Didn’t this man come to save her? Why would he do this to her given their situation? Even if he were her lover, why did he have to hit her so hard?!

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