Yang Chen showed no signs of letting up despite her painful wails, as he continued spanking her soft, supple rear!

An Xin ultimately burst into a stream of tears, as she ranted her suppressed hatred towards Yang Chen. “Yang Chen you terrible man! You brat! I hate you! I hate you so so much!”

Even though the normally mild-tempered woman exploded in his face, Yang Chen was hardly affected as he scooped her up right into his embrace.

With one hand, he held on An Xin’s chin, which prompted her plump lips to pop open slightly. And before she could ask what was going on, he pressed his lips against hers with a great amount of force!

An Xin was dead set on ranting just a minute ago. But now that her lips were locked in this passionate kiss, her words of anger couldn’t seem to form in her mouth.

It was clear that they were under the influence of alcohol. Her breath was laced with hints of alcohol. This fueled Yang Chen’s passion even more as he stuck his tongue down her throat. An Xin was initially reluctant to have Yang Chen take advantage of her, especially after his merciless ‘punishment’. But as soon as he embraced her, his touch tore right through her already fragile walls.

I guess all he wanted was that I cry my heart out. The pain I felt on my body could be nothing compared to what he felt emotionally…

Tears of gratitude rolled down her cheek and then onto his.

Yang Chen’s tongue eventually slipped into An Xin’s mouth… Usually in the office, An Xin would surrender her fragrant lips as long as her lover desired. After all, intimacy was not uncommon between them.

Relatively speaking, a kiss was usually just the appetizer. It wasn’t something that Yang Chen paid much attention to. After all, the main part of absolute entanglement was more important. An Xin on the other hand was open to all his needs. She knew deep down that she was never the one he loved most amongst his harem. She did not have an official title in his group of women either. All she could do was offer herself up in return for the love that she craved so much.

Yang Chen had never really placed much effort into kissing her. Ultimately it was her supple, mesmerizing curves that he wanted to indulge in.

But now, Yang Chen’s passionate kiss, soft and delicate, was unprecedented to her, one that made her reconsider that all her assumptions were ultimately distorted.

His lips explored every corner of her mouth, relishing in the sweetness that it provided. An Xin’s gaze was slightly hazy, not because she was frail, but because she had never experienced a kiss this exquisite.

Unconsciously, her delicate tongue was ravished more passionately by the second, causing her to moan softly.

A connection of this variant was undoubtedly different from their usual intimate exercises. This one bled with emotions from the heart. It brought about a foreign sense of familiarity by the man she loved deeply.

Her huge bubbly eyes stared right at Yang Chen’s face which was just millimeters away from hers. But not once did Yang Chen shy away from her gaze, as they continued their lip-locked battle.

The reason he engaged in this was to prove a point. He did not love her any less than he loved his other women.

An Xin wished that she could stay in this position forever, but it quite obviously, had to end.

Yang Chen nonetheless dragged her back into reality. As he gradually pulled his lips away from hers, a string of silver stretched in between. It was a sign of just how passionate the kiss was.

Yang Chen gently caressed An Xin on the back with one hand as he comforted her. He then said, “Let it all out. It’ll feel better.”

An Xin abruptly turned away as she held onto Yang Chen’s palms. Pouting, she taunted, “A single slap was painful enough. You’re so cruel to do that four times…”

“It’s for your own good.” Yang Chen smiled helplessly. “It pained me to do it after the first slap but I knew it had to be done.”

An Xin’s pupils grew wide along with her confusion. “Why?”

“Well, because I started to spank you on one side but soon realized that doing so would make it asymmetrical. So I thought to spank your other buttcheek. However, I spanked the second one way too hard. It became asymmetrical again. So to even it out, I spanked the first cheek, but again it was too hard. The same thing kept repeating until I reached four spanks. Babe An Xin, rest assured. Now they’re definitely equally as bubbly,” Yang Chen stoically described, while simultaneously reaching towards her buttcheeks, gently pinching them.

An Xin was furious and embarrassed at his explanation. The way he had the audacity to make something completely nonsensical sound so well justified. She rolled her eyes and said, “Alright, let go of my butt. I need to put on some pants now. You know they were watching us the whole time right?”

An Xin was naturally talking about the two female bodyguards who were completely stupefied. They couldn’t comprehend the chain of events that led from spanking to such a passionate kiss.

Yang Chen giggled as he continued fondling her backside for a little while longer, before unwillingly letting go as he pulled her underwear up.

“Promise me that you’ll never lie to me again. Or else I might actually spank you till you're swollen!” Yang Chen emphasized as he lightly patted her on the face.

An Xin was terrified as she grabbed onto his wrist and hurled his hand away. “Ugh gross! You used your hands to play around with my butt and now you are using it to touch my face?!”

“Isn’t that just another part of your flesh, what’s so gross about that?” Yang Chen casually replied.

An Xin almost fainted at his words. It would’ve been fine if they were alone, but now that the entire incident was witnessed by her bodyguards, she was way too embarrassed to even look them in the eyes!

Unsurprisingly, after the two bodyguards grasped onto the situation, they tried their best to hold in their laughter.

“Did anything happen?” Yang Chen instantly returned to his stoic, stern self as he questioned.

An Xin’s face too quickly recovered from embarrassment as she exhibited a face of solemnity. She sighed, “Actually…”

Before An Xin could continue, the phone of the bodyguard started ringing.

The bodyguard apologetically glanced over at Yang Chen before she picked up the call to ask about the current situation.

Just moments after, the now-infuriated bodyguard announced to An Xin, “Miss, something happened over at the clan. They are having an internal feud about dividing up the clan's wealth!”

An Xin pupils rolled out of sights as she collapsed into Yang Chen’s arms, as if electrocuted.

… …

East of Zhonghai, on an arched bridge over a riverbank, the murky waters of the river steadily flowed past the construction site, reflecting anything that crossed its polluted waters.

The weather in May was no longer cool, as the population of pests flourished in this region where water was abundant.

Nonetheless, the vacant space under the bridge was famously known as a spot for homeless people to gather and spend the night. Pests were the least of their problems. Their priority was a roof over their heads and a shelter from flash storms.

Under the bridge were four beggars dressed in rags and shags. Their ungroomed appearances coupled with their non-existent hygiene made them quite a ghastly sight. With their diverse accents, they were happily chatting about topics that men were never bored off.

As far as they knew, society had failed and abandoned them. Their lives were worthless, with no meaning or future. Their only solace was to stay the night anywhere they see fit.

“Cripple, I heard you are literate. Why beg when there is literally a world out there for you?” the bearded scavenger asked.

The cripple was a comparatively modest young beggar. Nobody knew his name, but since his legs were crippled, he was called ‘Cripple’ ever since.

Cripple was lying on a flat rock as he gazed upon the night sky. He giggled and replied, “Believe it or not, I actually did the college entrance examination back then. My dream initially was to get into one of those prestige universities, but my damn luck left me one point away from qualifying. Now I’m worth nothing more than the dirt I sleep on!

“My dad was killed in an accident, and my mom? She found out I didn’t get a spot in university, so she gulped down an entire gallon of pesticide and went along with him! My pathetic leg was a by-product of the accident that killed my dad. What a garbage series of events. What other options did I have except beg?”

“Look, we have a scholar here!” a dark-skinned scavenger teased.

Cripple, however, was amused. “I’m telling you, the only reason I’m here is that I was born in the wrong place. If I was raised in Zhonghai or Beijing, with my results, people would be throwing scholarships to swoop me in!

“But instead, my hometown was nothing but a scanty little town, far away from the sights and sounds, with hardly any spots for qualification! What’s worse? Half of them were instantly snagged by those cunts with a political background! If I knew all those years of studying would lead me here, I would surely have saved up the school fees and hunted in the wild with my dad instead!”

“Screw that! You’re saying that only because you’re here. If they really gave you a chance to reincarnate, you’d still be going after your original goal, wouldn’t you?” another beggar unamusedly sneered.

The four scavengers had only just met today. Once the sun rose tomorrow, they would all part their own separate ways, living what could hardly be considered lives. Understandably, there was no reason for them to squabble, so they all stopped after that comment.

Around this time, the scruffy homeless person ranted, “Tsk, tsk. Darn it, it’s been two, three months since I last had my hands on women. Escorts are too expensive these days. I had to scrounge for three months to pleasure myself with one. Damn… thinking about it has made me even hornier.”

“Haha, Black Beard, now that you mention it, I would sleep with anything at the moment.” The skinny beggar agreed.

The four of them pervertedly grinned but knew that even the most modest of women were out of their reach.

Right at that moment, however, a long silhouette agilely leaped right upon their eyes from the bridge above. From the flickering street lights above, they were all stupefied as they gasped at the gorgeous blonde lady right before them.

The tall woman was suited in a skin-tight black jumpsuit. Her phenomenal curves left the four scavengers in total confusion apart from their complete enthrallment.

Could it be that today is the day the heavens finally bestow upon them their long-deserved gift?!

“Well, I guess you guys would do,” Adeline teasingly mumbled before she continued in Mandarin, “Do you want a lady for the night?”

The four of them were dumbfounded, before Cripple with the brightest mind stutteringly replied, “Missy, are you sure you want this?”

Adeline realized that they misinterpreted her words as she frowned. “Well, obviously not me. But, I’ve got something pretty good for the four of you.”

Upon finishing her sentence, she hurled herself up the bridge again, and seconds later back down where the scavengers stood, this time with a middle-aged woman wrapped in a carpet…

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