After he hung up, Yang Chen took a deep breath. It was not a challenging task by any means. If anything, it was just a little tedious to have to do this himself.

Yang Pojun, An Xin, and the rest overheard the gist of Yang Chen’s conversation and could piece together what his next move was.

Yang Chen caressed An Xin’s cheeks as he proclaimed, “I’m about to arrest your biological father, then hand him over to someone. If you want me to stop or return him unharmed, now is the time to speak.”

An Xin was teary but she managed to force a smile. “If I were to say I’m not at all concerned about him I would be lying. But he himself doesn’t care about me anymore. How, then, can I trouble my lover for him? I’ll support you however far you decide to take this. But do be careful, don’t let anything happen to you.”

“Tsk tsk.” Yang Chen stared warmly at his lover. “Vixen An, aren’t you just adorable. You make my heart flutter, and boy does it feel good. The nicer you are the more I would hate to see you tear up.”

Yang Chen sighed for a bit before he pulled her over for a quick embrace, then turned around to Yang Pojun at the bottom end of the stairs. “I will bring An Zaihuan here in about three hours. If you can’t wait you’re always free to leave, but you cannot touch those people.”

Yang Pojun sneered, “Well, I can’t wait to see how you can accomplish all of that in such little time. My men and I swore an oath to this country and we will be patrolling here until further notice. Since the National Defence have agreed to give you this opportunity, we will comply.”

Upon finishing his sentence, Yang Pojun ordered his men to free everyone from the An clan back into their houses and place them under tight surveillance.

An Xin and her relatives were without demands at this point. All they knew was that their lives were spared by Yang Chen. And with that, all the hatred and dissatisfaction they had towards him instantly vanished, being replaced with gratitude and regret instead.

Yang Chen took that as his cue to leave, which prompted him to leisurely walk towards the main exit.

After Yang Chen vanished from her sight, An Xin finally shifted her focus towards Yang Pojun who was still standing in his spot. She was still a little shaken from the encounter but nonetheless, she stuttered as she engaged him, “Co—Commander Yang, come in and have a seat. I’ll get you some hot tea.”

Yang Chen might not have cared less about his biological father, but An Xin had to treat the man with a level of respect.

Yang Pojun, however, did not take her invitation lightly as he examined her. A young woman with an extraordinary body loved Yang Chen this passionately. A simple action that prompted him to ask, “With your qualities you could’ve gone for anyone else, but you’d rather be the third wheel for this brat. Is that really worth it?”

An Xin confusingly lifted her head, before she giggled with her hands by her mouth. “Occasionally it does get to me, and I do feel a little bad. But every time he does something like this for me, nothing else matters.”

Yang Pojun stoically sighed and shook his head. Without any intention to continue with the conversation, he headed into the house.

An Xin didn’t seem to understand his motive behind the question but chose not to prod further. So she too turned towards the main entrance and followed him in.

Meanwhile, under a bridge in an unnamed location in Zhonghai, things were different from the incredibly tense atmosphere in the An clan’s mansion.

Several dull and unexciting silhouettes were having the adrenaline of a lifetime.

The bearded scavenger gripped tight onto a pair of fair, long legs. He took one in each hand, not looking at all deterred from them despite the legs being covered in dirt and hickey.

The bearded scavenger clamped her legs around his lower waist, as he forced his meat baton deep into her bush. He was not the fastest, but every penetration ran deep inside her.

The seductress meanwhile was completely overwhelmed, as the only sound she could make was moan from in between the constant penetrations.

While every inch of her pubic area was intruded by the bearded hobo, she was simultaneously deep-throated by the sickly beggar seated above her well-maintained, youthful face.

The sickly beggar grabbed onto her messy hair, as he half squatted over her face while repeatedly grinding over her. He then exclaimed in excitement, “How is it, I’m not bad huh. Aren’t you just really good at ranting, now I hope you like what you have in your mouth, ‘cause you don’t have a choice!”

While at the other end of the seductress was the bearded hobo. His face was covered with sweat while his body reeked of the stale and pungent body odor that one would expect from the homeless. “Man is this the best day of my life. I’ve only seen a few women of this quality in my life. To indulge on one was something I never thought I’d get to do! I have lived enough tonight that I would not be sad if I died tomorrow!“

“Hey, cut the crap you two, make it quick! Cripple and I are still waiting you know,” the other beggar by the corner taunted.

Cripple might have permanently lost a leg, but as a young man filled with immense sexual desire, he hurled himself towards her. Just moments after however, he was drained as he leaned by the pillar of the bridge. He shook his hand in fatigue as he proclaimed, “Back to you guys. This chick might be satisfying, but boy is that trench deep and unpredictable. I think my little willy is done for the day.”

“Hahaha, scholar, you might be good with words but you aren’t that good at thrusting aren’t you?!”

“Who knows how old this bitch is? She might be in her forties but my God is her skin as smooth as the ones you’d expect from a young one. I guess it pays to be rich.”

“Whether she’s rich or not has nothing to do with me. What I do care about is this gift that the heavens have given me. If I don’t savor every moment of it, I will surely regret it for the rest of my life. Who knows where this bitch is from, and judging from her appearance I bet sooner or later someone will come looking for her. Once we are done, all we have to do is leave sneakily into the night.”

The homeless folk continued with their filthy, disgusting language while they carried on with their invigorating ‘exercise’ till the break of dawn.

With such a golden opportunity, none of them wanted to waste any moment they had upon them.

Luo Cuishan on the other hand that had been the target of their vigor. Both her eyes were red and swollen with no tears left to cry. Her body was covered with dirt and dust and her face was filled with tears and mucus.

As the middle-aged woman slowly woke from her slumber, she felt a sharp pain from her lower body, and whatever she experienced next would be worse than a trip to hell. The worst part, there were four filthy, disgusting scavengers grinding upon her naked body.

Only then did she realize that she, in her birthday suit, was clamped down by a huge and scruffy man. She had tried to voice her concerns but was cut off by a foul rod being shoved down her throat.

Everything that Luo Cuishan experienced at this point, was something that would haunt her for the rest of her life.

Encircling her mouth were viscous white fluids, even for her own husband Ning Guangyao would she never expect something as extreme as this to have experimented upon herself.

She ultimately realized that it was Yang Chen’s henchmen that had left her in a hellhole like this. All of this was the punishment of her sins.

At that moment, she couldn’t muster her hate upon Yang Chen. The only thing she wished for was death.

Regardless of how she resisted and confronted, the scavengers were unfazed by any of that. After all, a person with nothing to lose could hardly be bothered by the wife of the premier. Threats against their being were nothing to them.

Right at this moment on the northern corner of the bridge, a jeep arrived close to the scene. Adeline of the Sea Eagles, along with Fanny pulled up at the bridge, speaking to each other enthusiastically.

“His Majesty Pluto is just a professional in the art of torture. Look at those four homeless men down there. I’m pretty sure they’re not going to stop until either they are completely dry or she loses her appeal.”

Adeline played around with the micro-camera she had in her hands as she scrolled through the recorded videos and photos. “Hah, it was actually my first time doing anything of this kind, but I have to say, my photography skills are on point. Fanny, take a look from this angle. The noblewoman actually looks like she’s enjoying herself.”

Fanny giggled in response before she continued with a question. “Since we got the footage, we have more than enough leverage in hand at the moment. Why have we come back to monitor the situation?”

Adeline replied, “His Majesty Pluto said that this is for the first scene. After this, we will do a candid twist on the story, to follow up on her progress. As His Majesty Pluto emphasized, we’re doing artistic cinematography, which means other than the excitement of the lewdity, we need to exhibit the details that the audiences can reflect upon.”  

Excited, Fanny proclaimed, “What realistic scenarios would come from that? I’m quite sure that she will commit suicide by tomorrow. Anyone in her position would.”

“Well, that’s one of the many ways this could end. But what’s important now is that we record this footage and pass it back to His Majesty Pluto.” Adeline stretched out as a reflex from boredom. “Okay, let’s take a quick break. But stay with me though, it’s going to be a long and tedious ride.”

Fanny rolled her eyes on her statement. “Oh my, why would a task like this be tedious…”

Luo Cuishan’s twist of fate was something Yang Chen, tens of thousands of feet above the endless ocean would hardly care about.

High up in the sky above the jade-blue waters, Yang Chen was flying through the air unaffected by the cold air that surrounded him.

Since his departure from the An residence, Yang Chen had been on the search. He teleported right above the vast ocean in a blink of an eye before making a call to Makedon, asking for the whereabouts of An Zaihuan.

The only places An Zaihuan could vanish undetected were the Filipino and American military bases, which were the only locations on Earth that the Chinese spies could not infiltrate.

As for Mossad of the Israeli special agents, an organization on par with the FBI, they were dispersed across every corner of the world. No American military base was without the surveillance of the Mossad organization.

And on top of that hierarchy was Makedon, a pirate and a top gun amongst pirates and spies. Not only did he take command of the Israeli special agents, but he was also the chiefs of several other top-notch spy organizations. In regards to the infiltration of internal information of the military, Makedon had the edge over Sauron.

And unsurprisingly after less than five minutes, the bald, overweight Makedon called. With a proud tone, he explained, “Your Majesty Pluto, the man you were looking for, An Zaihuan, was recently given access to the American Naval Base 3 located in South Asia approximately three hours ago. I can instantly provide you with the exact location. I can also deploy an army for you to commandeer while at the base. Otherwise, would you rather I send someone to escort that brat in your stead?”

Yang Chen replied, “I just need the coordinates, you can stay out of the rest. I can get there quicker on my own.”

Makedon had no intention of opposing him as he obeyed his orders. Immediately after ending the call, he sent the exact geographical coordinates to Yang Chen. As for Yang Chen, with his impeccable knowledge about world geography, searching for the military base was nothing short of a breeze.

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