Upon hearing Stern’s words, Christen sighed.
She held Yang Chen in her arms, scanning his body and in an attempt to get a better understanding of his situation. Although his recovery was proving to be faster than any normal human being, she was not able to detect the slightest hint of energy within him. It was highly likely that he would not be able to practise space laws anymore. As for his True Yuan, it had completely vanished. He was basically back to square one.
“Although I wish for him to recover, living without any form of energy might just be a fate worse than death.”
Christen furrowed her brows, looking depressed. However, she did not dwell on it. Signaling a goodbye with a quick glance towards the Stern siblings, she turned on the spot and disappeared.
Once she was gone, Stern hugged his sister. He said, “Poseidon, I know you detest Yang Chen’s methods of doing things. You treat it as a massive disrespect towards our kind. But what’s the point? It’s been so long, I think it’s about time to let go of that belief.
“Live on Earth and observe the humans’ ever-expanding population. The people in China now aren’t aware of the feud tens of thousands of years ago. They are innocent. We decided to treat this place as our home when we signed the Treaty of Gods. Why care about whether Hades is training with Earth’s energy or if he is discovering the more complex space laws?”
“Apollo, do not be arrogant. If I were still thinking of reviving our legacy, I would not have become a chef.” Poseidon turned his back on them, watching the moonlit waters. “I’m merely preserving the last shred of pride in me. As for the young man, it was never my intention to destroy him. He was unclear of his own power, offending Nine Heavenly Lightning without considering the consequences. It was not my problem.”
Stern shook his head, his smile turning bitter. “Whatever, we are leaving.”
The siblings’ bodies shimmered, and they were gone from the night sky.
Poseidon stood silently for a moment, then took a step forward. And as quickly as he arrived, he was gone.
… …
It was now midnight. All around, silence ensued.
Moonlight shone through the sliding door leading to the balcony outside of the mansion. The pool of dazzling light hit the bedroom floor, refracting to the feminine figure curling by the mattress.
The woman was wearing a silk nightdress while her hair flowed down her face like a velvet curtain. Her knees were bent and she sat on the icy floor, her body shivering from time to time.
She held a cell phone in one hand. The light emitted from the screen revealed a depressed-looking face.
She had lost count of just how many times she had dialed his number. Ten times? Fifty times? A hundred? Or more?
Mo Qianni did not know, neither did she want to recall.
All she heard was the consistent beeping tones and nothing more.
Few hours had passed since he abruptly hung up on her. Every second that passed was as painful as a needle being stuck into her body.
She had thought, He only had something urgent so he couldn’t pick up my calls, but it’s been an hour…
Mo Qianni noticed the lack of movement from the house next door. Nobody has left, he must still be in the house.
But...why hasn’t he picked up?!
Does he even know half the things I want to say to him?!
Why is it when I need someone the most that he can’t even voice a word…
Sorrowful sounds of muffled crying were issued from Mo Qianni’s nostrils. No matter how strong she tried to be, her emotions got the better of her.
Her tear ducts must’ve had dried up in the hours she had cried. She collapsed against the bedside, tired from the emotional torture. Somehow in all that turmoil, she managed to fall asleep.
… …
White light illuminated the interior of the underground military research base, making it look clear as day.
The place was filled with advanced research equipment. In the hall connected to the tunnels, Yan Buwen stood staring intently at the huge screens.
The complex figures displayed on the screen could stun even the greatest scientists. Yan Buwen was the only person who understood all of the information.
When he was pondering some questions, the graceful shadow of a woman appeared out of nowhere. She stood facing his back.
It took a few moments before Yan Buwen felt anything odd about his predicament. A cool chill spread throughout the chambers of his heart. An enormous amount of pressure flooded his body, making him temporarily paralyzed.
Turning very slowly around, he saw the woman who had entered the laboratory.
She had extremely long hair that reached her backside, and her face was one that Yan Buwen had been thinking about all day long. The elegant, laced black dress exposed her fair-skinned legs, making her a successful impression of a black lotus that had come from another world. Her gaze, however, was none too welcoming.
“You... Why are you here…” he asked, his insides jumping with delight. Albeit feeling numbness all over his body, he attempted to comb his messy hair with his hands. His gaze did not leave her face.
She turned her body to face a wall of large glass tubes.
If someone else were to see what she was seeing, they would have fled out of fear!
Swimming among the fluid within the giant tubes were naked bodies of grown men!
Furthermore, these men looked the exact same with one another!
Clones! They were clones of a single human being!
Underneath each of the tubes was a screen showing the vitals of the inhabitant, indicating their health and conditions.
Yan Buwen observed the woman while she took in the sight of the tubes. He said rather cheekily, “What do you think? I didn’t disappoint you, did I?”
Upon hearing this, she turned her head to throw him an icy cold glance. “I told you not to touch Yang Chen without my instructions. You seem… to be unable to follow the simplest of instructions.”
He looked away, trying to avoid her intense gaze. “I’m only... testing out some bodies. I’m trying to investigate the functions of space laws exhibit after the fusion...”
“Hmph,” grunted the woman. “Yan Buwen, don’t act cocky with me. You want to test out the space laws, you have other options to do so. Why bother destroying the American ship that Yang Chen recently interacted with?”
“I—I’m just... Ahh!”
He still wanted to explain himself, but without finishing his sentence, a terrible scream erupted from his mouth!
The bones beneath the muscles had been crushed to fine dust. The lower half of his white coat was stained with red!
Yan Buwen fell on to the ground and curled up into a ball!
On the floor, a pool of blood was spreading.
The lady did not even bother looking at his crumpled state. “This punishment is a small one for you. After all, you can heal your own body, so it can serve as a reminder.”
“Y—yes... It—it’s my fault…” muttered Yan Buwen with effort, his eyes full of fear and resentment!
No matter how hard he modified his own body, it was no use against this woman!
She shuffled toward the tubes. The corner of her lips curled into a vague and mysterious smile. This malicious beauty would drown anyone in their desires for her.
“Yan Buwen… you must remember, I’ve harvested so much divinity from divine weapons for you. It’s not meant for your personal use. If you happen to waste any of it without waiting for my signal… it would displease me greatly.” She turned around to face the pathetic excuse of a man on the ground. “Let me tell you, this world is full of smart people. If you believe that you are worthy of my time, it’s best you dispel those thoughts! I can destroy you as easily as I breathed life into you! If you try to be sneaky again, I will replace you as soon as I hear about it…”
Yan Buwen crawled toward the woman hastily, ignoring the blood still seeping through the fabric of his coat. He made a kowtow with his head heavily knocking against the hard ground…