Golden and orange hues of light covered the whole city, making it look like one enormous crystal. 

Los Angeles was breathtaking. It wasn’t overpopulated with metal skyscrapers like New York, nor was it always scorching hot like Miami.

It was the perfect blend between the city life with the peace that came only from suburban areas. 

Toward the west of this very well-known city sat Beverly Hills, the area lining the Pacific Ocean. Its residents were mainly comprised of the rich and famous. 

Many people had believed it to be an insignificant plot of land. However, it was a city made up of its very own mayor, police officers, medical practitioners, and firefighters.

Due to the complete set of facilities available, Beverly Hills was the city of cities. Topped with the captivating view and the convenient geographical location, multiple Hollywood stars and foreign billionaires were more than willing to make it their home.

At right in that instance, was a young man lying naked atop a big, comfortable bed lined with white sheets. His surroundings were decorated with colorful, bright ornaments. 

It was unclear how long he had been asleep.

Not long after the sun had risen, he opened his eyes. He stared at the room, at the domed ceiling painted with florals. He seemed to have recalled something, which resulted in the long sighs slipping out of his mouth.

“Dear Yang Chen, you’re finally awake. I’d thought you were going to lay there forever.”

A woman leaned against the doorframe, sporting a laced up dress tied around her neck. She smiled at Yang Chen, her eyes betraying happiness.

The corner of his mouth twitched, then he slowly moved to the edge of the mattress. He bent his neck, seeing his exposed groin. With his lips pursed, he asked, “Christen, must you be such a devil? Why didn’t you give me a pair of trousers?”

“This is my house at Beverly, and I had never brought a man home to my bed before. Why would I own any trousers?” said Christen as she smirked.

He rolled his eyes and scratched the back of his head. Words had almost left him when he suddenly remembered something, he slapped his forehead. “Oh no!”

“What’s wrong?”

“I sneaked out of my house, so my family wouldn't know of my condition and situation. It’s already daytime in America which means that a full day has passed back in China!” sighed Yang Chen. “I’m finished, and my phone is still in my room. My mother must be worried sick!”

Christen chuckled. “Don’t worry, Mr Yang Chen. I’d already known that you’re not very bright. I already made an international call to China yesterday afternoon.” 

“Really?” His heart relaxed. I’m sure Ruoxi would handle everything for me. It would seem like I have some time to deal with my remaining issues.

Taking in the silly look on his face, she became speechless, her smile faltering. “How do you feel? You were charred black the night I brought you home. Although you seem to have recovered, you…”

“My True Yuan has gone, and my power is no more, right?” laughed Yang Chen. “I just checked my body, I’m still healthy, don’t worry.”

“You still dare to laugh?” uttered Christen, her voice rising in pitch. “Think about it. You have made many, many enemies throughout the years. Now that your powers have left you, what if someone decides to take their revenge!?”

Yang Chen replied, “Well, we can’t cry about it. It’s already a miracle that I’m still alive.”

“Sigh, I’m too lazy to care right now.” Christen shook her head, then shouted in the direction of the doorway. “Sally, take the clothes and get Mr Yang dressed.”

A crisp voice drifted in from the outside. Soon enough, a white girl with curly, light brown hair stepped over the threshold with clean clothes in her hands. She was wearing a black-and-white maid uniform.

Seeing the bare body of Yang Chen, Sally’s cheeks reddened into a light shade of crimson and she turned shy as a result. She bowed, her head bent towards him, her hands arranging the fresh pile of clothes.

“Come down after you’re dressed, we have a lot to discuss. I’ll head downstairs first,” ordered Christen.

Sally had grabbed his attention, her shy-looking face muting Christen’s voice.

Her uniform was not rare for maids. However, it was uncommon to have an American lady sporting it.

That being said, the design had originated from England in the 19th century, according to the history of maid uniforms. But now, its sole purpose was leaning toward usage in sexual acts in Japan.

Sally seemed to be in her early twenties. She must’ve just graduated when Christen hired her as a maid. Of course, Christen was a person with privilege. Many people would fight for a spot under her employment.

Her face was round and adorable. The curves on her body were less prominent in relation to the rest of the American population, but in comparison to Asian women, she was much curvier. The black-and-white lace dress was stretched, enhancing the shape of her body. A deep cleavage could be seen through the lowered collar of the outfit.

“Mr Yang… would you want to wear the shirt first, or the trousers?” asked Sally timidly after sensing his eyes on her chest.

Given any other circumstances, she would have given him a tight slap across the face. But this was her employer’s VIP. This was someone her employer saw fit to bring into her own personal room. She was merely a maid. At that instance, Yang Chen recollected himself. He smiled innocently and answered, “Shirt first… shirt…” He had almost replied in Mandarin.

Sally immediately nodded her head. She helped him put on a stripped, white Versace shirt. She buttoned the top and sorted out the collar in a professional manner.

She was bending down to retrieve the pair of bottoms when he stopped her.

“Your name is Sally, right?” asked Yang Chen, smiling.

She dipped her head rather nervously. “Yes, Mr Yang.”

“Can you do me a favor? Well, as you know, I’ve just woken up from a very long sleep. Some parts of my body feel… unnaturally stiff.” He spoke with seriousness, like an uncle speaking to his niece.

Curious, Sally widened her greenish-brown eyes. “Please elaborate, Mr Yang.”

“Alright, Sally, could you help me test out if this organ of mine is still functional?” He had a solemn expression on his face, then pointed at his genital.

At that precise moment, his little junior shot up. The girth and the length made it particularly eye-catching.

Sally was caught off guard. She covered her mouth with her hands and proceeded to turn around from the horror of the situation.

“Mr Yang… yo—you mean…” Albeit having been in a few romantic relationships, she was rather dispassionate in her sexuality. Furthermore, since she became Christen’s maid, she had no more physical contact with men. His length made something in her stir up again.

However, there was not a hint of shame or embarrassment on Yang Chen’s face. He sat with his legs spread out, looking as confident as ever.

“Sally, I didn’t mean it like that. I would never deflower an innocent little girl. You might not have known this but I was involved in a major accident. I’m afraid that I may have lost the ability to reproduce. So, I just want you to help me out, to experiment with my ‘shooting capability’. I won’t ask for much, one round to test my firepower will suffice…” said Yang Chen earnestly.

Sally would give anything to strangle the shameless scum. How is he a VIP? He’s worse than a beast! A thick-faced monster!

However, he looked sincere and genuine. On top of that, who was she in the grand scheme of things? She was just a lowly maid.

“The—then I guess I can use my hand to experiment with it.” She was on the verge of tears. Well, look at the bright side. It is not really big of a deal. I’m just lending a stranger my hand. It’s alright. Perhaps Ms Christen will reward me, maybe she will give me a cash prize!

“Your hand?” He shook his head. “Sally, that’s not fair to you. It’d be tiring using your hand! What if I can’t get off after half an hour? Your hand muscles would be so sore!”

Surprised, Sally thought, I must have misunderstood Mr Yang. “Then… how would you want it done?” she asked, tilting her head.

He licked his lips and chuckled. “Use your mouth. It’s softer and warmer. Trust me when I say that it’d be much faster.”