The moment Christen had finished speaking, a black Cadillac ALADE SUV gradually steered into the compounds of the mansion. It was elegant yet solid, much like all the other iterations of the Cadillac family.

With a 6.2 displacement V8 engine, it was truly a rarity in China. But since it was an import from the US, it was only about 100 grand, which was rather affordable. 

Down came two men dressed in dark colors. They hurriedly rushed to open the doors by the passengers seat, before a bald, middle-aged man hopped off. 

Down came none other than Poseidon, but in a full marine uniform this time. 

Poseidon came towards the entrance of the mansion. As he strode along the path, he lifted his head and glanced at Christen as a nod of respect. 

Christen gave him the bare minimum as a response before moving her pupils, hinting to let them in.

The two bodyguards stood by the gate, while Poseidon took the bald man along into the house and made his way straight towards Yang Chen.

“Oh, old bag, I was quite sure you were a Hawaiian chef just yesterday, and immediately today you’re a US Marines commander?” Yang Chen burst into laughter.  

Poseidon was unfazed by his joke as he stoically replied, “Yang Chen, my name is Prandelli. I am a lifelong accoladed admiral of the US Marine Corps. I’m not here to joke with you. Today, I’m here to settle this once and for all.”

The bald middle-aged man lifted his head as he modestly explained, “This must be Your Majesty Pluto. I am the current chief of the FBI, Robert Mueller. It’s my pleasure to meet you—”

“Alright cut the crap. Say what you must and make it quick.” Yang Chen was not having any of it today. 

Robert grinned as he continued, “So here’s the thing, Admiral Prandelli has already proven that you’re not the culprit of the US Marines fleet ambush incident. I’m here to apologize on behalf of the US government for the inconveniences and misunderstandings that have come to past.” 

Christen sneered at his statement. “What’s the point of an apology when Yang Chen has been reduced to this state?”

Robert was slightly apologetic as he awkwardly chuckled. “Miss Christen, I am aware that this was a mistake on our part, but we are only human after all. Given the circumstances that this situation was forged in, I believe that it would be best for you to calm down.”

Yang Chen knew then, that regardless if it was Christen or Prandelli, the true identity of the gods was clear to the Americans. Come to think of it, as the biggest superpower in the world, there was no way that they did not keep tabs on potential threats to their country.  

Just like Stern and Alice of the Cromwell family, who were unilaterally known as the scum of the British society, never had any constructive strategies taken upon them, naturally, because the British government were well aware of who they were. 

Nonetheless, the main gods were every national secret organization’s taboo. If it was not interfered by an incident on a magnitude as big as this one in the US, they would never interrupt the secluded lives of the main gods.

Even when the main gods were never bound to just one nation, the nation that their physical bodies were located in would ultimately have left a slight connection with them. 

Christen turned her head away from the conversation, bored at how things were playing out.

“That’s all you’ve got?” Yang Chen frowned. “If that’s all you need to say then why would you come all the way here? A phone call would have sufficed.”

Robert awkwardly replied, “Well here’s the thing, our equivalent in China is currently searching for the culprit that made you his scapegoat. Your insight might help them track the culprit sooner. I promise it’d not last more than a few days. In at most 3 days, if we cannot come to conclusion I will play my part and let you go on your way. However, we might need you to stay in the US for this time being. Would that be fine?”

“Why’d you need me? Prandelli will be here to stay, no?” Yang Chen replied. 

“I need to go back to Hawaii to try out new recipes, remember?” Prandelli was stoic as always.

Yang Chen thought for a moment before he nodded. “I’ll be in Los Angeles for the time being, you can go now.”

“I appreciate your assistance, Your Majesty Pluto.” Robert’s face glowed as he bowed.

Prandelli stood up and went straight for the door, but before he left, he did not forget to emphasize this. “Your current condition would mean that you’re unable to use the laws of space, and with the loss of your cultivation, I would recommend you to stay away from the spotlight for the time being.”

Yang Chen let out a sinister smile. “I can’t believe you care about my livelihood.”

“I just don’t want Hades to be gone forever.” Prandelli went straight to his car right after he made himself clear.

Christen watched as the Cadillac left. She then turned to Yang Chen and asked him, “Why’d you agree to Robert’s terms? You don’t look like the kind that would just blindly obey.”

Yang Chen was visibly excited that she asked. “Since I’m here, I thought I might as well stay for a bit to rest before going back to Zhonghai. With everything that has been going on for the past few weeks, I’m glad that an opportunity like this came by.” 

“I get it.” Christen rolled her eyes. “You don’t get to mess around all that much back home, so that’s why you plan to get messed up here, don’t you? Since right now you’re single and ready to mingle.”

“Do I look like that kind of person to you? I love my women with all my heart!” Yang Chen sternly emphasized. 

“You might actually be genuinely in love with every one of them because you worry and care for them. But that doesn’t mean your body holds any loyalty towards them.” Christen frustratedly shook her head. “Fine, it’s just who you are I guess. But what I was frustrated about is that you promised to turn a new leaf, to stop playing around seduction and lust.”

Yang Chen stood up, stretched for a bit, put both hands into his pockets before he strolled towards a floored window, staring out at the scenic view. “Letting go or otherwise doesn't make a difference to me now. What’s most important is that I love my life and enjoy myself to the fullest, as long as it does not go against my personal values, right or wrong, yes or no, it’s all a concept in someone else’s mind. 

“Not everything could go my way. Only I can truly understand the things that I love and those which I hate. Even if it’s sinful in the eyes of bystanders, as long as I treasure that, true love can last an eternity. So why should I care about the murky lines of morality?”

The back of that man seemed blurry in the sunlight of noon, as Christen quietly listened. All of a sudden, she felt as if she did not know who this man was despite being very familiar with him.

At this moment, the maid Sally who had just finished cleaning the second floor came by Christen’s side. In a soft and respectful tone, she asked, “Master, should I clear breakfast?”

Christen turned towards her as she smiled. “Sally, I’m going to pay you an additional one million as a reward. In return, I’ll need you to take good care of Mr Yang here.”

Sally, upon hearing her words, was visibly excited at the prospects of her request. Her face was red from the adrenaline, her pupils shifted towards the back of Yang Chen that was a few feet away. At this point she wouldn’t mind to give him as many blows as his heart desired.

What a pity. Had I been more daring and let Mr Yang play with me a bit more, I might have made more than a million… Shellie contemplated with regret. 

Christen was slightly suspicious of her facial expression. It was the first time she had ever seen the seductive side of this timid little maid of hers. What’s modesty, innocence, in the face of money? All it took was a million to make Sally wish she has done more to Yang Chen.

As Sally happily went to do the dishes, Yang Chen walked towards Christen as he whispered, “I actually didn’t know she had that in her. But at least now you don’t have to worry about me bullying her, right?”

Christen turned back to Yang Chen as she replied, “I guess you did change. Back then, you were always a little bit weird but I could always tell what you were thinking. But now, I might feel like I understand you better, but I can no longer read your actions.”

Yang Chen chuckled. “Oh, goddess of love, in your countless years of livelihood, I’m not sure if you heard for the book ‘Tower of Babel’.”

“What about it?”

“Everyone has many faces of themselves, just like what it says in the book. Every person has two hearts, the hidden heart is shielded behind the normal heart. We would put different masks on for different people. It’s only natural that my actions may seem strange to you.”

“And how does this have anything to do with you?” Christen asked, frowning. 

“What you see here, right now, is me without a mask,” Yang Chen said softly.

Christen was slightly dumbfounded. She felt like she was opened to a new perspective on the same picture she had stared at for years but it was also the first time she lost the ability to think, in front of Yang Chen of all the people. 

“Aphrodite, can I ask you for a favor?” Yang Chen’s proclamation came out of nowhere. 

Christen came back to focus, rearranging her emotions before she earnestly replied, “What will that be?”



“Money, lend me some money,” Yang Chen said in a slightly desperate tone.

What she assumed was a worthy conversation of ideologies and philosophy turned out to be nothing but a chunk of exposition for lending money.

Christen sighed as she calmed herself down. “Money for what?”

“Well, because I don’t have money on me now, duh.” Yang Chen stared at the exponentially gorgeous woman as if she was nothing but an idiot. 

Christen raised her brows in confusion. “No, what I mean is, what do you need the money for?”

“Hehe…” Yang Chen awkwardly giggled. “I was thinking of buying some gifts for my women back in China.”

Christen clenched her teeth as she glared at Yang Chen. “Go get it from your subordinates then. What I can lend you at the very most is my car and a place to stay. You want money from me? Scurry off.”

Upon finishing, Christen put on her shades and took off.

“What a stingy ass…” Yang Chen shook his head in disappointment, but after some thought, he ran towards the kitchen and made Sally lead him to a garage where he took one of the cars out for a spin. 

Soon after, a blue Porsche 911GT was seen speeding down the slopes of Beverly Hills.