“Zhiqing… your wine is amazing!” Yang Chen mumbled from drowsiness, his eyes ultimately going shut. “Oh my head is spinning… I’m burning up. Your body looks so refreshing. Let me hug you.”

“You… How are you…” Xiao Zhiqing could not believe that Yang Chen was still conscious!

There’s no way. I‘m sure I used the right drug. Did refrigerating it diminish its effects? she thought.

But she had no time to think as she tried with all her might to break free from Yang Chen’s grip. But her efforts were useless as she struggled but could not get out. 

“That’s weird, how can this horrid man be this strong?” Xiao Zhiqing knew that at this point, after feeding onto his lust for this long, it’s only fair that she tipped the scales towards her favor. She revealed a sinister smile before she said, “Okay, you’re not letting go are you? I guess you can resist the Order of Dreams, but how about some Mixture of Soft Bones!”

As she spoke, she pulled open the bedside drawer, retrieved a seemingly ordinary white porcelain medicine bottle, and carefully delivered the bottle to Yang Chen’s nostrils.

When the bottle was brought close to his nasal cavity, Xiao Zhiqing pulled off the red cork and brought it as close as possible.

“You gross and sinful pig. Let's see how you handle this.” Xiao Zhiqing sneered as she clogged the bottle and threw it back into the drawer. 

Just when the woman thought it was all settled and done, she discovered that Yang Chen was still tightly locked onto her torso!

Xiao Zhiqing was visibly terrified as her bubbly pupils were opened wide, staring down at the man collapsed on the bed. She was completely confused.

Yang Chen stoically lifted his head and gave her the most confusing yet terrifying smile. 

“Babe, you truly are a naughty person. I’ve trusted you all this while, paid for your biddings and put in time and effort for you and this is how you repay me? You sent someone to rob me, and now you want to poison me to death. Tsk tsk, I’ve heard of this Mixture of Soft Bones before. What was your plan, to handicap me?” Yang Chen gave a dejected look while speaking.

“Th—that’s impossible…” Xiao Zhiqing was terrified as she shook her head. Her soul slowly froze as she realized what this meant. 

“Why, disappointed to see that your drug had no effect on me?” Yang Chen let out a chilling laugh. “Well, I guess I should offer you some comfort in return.”

Upon finishing his words he effortlessly flipped her over and spun her down on the bed.

Before Xiao Zhiqing could resist, Yang Chen pinned her down on the bed, limb for limb. 

As the two came face to face, their warm breaths bounced against one another. 

Yang Chen’s abrupt actions stunned the beauty on the bed. 

Xiao Zhiqing’s skin was exceptionally smooth. Every inch of it felt like butter. The best part about it was that it was covered by a layer of water droplets, as a single towel separated them. He could almost feel her on his skin.

Her twin peaks were poking against his chest. He was brimming with anticipation at what was about to happen. 

And her fair, supple legs, as a consequence of her constant resistance, was rubbing vigorously against Yang Chen’s thighs.

Xiao Zhiqing’s black hair was scattered across the bed sheet. 

Her bright pupils widened at the realization that this man knew that she had been scheming the entire day but decided to play along.

From the initial panic to denial, she was now filled with rage at the fact that she was ultimately the one being played.

Yang Chen lowered his face down to her collar bones, his lips sliding through her invigorating skin, gradually progressing towards the area right below her ear. 

That raspy feeling, along with the heat from her exhaling breaths, prompted her nipples to poke through the thin bathrobe. 

“So all this while you were faking it…” Xiao Zhiqing whimpered as she forced her tears in. 

Yang Chen replied in slight amazement, “Miss Zhiqing, this body of yours, it’s as soft as fresh tofu and refreshing to the touch. I’ve never met a woman like you. I swear you’re the real treasure that I nabbed today!”

“Disgusting!” Xiao Zhiqing furiously rebuked in shame and embarrassment. 

“Haha.” Yang Chen was unbothered as he shook his head. “I haven’t even done anything to you just yet. You, on the other hand, had been scheming this entire day. You could’ve just left me with the money and I’d hand you those two things in exchange and we’d be clear, but instead, you chose to poison me, twice. So it’s only fair that I take my revenge don’t you think?”

“Hmph, if it wasn’t for your evil intentions why would I even mistreat you on our first encounter?!” Xiao Zhiqing was not buying it. 

“I’m just an ordinary man. I was excited about our fateful encounter. All I wanted to do was know you better. If I were to pretend that I wasn’t interested, wouldn't that make me the fraud? I’m not a sinister presence nor am I an angel in human form.” Yang Chen giggled in excitement. “Plus, if you want to play around with my body I’m pretty generous about it.”

“You little rascal!” Xiao Zhiqing was so furious she was just kicking everything around her. But it only served the opposite. Any movement from her would just be added pleasure to him.

“Yeah, keep shouting! You’re making this better.”

“What do you want to do to me?” Xiao Zhiqing began to panic.

“Me?” Yang Chen relaxedly chuckled, “After all the times that you wanted to put me down, can’t I just let myself out of the deep end for once? We all know we’re not noble people anyway, so what’s there to worry?”


Yang Chen, filled with raging hormones, couldn't care less about what she thought as he sat on top of her.

The bathrobe hung loosely by her waist. A slight tug on the collar would expose her voluptuous breasts in all its glory. The thought of it alone was enough to send him over the edge.

But just as he was about to strike for the goal, Xiao Zhiqing glared at him. Her index and middle fingers on both sides placed side by side and jabbed straight at two exact positions on Yang Chen’s body.

Yang Chen meanwhile did not evade her actions. 

Xiao Zhiqing thought she got her way, only to realize that Yang Chen was staring at her with a face full of enthusiasm.

“Miss Zhiqing you truly are full of surprises. First, it was the Order of Dreams, then after it was the unknown Mixture of Soft Bones. Now I get to witness your impressive strikes on my meridians. If it weren’t for the fact that you had no signs of internal energy, I would have thought of you as a member of some ancient sect. I was even worrying if I had to deal with those annoying old nuns and monks,” Yang Chen said with a sigh of relief. 

Xiao Zhiqing stared blankly at Yang Chen for a bit before she shrieked, “You were sent by the old bag?!”

“Huh? Which old bag?” Yang Chen was confused.

Xiao Zhiqing broke down as she wailed, “Stop acting. You know about the internal energy, ancient sects, and even the fact that I have no internal energy. Any ordinary person would have felt the effects of my touch! Let me rephrase this, did the Luo family order you to take me back?”

Yang Chen, despite his drowsiness, was sure that this woman was on the run, but the fact that she was just a potential hookup did not prompt much of a reaction from him. He replied, “All I can tell you is, I have nothing to do with anything you think I am. All I have in mind now is to go for a round of cardio with you on this bed for the rest of the night. Other than that, I don’t know and frankly, don’t care. So I’d just advise you to stop resisting and let me take this little revenge since you can’t really do anything else anyway.”

“Tsk tsk.” Xiao Zhiqing abruptly turned to a despising smile as she teasingly stared right at Yang Chen. “Well, I guess you really aren’t called here by them. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be courting death like you are now.”

Yang Chen burst into laughter. “If you’re thinking about what could possibly make me stop, it’d be my wife running in to glare right at me. Otherwise, there is no chance I’d even care of whatever divine figure you have in mind.”

“Married and still out here trying to mess around. Men are the worst.” Xiao Zhiqing rebuked with detest and disgust.

Yang Chen appeared slightly embarrassed as he scratched his head. “Hehe, I do miss my beloved wife very much, which is why I was there at the auction today trying to nab some gifts for her back home. But who’d have thought that a girl like you would come in and mess everything up? Whose fault do you think that is?”

“Pushing your responsibilities onto a woman, how cowardly of you.” Xiao Zhiqing loathingly glanced at him. “If you want my body, you can have it. But I’m warning you, you will never know how you die.” 

Yang Chen observed as the woman discarded all her resistance, but was also trying to see how this would play out. He coyly grumbled while scanning her body. 

Gradually in Yang Chen’s mind came several questions. “Huh, that’s weird… Ms Zhiqing, why do you have so much fatally poisonous toxins in your body? That’s not right, these toxins would easily kill an elephant, but you’re somehow doing fine. How did you do it?”

Xiao Zhiqing instantly turned towards him, her gaze as sharp as ice. “How… did you know?”

“Since you made it sound so terrifying, I had to find out what it is.” Yang Chen pouted.

“How did… you find out?” Xiao Zhiqing’s facial expression turned concerned as her voice trembled. “Who… exactly are you?”