Yang Chen stood in the same place with his arms crossed, still in a rather unpleasant state. If it wasn't for his manly pride, he would’ve pouted like a little girl!
The members from Takamagahara and Blue Storm thought that Yang Chen failed to react to Nurarihyon’s might since he lost his cultivation, showing disdain on their body languages.
A blinding flash swooped by. The blade Nenekirimaru finally landed on Yang Chen’s wrist…
It wasn’t known who had made that sound. But evidently, a look of surprise could be seen from everyone’s previously bored eyes.
The blade Nenekirimaru had indeed slashed into Yang Chen’s wrist, but its sharp edge failed to even slit the slightest wound, let alone amputating Yang Chen’s wrist. Not a splash of blood could be seen.
Yang Chen glanced faintly at Nurarihyon. "Is that all?"
Nurarihyon as shocked. He leaped backwards and said, "It seems that although you have lost your cultivation, your body is still as strong as before. Ordinary strikes are unable to hurt you.”
Yang Chen didn’t bother to explain, still standing still, thinking about what he would do later. He did not have the slightest concern in how these people were going to attack himself.
Feeling despised, a mysterious hunchbacked figure from Takamagahara, hidden in a black cloak, approached Nurarihyon. With a hoarse and rough voice, he spoke, "General, since this guy’s body is so tough, and your might isn’t required to finish him, let me have a try. Without cultivation, certainly there will be a limit on how tough his body can be…”
Nurarihyon smirked. "Gashadokuro, don't make it too ugly.”
"No, no. Do not restrain yourself," Seidel uttered. "Do not worry to wreck this place up. We have contacted the police to block the neighborhood. No matter what happens, no one will come close.“
“Hehe…” Gashadokuro laughed sinisterly. “Well then, time to have fun!”
As soon as he finished speaking, two yellow flash shone from the mysterious black cloak. Then, the cloak flew aside, revealing the mysterious figure!

A dull, golden skeleton emerged in front of everyone. Yellow flames were pulsating in each of the skeleton’s hollow eye sockets and each bone of the bare skeleton was surrounded by a dense, black, poisonous fog.

Some of the elites from SEALs could not help but take a few steps back when they saw their ally’s horrific appearance.

Rumour had it that in the ancient war-prone era in Japan, plenty of Japanese soldier corpses were left to rot openly. Because the bones were not buried, grudge and resentment from the spirits of the deceased slowly built up, condensed, and were eventually reborn into the form of a demon. That demon Gashadokuro possessed the physical quintessence of millions of corpse. Its structural integrity was hard to comprehend.

Gashadokuro’s true form began to expand swiftly after his emergence. Its bones become thicker and longer, orbited by the viscous, dark fog. It enlarged to more than twice its previous size, with about three meters in height!
"Pluto, let me knock you nice and hard. I’ll see how tough you can be!"
The humongous skeleton, with speed as fast as lightning, took a single stride and arrived right in front of Yang Chen!.
A bone fist the size of a grinding disc slammed into the position where Yang Chen stood!
While the punch took out a huge crater on the slump, surrounded by dust, Yang Chen was completely unharmed.
In the next instance, everyone was astonished. It wasn’t known when Yang Chen had vanished and reappeared behind Gashadokuro.
To remain uninjured upon the impressive strike could be explained by the strength of the body. But how could one explain his instantaneous, invisible movements?
“Damn, didn't he lose his cultivation powers?!" Stark was horrified.
"No… it can’t be…" Seidel shook his head. "It’s impossible that Poseidon made a mistake. If I’m not wrong, although he has lost his cultivation powers, his body’s physical condition allows ridiculous reflexes!”
The crowd heard Seidel’s justification and became more at ease. After all, as long as Yang Chen only relied on his physical condition, they would not be too afraid.

Gashadokuro was enraged as he had missed his blow. The dense, dark fog surrounding his skeletal body suddenly rushed from the bone gaps towards Yang Chen’s direction!
“Dodge! Now!”
Seidel quickly responded by directing several members of SEALs near Yang Chen to escape.
The instruction came a little too late. Two of the team members inhaled small volumes of the black smog and got poisoned immediately. Their skin was festered, turning them into a heap of decomposed flesh. Other soldiers quickly retreated.
On the other hand, Yang Chen did not walk away. He pinched his nose and waved his hand while frowning. "It stinks..."

It seemed that the poisonous fog did not work the same on Yang Chen as it did on the SEALs members.

Enraged, Gashadokuro’s huge yet agile body moved faster than a whirlwind. He made a turn and spread his bare upper limbs wide open before another surging fog rushed to Yang Chen.
"I’ll see where you run to this time!!" Gashadokuro roared. Seeing that Yang Chen did not move, he felt that he would be able to grasp Yang Chen immediately, the yellow flames in his eyes blazing brightly!
However, the seemingly ridiculous scene happened again…
The approaching skeletal arm, just about to seize Yang Chen’s body, stopped at a position less than an inch from Yang Chen’s body!

Everyone is puzzled. Why did Gashadokuro stop his offense?
"Hey, what are you doing?! Quickly get rid of him!" Stark was dissatisfied.
Gashadokuro’s entire skeleton began to tremble and he hoarsely uttered, "I—I can't catch him!"
Everyone present was shocked, finally realising that Gashadokuro was doing his best, but failed to get any closer to Yang Chen.
Nurarihyon with his long blade in his hand was puzzled. "How is it possible? I can’t feel any fluctuations in energy. What’s going on..."

The other two demons of Takamagahara both looked dignified as well. They are more sensitive to energy fluctuations than human beings. but they failed to comprehend the reasoning behind Gashadokuro’s inability to lay a single finger on Yang Chen!
Gashadokuro’s corpse poison would be effective even towards demons, but Yang Chen looked completely fine after inhaling the fog, only to say that it was stinky…

Yang Chen looked up indifferently, as if he was bored. "Scatter," he gently said.

Nobody understood what Yang Chen said. Scatter what?
Gashadokuro was a mighty, fearless figure a second before. In an instance, every bone, every cartilage on his skeleton structure had vaporized into thin air.

That split second could hardly be captured by the naked eye. From a humongous existence, he disintegrated to smaller pieces, then to mere dust before its disappearance.
When the spooky flame in his eye sockets ceased to exist, no traces of his skeletal structure and the black fog earlier could be seen. There weren’t even any residues, as if he had never existed in the first place.
“Impossible… How can it be... “ Motakuto muttered, trembling in her blood-red kimono.
The SEALs members were stunned, their jaws dropping. Their trembling rifles betrayed their fearless appearance.
No one else there felt differently. Seidel and Stark’s facial expressions told the same story—absolute fear.
At this moment, everyone got a unified revelation—this man has never lost his powers!
Nurarihyon gripped his blade Nenekirimaru tightly. “I don’t understand. You eliminated my warrior… while I couldn’t feel any energy waves from you. Obviously, your abilities are too overwhelming to comprehend. Our plan has evidently failed, but we have no choice besides fighting to our last breath now…“
“General, let Rokurokubi and I assist you!” In the blink of an eye, Motakuto and her flawless, beautiful hair gloriously transformed into razor-sharp arrows, scattering into all directions and launch themselves at the enemy. The arrows travelled faster than the speed of sound, causing deafening sonic booms to echo.

Rokurokubi’s head detached from the neck. The headless body performed dazzling movements. On his head, his ears turned into a pair of wings. Thin, invisible threads formed around his head, and began to drift around at gradually increasing speeds.
These transparent, stone-slicing razor threads then approached and surrounded Yang Chen, attempting to limit Yang Chen’s movement in a tiny area.
“Mirror of Purity!”

A chant could be heard, and out of nowhere, a rain of beautiful, graceful cherry blossom petals fell upon Yang Chen. These cherry blossoms looked like rippling raindrops. Nurarihyon synergised his movement perfectly with two of his subordinates. One could hardly follow their swift movements.
Yang Chen stood in the same place, watching the gracious petals dancing around his body. Just when the petals were about to make contact with his body, they suddenly transformed into a scorching, yellowish fire!
Seeing that the strike by the three demons of Takamagahara, Seidel and Stark of Blue Storm were delighted, hoping that there was still a chance to survive!
The piercing arrows and slicing razor threads fused with the scorching flames to form a deadly cage, which had now surrounded Yang Chen.