Back at the estate, Sally was rather startled when she saw Yang Chen descend from the second floor. She did not know that he was home but did not think too much of it.

“Mr Yang, what can I do for you today?” Sally asked with a wide grin on her face. Every time she recalled the million-dollar reward that Christen awarded her with, she would try to present herself to Yang Chen in hopes of doubling or tripling her current earnings.

Yang Chen casually flexed his arm and reached for the white teen’s backside. “Bring me the best food in the house, I’m starving.”

Sally expected Yang Chen to have eaten prior to this. The only reason she approached him was to fulfil his desires and nothing more. She was quite surprised when she received an actual household order.

While Sally was off to the kitchen, Yang Chen went to the landline telephone by the couch and dialed a number.

Once it connected, Makedon’s voice could be heard from the other end of the phone. “Ever since that night I lost contact with you, where have you been, Your Majesty Pluto? Wait… this country code, are you in the US right now?”

Yang Chen hummed his reply before continuing, “You don’t need to know the details. I called you today because I need you to dig up some data on a particular person. It would be best if you could have it reported to me after my dinner. This fellow is no stranger to Mossad so I don’t think it’d be much of a problem for you.”

“Who is it?”

“Robert Mueller.”

“The commissioner?” Makedon was caught off-guard. “Your Majesty Pluto, are you attempting an attack on the US? Isn’t involving yourself with politics against your principles?”

“It was that old bag who has been plotting against me. I’m only targeting him, not the country. Your job is to understand and carry out your orders. Are we clear?”

Makedon let out a sigh of relief, as he returned to usual jovial self. “It is my pleasure to serve you, Your Majesty Pluto. Rest assured, it will not be too much of a hassle. Do proceed with your dinner, milord.”

Since Christen was off to work and was likely going to miss dinner tonight, Yang Chen finally got some alone time.

Sally might be young, but to be the one-and-only personal butler of a world superstar, she naturally had a certain degree of proficiency in the culinary arts. Otherwise, she would not have been chosen out of all the potential candidates. Within a few moments, she had laid out a whole spread of food ranging from appetizers to desserts.

Yang Chen ate two full platters of perfectly grilled beef steak, then a quarter chicken along with several strings of Russian sausages topped off with half a bottle of champagne.

Throughout his dinner, Sally stayed by his side to serve him. Slicing meat, filling wine, everything here and there, occasionally even intimately brushing against him.

Yang Chen, on the other hand, was licking his fingers clean after finishing his dessert, before he ominously dropped a question. “Little Sally, are you expecting something else?”

Sally turned bright red as she heard his question. She never thought he would be so straightforward about it, as she awkwardly mumbled, “If it’s what Mr Yang wants, I’ll gladly comply…”

“What if she’s not paying this time?”

“Huh?” Sally was caught off-guard as she avoided his gaze. She embarrassingly replied, “Nah, she will.”

Yang Chen graciously chuckled before he slammed on the table and replied with a tinge of sympathy. “It seems like you are out of luck today. I still have some matters that need tending to. Perhaps another day.”

Once his sentence was done, he brushed past the now dejected Sally and went straight up to the second floor.

The truth was Yang Chen felt that there was still a considerable difference between her physique with that of Xiao Zhiqing’s silky-smooth skin and soft, supple body. But it wouldn’t be nice of him to point that out so blatantly.

Meanwhile, over at Washington D.C, stood a building shaped like a fortress. That was the Hoover building—the headquarters of the FBI.

The building was fully functional since the 70’s and have been the center of many wide-eyed American dreams. But the truth was, everyone in that building was just like every other white-collar man. They received income from the public sector ranging from thirty grand to a little more than a hundred grand a year. They usually drove affordable Japanese cars and worked standard hours.

As the current commissioner of the bureau, Robert was a middling superior, neither important nor insignificant.

It was close to ten at night over at the Hoover building but it was still lit as though it were daytime.

All around the perimeter were dozens of American soldiers patrolling around. These men were not your standard run of the mill soldiers. They were handpicked from the special forces. The best of the best.

Hidden within a bunker located within the building, the sound of a man’s anger and profanities could be heard echoing the hallways.

“Talk, I’m asking you dipshit! You’re telling me that the two squads of SEALs assigned were all dead on site, but there isn’t a single drop of blood to be seen?!”

Down in the basement under the blinding white light, Robert’s bald head shone brightly. His two hands slammed onto the bulky office desk, causing a thunderous roar.

Several FBI commanding officers and military officials stood several meters away from him. They were silent with their heads hung low.

Just about half an hour ago, the Los Angeles ambush task force coordinator reassured that the target had been lost, along with every single member of the task force including the Japanese squad Takamagahara.

A result of this devastating magnitude was unprecedented and unforeseen.

It would’ve been understandable if Yang Chen escaped as circumstances varied from time to time. But for every member of their task force to disappear without a trace, it was just unheard of.

“Sir, I would suggest for you to calm down. We might not have found the bodies of our members, but that does not mean that the mission has failed. If that scoundrel really has lost his abilities, his escape would be a minor inconvenience on our side,” one of the commanders said.

Robert glared at him in response. “Are you braindead? Do you think I’m not aware of that? That’s exactly why I am rushing to put him behind bars! If any other global superpower found out about the revelation that he has lost his abilities, they would start a war just to get him in their hands. Are you even aware of the ramifications that would have on the planet?

“Whoever gets their hands on him would be awarded unimaginable wealth. But you halfwits somehow managed to lose the pathetic scum from the palms of our hands!”

The highly ranked officials were clearly in an unpleasant mood. After all, they weren’t the ones who led the charge—they had appointed two members from Blue Storm in their stead. It was a conservative method which ultimately caused the failure of the mission.

Just when Robert was about to continue with his fury, a technician ran up to the official entrance. In cold sweat, he exclaimed, “Sir, pardon my interruption, but our systems seemed to be attacked by an unknown hacker! The entire server is now out of our control!”


Right that moment, every official in the building started to look around in confusion.

Robert turned pale as a ghost while his body started trembling. “Damn it. Looks like we’ve got another problem on our hands. Follow me.”

He brought along a group of subordinates and rushed to the externally located underground control center.

It was a huge basement roughly the size of a few basketball courts. It was filled with state-of-the-art technology and gadgets, with countless screens manned by hundreds of technicians and professionals around the clock.

That was the true heart of the FBI.

What was once a pristine and respected organization, had instantly become crowded like a wet market, with technicians and professionals slamming and hitting on the keyboards, only to no avail.

The screens were shown playing late-night talk shows and the evening news from all around the world, making the atmosphere noisy and disconcerting.

“What the hell do you think you are paid for? How can the headquarters be hacked by just anyone? Our national intel is at stake!” Robert was enraged. This was an ultimate slap in the face to him as the commissioner!

All this while, he managed to claim the commissioner seat through the emphasis on precision and prevention. Unless and until a situation was guaranteed to go their way, he would not take the initiative to take action.

But this time, the one time he decided to act first turned out to be his only and final act as commissioner.

“Sir, rest assured, the mastermind of the attack seems to be uninterested in our confidential intel. It would seem like they have hacked into our channel frequency to broadcast us something,” the head technician cautiously explained.

Robert grunted. “We’re already infiltrated and you dare tell me this? If anyone on this planet can hack into our system, do you know what this means?”

“Sir,” another technician spoke, “I seemed to have discovered the source of this hack.”

“What? Say it!”

“It appears that Mossad from Israel is behind this.”

Robert was astonished. Mossad? They’ve always been the closest ally with the US among the four elite global spy organizations. Why would they risk a breakaway with the US to infiltrate our intel?