Before everyone could process what Mossad's intentions were, a video came up amidst the noise and filled every single screen in the room.

Just when everyone started to pay attention to the screens, the jaws of everyone present in the room fell to the ground.

“Ahh… lighter… Baby… Ugh… You’re hurting me…”

“You’re a horny bitch aren’t you, Mommy. You’re just like a horny pig…”

“It’s all because of you, you cheeky little bastard… Ugh!”

Shown on the screen was a softly lit living room. And right in the center of the space was a couch, occupied by a fine middle-aged Caucasian woman with a young Caucasian chap roughly in his twenties. They were coiled up together on the couch.

Amidst the sexual proclamations and the dirty talk, everyone was clear of their relationship. But for something this obscene to be displayed in one of the most prominent places in America, it was quite the shock to most of the occupants in the room.

Amongst them, some were seen gulping down their saliva while others had looks of sympathy on their faces. Nevertheless, everyone's eyes were glued onto the screen.

But there was one person in particular who was paling from shock as he held onto the rails by his side to keep his legs at bay. It was none other than Commissioner Robert himself.

Several of his closest officials gradually realized who the mother and son in the video were.

“Sir… that’s your… Is that your…”

As soon as the words left the mouth of the officer, everyone suddenly understood why the commissioner was particularly affected by it.

Robert was left petrified, unable to process what he was witnessing. He did not know what to think of his employees’ judgemental stares. All he could focus on was the incestuous couple on the screen.

Witnessing the situation at the commanding platform, several technicians managed to gossip about the gist of the incident.

As the scene unfolded, the technicians engrossed in it were left in astonishment.

Among those who knew Robert personally, they were aware that the mother and son were not actually blood-related. Ever since his divorce, Robert took hold of his son’s custody, and just two years ago, Robert decided to marry that voluptuous woman in the video clip, which later turned out to be his son’s stepmother.

However, despite their lack of blood relations, the exposure of this scandalous affair was a huge slap in the face for Robert. It would have been bad if it were shown to him privately. But for it to have been broadcasted to the entire FBI was nothing short of the worst humiliation one can suffer.

Robert was left without the option of executing them as a form of hiding this horrendous reveal, which was what left him in the state of dumbfoundedness and perplexity.

Right at that moment, the conversation of the mother and son was once again audible to the spectators.

“How did I fare, you slut? I’m much stronger than my father don’t you think?”

“Ugh… Dear, don’t you dare bring up your father. That man hasn’t been behaving like a true man for more than a year now! If I knew, I’d never have agreed to marry him. What’s worse, who knew it doesn’t pay well to be the commissioner of the FBI!”

“Uh-uh, there’s another way to think about it. If you hadn’t gotten married, how would I have met you, slut?”

“You naughty little boy… Stop calling me that.” The seductress giggled. She seemed to be enjoying this form of name calling.

The employees were all awkwardly shuffling in their seats, trying to contain their laughter.

The highly ranked officials looked unfazed, but deep down, they were trying their absolute best to not burst out into laughter.

Robert had both hands gripped onto a metal rail. His face was as red as a tomato and his veins were bulging in rage. “Break them, break every one of the monitors!”

Witnessing his rage blown in full force, his assistant instantaneously came up and held him by his shoulders. “Sir, you have to calm down. We cannot let the enemy mess up our pace!”

“Screw off!”

Robert then went ahead like an unleashed beast as he dashed down the stage, grabbed a tall stool, ran to the nearest monitor screen, and flung straight at it!


Sparks flew as the monitor was split in two.

“Stop the commissioner! His rage is getting the better of him.” One of the commanding generals instructed security to pin him down. After all, the information held within this room and displayed on that screen was internationally significant data.

Several bulkier agents went up and held Robert down. The repercussions of their actions were less important than what might happen if Robert lost control.

“Let me go, let go you dimwits! Do you still want to keep your jobs?! I’m Robert Mueller, your boss!”

Robert’s overweight body struggled to break free from their grasps but to no avail, as he eventually gave up while huffing and puffing on the ground.

Several other officers came down the podium steps and surrounded him.

“Sir, I know this is a huge blow for you, but I would suggest you take your actions into consideration. This is not time to wallow in personal pitfalls. We must uncover why Mossad attacked us in the first place. We have to regroup and plan on how to proceed forward.”

Hardly anything of that matter went into Robert’s head as he was shaking his head in disbelief. “That’s not real, that can’t be real. Why would they do that to me? I raised that boy. Why would he do that to his own father…”

Whilst he was dwelling in his sorrows, his hands held to his face as tears started raining down, prompting many by his side to sympathize for his wellbeing.

Even though this might very much be a family disgrace, it might mean that there would be a change in leadership in the near future if this affects his capabilities as commissioner.

But, from the perspective of a father, a husband or a man, it was a brutal scene to watch. It would’ve been less painful if someone just drove a dagger through his heart.

Just went everyone was silent from sympathy, the security alarm was triggered throughout the entire headquarter building.


A sharp noise of the alarm resonated in the ears of everyone present, coupled with the signals of emergency.

“How’s the situation?”

“Shit, are we being attacked?”

Just moments ago they were in deep discussion on how to counter cyber attacks moving forward. Now, they were being physically attacked by the enemy.

Before the agents and the commanding officers could proceed with defensive procedures, they heard a huge rumble on the walls of the headquarters’ north corner.


A dull crumpling noise was heard before the huge wall of the north side was blown open, revealing a huge aperture.

Amidst the dust and debris, one man trotted past the brittle ground, as he marched towards the high ranking officials.

As the dust cleared, everyone got a clear glimpse of an ordinary-looking Asian man in leisure clothing as he emerged from the smog.

Nearly most of them were terrified and confused, but several highly ranked officials were haunted by his presence as they were glued to their spots, unable to make a move.


“How is that possible? How is he unscathed?!”

The intruder was unsurprisingly enough, Yang Chen.

He took a good look at the screens across the base. He noticed they were all synced with the intense ‘actions’ between the mother and son. Yang Chen nodded in satisfaction. The men of Mossad under Makedon’s leadership sure were efficient in their work. They knew full well how to cripple an opponent permanently.

Since it was Robert who was trying to scheme his demise while he was at his lowest, there was no way Yang Chen was going to lose to him.

That was why when Makedon revealed that Robert’s current wife was in an incestuous relationship with her stepson, Yang Chen did not hesitate to lay cameras all around the scene. As for the exact scene, a little hallucinating drug would do the trick.

As he leisurely strolled towards Robert and his ragtag team of officials, Yang Chen greeted them with a smile. “My apologies for the delay, I know that all of you have been looking for me all this while. Unfortunately, I was a little preoccupied with dinner before I came. Oh yeah, how did you guys enjoy the little present I brought with me?” Yang Chen proclaimed as he pointed at the intense scenes of all projected screens.

Robert, who was being clamped down by his agents, taunted and cursed as he tried to break free. “You satanic being, how could you do such a disgusting thing?! You demon!”

Yang Chen chuckled lightly. “Commissioner Robert seems to be rather unwelcoming towards the relationship between the mother and son. But to think of it, a wife as hot as she is sure is pleasant to look at. Too bad I’m only here for a couple of days. Otherwise, I wouldn’t mind taking a trip down to his house for a visit. I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to receive me.”

“Shut the hell up!” Robert curled in fury as he yelled at the agents by his side. “What are you daydreaming about? Shoot him!”

But his direct order did not gather the prompt response he was expecting.

Everyone present including the staff and the defense agents were frozen to the ground. What kind of joke was that? This dude broke into the FBI Headquarters, through a wall laid out with tens of layers of reinforced steel and cement. He strolled into the underground base like it was his neighborhood. Why would they pick a fight with a man who was clearly not human! An enemy of this degree was clearly not one for them to pick a fight with!

Robert didn’t take long before he got a grasp of the situation as his face went dark as coal.

He then turned towards him and grunted, “You… didn’t lose your cultivation I see.”

Yang Chen shrugged. “Are you disappointed?”

“Why… how… General Prandelli had no reason to lie to us. I swear I heard him say that you were powerless. Why…” Robert was sulking from his defeat.

Yang Chen appeared rather unamused as he continued, “That, you have to ask him yourself. I understand why he’d said that, but I never said I lost my ability to kill.”

Robert cracked a smile from utter devastation. “If that’s the case, I assume Seidel and Stark, along with the entire SEALs ambush team are ceased from existence then?”

Yang Chen scanned his surroundings before he chuckled. “The members of Blue Storm don’t seem to be here. Why don’t you gather them? They are your ace team, are they not? I’m alone, I don’t mind waiting for their glorious presence.”

Staring right at Yang Chen’s ominous laughter, everyone present felt a haunting chill resonating through them. Was he there to turn the FBI headquarters into a bloody war zone?!