At that moment, everyone got speechless. If it wasn’t for Yang Chen’s show of power, they would have been glaring at him for the audacity of his words.

Yang Chen kept the watch in his shirt pocket and took a look around. “Alright, my job here is done. Oh yeah, it should be clear by now that the sinking of that American battleship was not my doing. With a little bit of investigation, you will be able to prove that I was not the one behind it.

“I’ll be anticipating a results-driven leader to knock on my door someday in the future, but I’m satisfied for now. Alright, it’s getting late. Take the day off. As for all you female agents, you should go home and sleep. Staying up late will make your skin wrinkle.”

After he was done he turned around and went out from the cavern he had bored earlier.

A few steps later, his figure was nowhere to be seen. It was as if a nightmare had just ended.

Everyone in the entire base breathed a sigh of relief. Staring at the damage caused by Yang Chen, everyone felt a certain tinge of emptiness and grief, but not rage.

… …

Meanwhile, over at the opposite side of the globe within the compounds of the Ning residence, something entirely different was happening.

A huge trailer was parked outside of the building as several bodyguards in shades patrolled the vehicle under the scorching sun. They were making sure that no one entered the compound.

Deep within the clan estate was a tranquil row of modest houses. It was much cooler on the inside that it seemed on the outside.

Within the container was Luo Cuishan, all washed up and dressed in decent clothing. Seated on a long bench with a cup of ginseng tea in her hands, she appeared solemn and sorrowful.

Opposite her was Cripple dressed in a well-ironed shirt and trousers. He, on the other hand, was looking at his surroundings out of curiosity.

He ultimately succumbed to the insufferable silence. He awkwardly mentioned, “Hey… who are those people who brought us here? Are they your acquaintances?”

Luo Cuishan lifted her head as she stared at the young man, far easier on the eye than his days as a homeless man. She stared at his bright yet anxious pupils, which prompted her to let out a faint smile. “Are you worried?”

“Worried? Are you kidding, of course not!” Cripple appeared boisterous. “I’ve been in far worse situations than this one. There was even a time when I had to run from wild dogs with my crippled legs! If I can stand my ground against chaotic animals, what are a couple of men to me?”

Luo Cuishan replied with a bitter smile, “Animals can be chased away. Humans, on the other hand, are unpredictable and wild. The truly chaotic is the ones who should never be allowed to live.”

Cripple stared at her for a while. “Hey, did something happen to you? Why do you look like your entire family just died? There isn’t a gun to your head, nor is there any looming threat! Live a little.”

Right at that moment, the lavishly chiseled wooden gate was pushed open from inside.

A profound middle-aged man in a white shirt, accompanied by two armed bodyguards came into the trailer.

Luo Cuishan looked towards him before they stared at each other for some time. But their gazes were anything but warm.

Cripple meanwhile saw the entrance of new people and was decidedly enthusiastic.

“To be brought back to Beijing like this, I’m sure you hate me for doing so.” Ning Guangyao ultimately took the initiative to break the ice.

Luo Cuishan gave out a pathetic smile. “The fact that you are even willing to meet me makes me think I should be the grateful one.”

Ning Guangyao kept his silence before eventually letting out a long sigh. “You… shouldn’t have messed with Yang Chen.”

Luo Cuishan sneered as she sarcastically replied, “Hindsight is a real bitch, you know that? You might as well say that I shouldn’t have taken action against that little bitch.”

“You…” Ning Guangyao frowned but felt slightly guilty. “How could you call her that? She’s my child. Also your son’s half-sister...”

Luo Cuishan furiously stood up. “Your child? Hahaha! So what? What does that have anything to do with me? All I know is that this little wrench is the wicked product of your disloyalty. If it wasn’t for that old bastard Lin Zhiguo shielding her all these years, I’d have made sure she never made it past three!”

Ning Guangyao, however, was unfazed by her reply. Calmly, he replied, “Cuishan, looks like you really do have a bone to pick with me this time.”

“You’re damn right I do!” Luo Cuishan was teary-eyed as she blurted, her face nonetheless stern and uncompromising. “Because I know if I don’t say what I’ve always wanted to say now, I’ll never get the chance to do so.”

“Decades of marriage only for it to end up like this.” Ning Guangyao felt disdain for himself. “Had you continued to hide your hatred for me, it would’ve been fine. Lying to each other’s faces for the rest of our lives would not be as bad as the situation right now.”

Luo Cuishan cleared her throat, biting her lips to force her tears in. “I knew… I’ve always known that you know darn well what kind of person I am, including what I’ve done behind your back.

“You have no idea how much I wished I could pop the facade I hold around you. At least when that happened, I wouldn’t hate you for anything anymore. No masks, no schemes, just the genuine Luo Cuishan. But I guess the past is the past, isn't it?”

Her voice cracked until the end. Her woes could be understood without words.

Ning Guangyao turned around and took a deep breath. “I know and regret the things I have done behind your back, which was why I ignored the person you were in my absence. But never would I have thought that you would resort to such violence.

“Nevertheless, it’s punishment for your wrongdoings. And as of today, I have been left with no choice.”

Luo Cuishan sneered. “You’re afraid I will drag the Ning clan down into the mud, aren’t you? Worried that I’ll single-handedly drag you off the premier position. Or should I say… that you hated the fact that you’re sharing your wife with other people and that you’re disgusted by my presence?”

Ning Guangyao kept his cool. “Regardless, you’re still a government official. Your disappearance has been a real hassle to the rest of the cabinet. If you were to die now, it would raise too many flags.”

“Then what do you want to do with me?”

“I got someone to bring a fluid injection. It’s meant to imitate the conditions of heart failure,” Ning Guangyao calmly explained as if the subject had no relations to him in any way.

“I will explain to the media that your position as a national servant and first lady led to severe fatigue. And during one of your out-of-state visits, your conditions caught up to your body, which caused you to die from heart failure. Your disappearance was our desperate measure to rescue you. But… there was nothing else we could do.”

Carefully listening to his words, Luo Cuishan’s face was as bleak as the overcast sky as she stumbled backward. “Who would have thought… my husband will be the reason I die? To hear those words flow so easily from your mouth, you truly are the protege of the Ning clan! Fighting for the greater good?

“Haha! If I were to die from fatigue, my actions would leave no traces, and the name of the Ning clan wouldn’t be tarnished in the process. Wow… even my death is a tool for you to trick the civilians’ sympathy… How great!”

Ning Guangyao closed his eyes as he avoided Luo Cuishan’s glare. “This medication, during the process of slowing your beating heart, might be unpleasant to bear.

“I truly want to make sure you die with the least pain inflicted possible, but to shield unwanted inconsistencies in narration, I have to do it, Cuishan. Rest assured, I’ll take good care of our son. I promise.”

“Of course you will. Not because you love him, but you need a successor to the Ning clan.” Luo Cuishan disdainfully glared at the man she had shared a bed with for decades. “I’ve been thinking, had Xue Zijing given birth to a son instead back then, would you still hand over the clan to Guodong? In your heart, no matter how much effort I put in, my son and I would still be inferior to the little bitch and her late mother, wouldn’t we?”

Ning Guangyao kept his silence.

Luo Cuishan abruptly gave a wicked grin as she taunted, “Since today is when I die, let me reveal a little secret to you. To let you know how much of an idiot you have been throughout the years, Ning Guangyao.”