Christen held a glass of wine in one hand and had the other on a pillar. Her translucent silk nightgown wrapped nicely around her mesmerizing body. All in all, her body was nothing short of heavenly. Paired with a killer smile, she was a combination that mortals would die for.
Yang Chen felt his nether regions heat up after looking at her for no longer than half a second.
After a full afternoon of rolling in the sheets with Xiao Zijing, it was reasonable to believe that his needs had been satiated and that he would have no interest in engaging in those activities again. However, the enticing figure of this superstar had left his hormones hungry for more.
Trying his best to avoid her gaze, Yang Chen said, “Neither of you bothered to ask. I felt no need to tell. I hardly faked anything.”
Christen sneered as she took a sip of wine. “But honestly though, why can’t I sense energy flow within you now?”
Yang Chen pouted. “I wouldn’t have hidden it from you if I knew. Even I myself haven’t quite figured it out just yet. I can control my energy in a totally natural manner now and it’s not something I can put into mere words.
“I’ll put it this way. I used to initiate the True Yuan within my body. But now, I’m not even able to feel an ounce of True Yuan within me. Everything just feels so… empty. I’m not even sure in what form the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture exists in my body. I can’t see it but I can feel it.”
Christen seemed slightly confused, remaining silent for a bit. She then shook her head and allowed her hair to flutter in the wind. “That’s weird. Your condition doesn’t match what I know of people who have reached the Tribulation Passing stage. Your power should still revolve around your True Yuan, and not in the absence of it…”
Just then, a few bulky clouds brushed into one another, leading to a series of thunder strikes, as flashes of lightning burst through the night sky.
Yang Chen took a huge sigh, visibly uncomfortable.
Christen noticed his subtle reaction and burst into laughter. “Hahaha! Oh the great and mighty Pluto is afraid of a little thunder!”
Yang Chen rolled his eyes. “Why don’t you try getting hit by lightning too?”
Christen let out mesmerising smile before throwing her wine glass off the balcony. She then hurled herself effortlessly off the second floor and elegantly glided on to the ground.
During the process, her thin nightgown was flung up by the wind. And right before Yang Chen, her fair and smooth legs were revealed in all their glory. In the middle of them was a seductive pair of panties.
Yang Chen’s gaze locked on to the scene before him as the single string of laced clothing bit into her mesmerising ‘patch’.
Christen tidied her hair before walking towards Yang Chen in big strides. She shot out her arms and held on to Yang Chen’s shoulders. Revealing a teasing grin, she said, “Oh my beloved Yang Chen, I can tell from your eyes that your heart has moved.”
Yang Chen pretended as if he wasn’t listening and turned away, but his throat betrayed him as he gulped down some saliva.
Christen blew into Yang Chen’s ear, giving off a sensual feeling. “Isn’t it gorgeous down there?”
“I wasn’t looking,” Yang Chen awkwardly replied.
“I didn’t even say what. How could you comment on something you haven’t seen?” Christen naggingly replied.
Yang Chen was left speechless as he struggled to break free from Christen’s grasp. “It’s late now. Aren’t you tired from a full day of recording?”
Christen however was not keen in stopping. She caressed Yang Chen’s neck, before she slowly progressing down to his chest, and eventually to the centre of his trousers.
Yang Chen felt that something was slightly off but ultimately decided to watch and see. Her hands however reached out further as she held on to his nether regions.
An invigorating sensation ran through his entire body!
It was a feeling that could not be put into words. It resonated through his spine and gradually to his whole body!
“Dear, it’s so stiff that I can tell it’ll explode soon! I guess you were never able to resist your longing for me after all,” Christen proclaimed with a smirk on her face.
Yang Chen smiled bitterly, knowing for a fact that no ordinary man could resist her.
Christen saw that Yang Chen was intentionally resisting her advances. And with that, a sense of excitement rose in her as she popped open her juicy red lips and pouted slightly. She lifted her chest and brought herself right before Yang Chen’s face.
If it were anyone else in that scenario, they would never have resisted such temptations. They would rather die than give up on her!
But Yang Chen after his primal reactions instantaneously resisted his sexual urges as he sternly announced, “Aphrodite, stop the ruckus.”
Christen, upon hearing her real name, shivered and became solemn. “How could you... be so cruel to me?”
Yang Chen gently lifted her arms off his body and took a step back to recollect himself. “You have to snap out of it. If you were just Christen, a regular superstar, friend, lover, or a random stranger, I would have already jumped on you by now. I admit that your vigor and body leave even the likes of me thirsting for it.
“But deep down in your soul, you’re Aphrodite, not Christen. You’ve mistakenly passed your feelings to me, foolishly waiting for something that does not exist anymore. If I made love with you despite of that, I would be taking advantage of your feelings for someone else. Even I cannot stoop that low.
“I’m only doing this to you because you’re a trustworthy friend, and I would never want you to suffer from this brutality.”
Christen teared up when Yang Chen drew the line.
“You’re just like him… You’re indeed the candidate he had chosen to inherit his divinity. Why do you guys always take so much into consideration? So what if you were the bad guy for once?Just see me as a fool… Why do you always have to drag me back to reality?”
Yang Chen shook his head. “It’s because I don’t want to lose a friend like you. If we made love, it would ruin the dynamic of our friendship.”
Christen turned away as she took a deep breath. “Even though Ares, Apollo, Diana, and Poseidon call you Hades, I know that your body and soul have always been Yang Chen. Nothing has changed one bit… You’re not the Hades I know.
“But how could you expect me to accept the fact that Hades is not here anymore? How could he do this to me? To leave me all alone here...”
Yang Chen sighed. “Well, you can’t exactly put it that way. He made sure to make me promise that I would watch out for you whenever possible. I believe in his heart, you held a place no one could replace.”
“Then why isn’t he here to look after me?!” Christen emotionally yelled. “He’s just a selfish, lying coward!”
Yang Chen was astonished, unable to speak.
Christen seemed to have realized that she had gotten emotional. She scratched her head and dried her tears. “Sorry about that. I know this has nothing to do with you and I shouldn’t blame you for something you have no control over. But I just feel like that man was just… so self-centered. Why would I need to be taken care of, unless Hongmeng starts a war again?”
“Nah it’s fine. After all, women ranting at me is a common part of my life now,” Yang Chen joked.
Christen burst into laughter. “But honestly though, I was genuinely worried that you have lost your abilities. I’m relieved that you haven’t.”
Never did he imagine that a straightforward and fiesty woman like her would be worried sick behind his back.
Christen abruptly winked at him. “Yang Chen, let’s be honest here, you felt something towards my body didn’t you?”
Yang Chen awkwardly rubbed on his nose, admitting it through silence.
Christen laughed boastfully as she continued, “Well actually if you really want to try it out, I can always work towards loving you. That way, you will never have to worry about manipulating my feelings for someone else.”
To see a presence as divine as St Mary tease him in such a way, Yang Chen felt his little heart skip a beat. All he did in response was take a look at the clouds and say, “Oh looks like it’s about to rain any minute now. I should head back in and rest.”
Just before he left, Yang Chen was held on to by Christen as she exclaimed, “Stop running. I have tomorrow off. Why don’t I take you out? At least let me be a good host.”
Her words triggered something in Yang Chen’s head. “What’s today’s date?”
Christen didn’t expect that response. “Did you get dementia after getting struck by lightning? It’s past midnight now, so it’s the sixth.”
Yang Chen slammed his forehead into his hand and yelled, “Dammit, I nearly messed up my schedule. I gotta book myself a flight ticket to China and leave first thing in the morning!”