Mo Qianni was rooted to the ground. Her beautiful face, which was originally lit up with happiness slowly fell. Her eyes went from hopeful to hopeless in a matter of seconds.

Raindrops fell on her fair face. It was cool. And wet.

Standing next to the road, Mo Qianni felt her heart fall.

Why… Why did he leave so quickly? Does he really want to avoid me that much? she thought.

She didn’t want to believe what had happened but at the same time, she couldn't ignore the signs.

Ma Guifang initially thought there was going to be trouble. Yang Chen hadn’t been around for the past couple of days. Although her daughter was very sad, time would’ve healed a broken heart. A fateful encounter might just bring forth their feelings once again.

However, Yang Chen didn’t even roll his window down when he saw them. Instead, he just waved at them and sped off. It was as if he did not want anything to do with them!

Although she was uncomfortable with his attitude, it supported her cause which was more than she could ask for. It was time for her daughter to wake up.

Walking by Mo Qianni’s side, Ma Guifang sighed pitifully. She reached out to pat her daughter on her shoulder. Gently, she said, “My silly child, can’t you see? You were never destined to be together. The only reason you guys were together for as long as you were was that you couldn't see the truth.”

“Yang Chen has finally listened to me. You’re not like the rich girls. We’re only a small family with little to show for. You’ll suffer because of Yang Chen, and Yang Chen would worry for you. You have to let go when it is time.”

Mo Qianni’s eyes reddened. She didn’t want to look at her mother. With both her hands clutching her bag, she said, “Even if I let go, we still need to talk about it. We have to settle things once and for all.”

With that, Mo Qianni took her phone out of the bag, then dialed Yang Chen's number.

However, Yang Chen’s phone was still charging in his room. Naturally, it was impossible for him to take the call.

When no one picked up, Mo Qianni angrily ended the call. Her bright eyes were now covered with a film of deathly grey.

Mo Qianni bit her thin lips, then clearly said, “Mom, go back inside. Today, I must wait till he comes back, I need to confront him. He can’t hide forever!”

“You…” said Ma Guifang, panicking. “Are you crazy, child?! You would rather wait for him here than go to work? It’s raining for god sake. It might be drizzling but it’s still water. You can’t just stand there. No one knows when he’ll be back. What if you get sick?!”

“Mom!” screamed Mo Qianni. She turned, tearfully, towards her mother. “I beg you, I beg you, please. Please just leave me alone… Even if I have to give it up, I still need to talk to him before I give him up. Let me calm down, let me deal with it, alright?”

Tears and raindrops fell upon her beautiful face, dripping onto the ground. The ladies’ shoulders trembled under the grey skies. Their silhouettes exuded hopelessness.

Ma Guifang stared at her daughter, who’d just shouted at herself. She clenched her teeth and stepped back. Coldly, she warned, “Alright, since you've made up your mind, I’ll stop just this once. I’ll let you young ones deal with matters yourself. If you’re willing to do this, I have nothing else to say. But let me warn you, do not have hope. Men with power don’t take women seriously.”

When she finished, Ma Guifang returned into the house without another word. These days, due to the scuffle with Mr Zhou’s wife, she did not return to Aunt Xiang’s. She’d rather not affect Aunt Xiang’s business with her presence. Hence she could only stay at home to cook for Mo Qianni and Rose, and clean.

To Ma Guifang, doing this was not a problem. After her past struggles, she had learned to appreciate all she had. As long as her daughter was happy, she was happy.

On the other hand, Yang Chen drove at top speed on the highway, racing to his destination. Within ten minutes, he finally arrived at the place Lin Ruoxi described on the phone.

It was at a crossroad. The red Bentley stopped by the road while a crowd surrounded them.

Yang Chen stopped his car at a random spot, then rushed into the crowd.

As he entered, he saw a small figure step hard on a short, fat boy’s belly!


The angry girl, who was wearing casual attire, was indeed Zhenxiu. Behind her was a panicking Lin Ruoxi, biting her lip in fear.

“Brother Yang?!” Zhenxiu shouted in surprised.

When she saw him, Lin Ruoxi’s face looked like it had shed a huge weight. She ran to Yang Chen, happy but a little angry. She grumbled softly, “What took you so long!”

He grinned. “Better late than never. Now you see my importance as head of the house?”

She rolled her eyes. “Some ‘head of the house’ you are. Since you’re here, I’ll leave this to you. I need to bring Zhenxiu to her exam hall. She’s going to be late soon.”

“You wanna run?! It won’t be that easy!”

The fat boy, who was kicked onto the ground immediately had two rough men help him up. They approached the three of them, refusing to let any one of them go.

Zhenxiu shouted angrily, “You hit us on purpose! I’ve given you 2000 bucks and that’s already too much. You think we’re scared of you?”

Yang Chen surveyed the area. There was a twisted electric bike on the ground and Lin Ruoxi’s Bentley had a deep dent on her back door.

It looked like the three of them were already prepared to hit her when her car slowed down at a turn.

It was extortion and not a very well-planned one at that.

And they’d chosen a date where everyone was bringing their kids for the exams. Everyone would be in a hurry. Good for business.

In this society, when a rich person’s car and a poor man’s bike collide, the first thing to consider wasn’t whose fault it was but rather the rich person would pay for it to wrap the matter up.

Rarely anyone would investigate the truth.

They wouldn’t talk online about how some rich man got conned of money. They would only share articles about how some rich man hurt, or killed someone in an accident and used their money to keep the matter under wraps.

When Yang Chen was selling mutton skewers, he would often see sellers purposely raise prices when the relatively richer ladies bought vegetables at the market. If they attempted to bargain, they would immediately spread rumors that the ladies were bullying the humble stall owners. However, when regular working-class folks bought vegetables from them, they would voluntarily give them a little more. This was very common.

The fat boy shouted back, “Everyone listen! My electric bike was ruined but I was lucky that I had only hit the back door. If I had hit the front of the car, I would’ve died on the spot! These two ladies not only refused to pay for my medical fees, but they also kicked me! How is this fair?!”

The crowd didn’t respond, for everyone knew the truth. Although they knew it wasn’t Lin Ruoxi’s fault, they wouldn’t say anything in fear of being accused of kissing a rich person’s shoes.

Zhenxiu was furious. Lin Ruoxi had woken up early today to make her breakfast and send her to the exam hall. She had already felt guilty, but with this, she hated the three guys to bits. The street smart in her started to rise and she wanted nothing more than to beat up the guys who were in front of her!

Yang Chen quickly held her back, then said solemnly, “Stop, you’re a girl. I’ll take it from here. You and your sister can take my car. I’ll deal with them for you, or you’ll be late!”

Zhenxiu pouted but nodded obediently.

Yang Chen gave the car keys to Lin Ruoxi. “Honey, bring the child for her exams. I’ll drive your car over to meet you there later. We’ll have lunch together, then bring her for her afternoon paper.“

“Alright. Then be careful.” Lin Ruoxi gave the keys to her Bentley to Yang Chen. Although it felt unnecessary, she still couldn’t help but say it. She’d also unconsciously gotten used to this nickname.

Yang Chen pinched Zhenxiu’s face. “I had to take an early flight this morning just to wish you good luck. I’m not saying you must get great results, but I want you to take this seriously.”

Zhenxiu stuck out her tongue. “You’re not very good with your pep talks, you know that?”

Yang Chen glared at the girl while Lin Ruoxi hurriedly pulled Zhenxiu away.

When the three men saw the ladies leave, leaving behind a plain man, they became angrier. They patted the red Bentley and said, “What, are you staying to pay for your girl? Just from looking at your car, I’ve got a price for you. Nothing less than twenty thousand!”

Yang Chen walked up to the man and smiled. “You really want the money?”

“You think I’m joking? No shit!”

“I have no Chinese currency with me at the moment. Do you accept another currency?” asked Yang Chen, looking troubled.

The three men glanced at each other, “Don’t pull any tricks with us. We’re protected by our brothers in the streets. If you decide to trick us, we’ll be back for you! We only take US dollars and Euros in exchange! We don’t want twenty thousand Japanese yen!”

Yang Chen feigned surprised. “You know about that? Sigh… But you’re lucky I didn’t want to give you Japanese yen.”

“Then what?”

Yang Chen’s face darkened. “Hell dollars.”

“Hell dollars?” The fat boy was stunned.

His partner shouted, “Heh, fatty, this guy is referring to ‘dead man’s cash’!”