At this point, it was safe to say that the three men were fuming with anger. All they wanted was beat Yang Chen up. Previously, when they were dealing with two women they were more cautious with their actions. Now that a man had come to take their place, they wouldn't mind roughing him up a bit.

Yang Chen wasn’t planning on wasting any time on them. Even if he chose not to rely on his cultivation, the three men still did not pose a problem for him.

When he saw the three men approach him, Yang Chen immediately took a step forward and grabbed them by their shirt. He hurled the three men to the side of the road as if throwing pebbles. They flew for a while before eventually landing amongst the garbage in a garbage truck!

Negotiating with shady street characters would only waste his time. Violence, in this case, was a much better alternative.

When the crowds witnessed Yang Chen's strength, they immediately backed off and started to speculate his origins.

Yang Chen ignored the crowds and walked to the rubbish truck. With a single swipe, he lifted the three foul-smelling men and proceeded to dump them on the floor.

The moment the three men hit the ground, they immediately scrambled to their knees and started to beg for mercy.

Yang Chen squatted, then reached his arm towards the fat boy. “Stop playing dumb. Where’s the money you conned from us?”

Even the flesh on the fat boy’s face was starting to shake. He dared not argue with this scarily strong man so he slowly stuck his hand into his pocket and passed him a stack of cash.

The boy started to count the money but Yang Chen wordlessly snatched all of it.

“Ah! Brother! The—there’s some of my money inside too!” exclaimed the fat boy, panicking.

Yang Chen’s face darkened. He glared at the boy and said, “So what? You’re allowed to go about scamming people but I’m not? Everyone’s breaking the law here, so why can’t I? Let me tell you, my wife’s car door has a huge dent in it. Fixing it would take tens of thousands of dollars. Taking only a hundred or so more is mercy for you people. If we meet again, I’ll bring you to the police station!”

After he was done speaking, he walked arrogantly out of the crowd. He then got into the Bentley and made his way to the school.

The crowd stood watching, in shock. What just happened?

The fat boy was furious. He looked up to memorize the plate of the Bentley. He cursed under his breath as if he wasn’t about to back down.

Yang Chen didn’t pay much attention to this event. He rushed to the school as fast as possible only to see Lin Ruoxi returning to the carpark from the school gates.

The skies were grey and there was a slight drizzle. None of this affected the woman’s beauty at all.

She wore a Korean-style white shirt with a green matching singlet in addition a a similar white tulle skirt. Even the simplest of dresses would bring out the beauty in her.

Walking across the wet cement floor, Lin Ruoxi spotted Yang Chen. When she arrived at her car, Yang Chen was still gawking at her. She couldn’t decide to laugh or cry.

Bending down, Lin Ruoxi knocked on the bonnet.

He finally came back to reality, then said, “Honey, it’s been a long day for you. Let me take the car to the mechanic. You can wait for Zhenxiu here.”

She shook her head, smiling. “I’ll send someone to bring this car for repair. You’re the director of a company. Why should you have to do someone else's job? Just leave it here for now.”

“Well, you can’t say that. This is my wife’s car. It’s not the same,” he flirted.

She narrowed her eyes, then with a gentle voice said, “Alright, it’s not like I don’t know you. You suddenly left for America in that morning, and now you’re acting like a saint. Zhenxiu’s exam ends at eleven-thirty. I know a good cafe which we could wait at.”

This man had suddenly left for America for a few days, and she was upset at that. However, he’d left everything just to rush to her side after arriving home. This caused her to forgive him very quickly.

It felt good to have him there with her again.

No matter how many bad habits he had, a man with dignity was still a lovable one. That was why her voice turned gentle.

Yang Chen didn’t expect Lin Ruoxi to voluntarily invite him for a meal alone. But having a meal together was normal for a husband and wife. Perhaps it was him who was overthinking things. Lin Ruoxi wasn’t the type to make the first move. This was rare for both of them.

He nodded, turned off his engine then proceeded to exit the car.

But when he was about to open the door, his gaze froze. He stared at something and then gulped.

Lin Ruoxi was puzzled. What was going on? Was it that surprising when she asked him for tea?

But she soon realized that something was wrong. She followed his gaze and found he was looking at… her chest!

Suddenly, her pretty face reddened while she glared at him. “This is embarrassing! Are you done yet?”

Lin Ruoxi was wearing a looser blouse today. It exposed her deep cleavage when she bent down to talk to him. Contrasting with the shadows, her snowy white skin was mesmerizing, to say the least.

She could have been a successful model but was reluctant to wear too revealing clothing. She’d already attracted enough attention as it was. Wearing provocative clothing would only make it worse.

That was why when Yang Chen had this rare opportunity to see her assets, he couldn’t help but stare.

The cat was out of the bag, Yang Chen grinned as if nothing had happened. After getting off, he grabbed her hand and walked towards the BMW.

Since the professionals in charge of her car also had spare keys, they didn’t have to wait for them.

After they got into the car, as per Lin Ruoxi’s suggestion, they drove towards the same place Lin Ruoxi and Tang Wan had tea together. The situation was very tense the last time she was there so she did not have the chance to enjoy her tea. She did find the pastries to be delicious, and it was a pity she didn’t have more. So she took this opportunity to come here again.

While driving, Yang Chen asked curiously, “Why aren’t you asking me about what I did in America?”

Lin Ruoxi stared at the cloudy skies, then said mildly, “I don’t want to know.”

“Why?” he asked, puzzled.

Lin Ruoxi fell silent for a moment, then said, “If you were with another woman, I’d rather not know than worry.”

Yang Chen was embarrassed, recalling the shady things he did with Xiao Zhiqing. Trying to be calm, he said, “How’s that possible? Ruoxi, can’t you tell how mesmerized I am by you? Can’t you tell just how much I love you? If it weren’t for me helping Christen deal with something, I would’ve grown wings just to fly back to your side!”

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes flickered at him, then huffed softly.

Yang Chen wasn’t sure. Did she believe him or not?

After some small talk, the rain outside grew heavier. Both of them arrived at the cafe, ordered some pastries and a pot of Tieguanyin tea. They found a table upstairs and sat opposite each other.

Rainwater fell from the roof like a curtain. Neither spoke as they listened to the rain and watched the world unfold around them.

After a while, her gaze pulled away from the scenery and fell upon the man opposite her.

He was eating a piece of green bean biscuit quietly while minding his own business. Half of the food on the table had already been eaten. He’d only slept on the plane and didn’t get to eat when he arrived home. This was his breakfast.

“Why aren’t you talking?” she asked calmly.

Yang Chen blinked, puzzled. “The scenery looks good here. Talking would only ruin the feeling.”

She replied, “So you’re the kind to like silence. I thought you’d want to talk.”

He stuffed the pastries into his mouth and sipped on his tea. When he finished chewing, he sighed, “If it weren’t for you, I might still be selling mutton skewers. As a stall owner, the only people I talk to were other vendors. I’ve never mixed with anyone else. I did not return to this country to get to know people.”

Her watery eyes flashed thoughtfully, then she grunted softly. “Mm.”

“What do you mean by ‘mm’? Honey, you’ve been acting weird,” he asked quizzically.

She shook her head. “It would seem like I don’t know you as well as I thought. I thought you’d be the kind to attract drama.”

Yang Chen smiled. “You’re sorely mistaken. If people left me alone and kept their problems to themselves, I wouldn’t have to care about them now do I?”

She looked at his delighted face, her lips curling into a smile. Perhaps she’d misunderstood him.

At this moment, two policemen in uniform were looking around the cafe. They spotted Yang Chen and immediately headed in his direction.

Both policemen approached their table and by their sides. “You must be Ms Lin and Mr Yang.”

Lin Ruoxi frowned. “Is there a problem?”

The policeman nodded. “Someone reported that after Ms Lin and a few men had a conflict near the Qinghe crossroads, it seems that Mr Yang beat them up in front of witnesses and even extorted two-thousand four hundred over yuan from them. You have broken the Public Security Administration Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China. Please come with us to the police station for further investigation.

“Two thousand and four hundred?” Lin Ruoxi peered at Yang Chen, confused. “Sir, I distinctly remember them demanding for two thousand only.”

Before she could finish, she suddenly realized something. Her eyes lit up, and she glared at Yang Chen furiously. “You… You took their money too?”

Yang Chen’s face froze. He said quietly, “I was avenging you…”

“You…” Lin Ruoxi almost fainted. She gave a steely glare at the man, then clenched her teeth, “I was wrong. I do in fact, know you very well. Too well…”

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