Yan’er? It’s fine if you don’t respect me. I don’t care. But how dare you act all lovey-dovey with her in front of me?! Yang Chen clenched his fists in anger.

Cai Yan immediately understood what was going on. Having noticed the displeased look on Yang Chen’s face, she suppressed her urge to laugh as she lifted her hands towards the man.

“Let me introduce you to our special guest from the International Police Headquarters in Lyon, France. He was tasked with assisting us with major cases. Officer Wei Tinghao was also my senior in the police academy. He was the youngest Chinese recruit in the past decade or so.”

Interpol? So he really isn’t here to flirt with my chick? I guess I can’t fault him but damn is he hard to get along with!

Wei Tinghao gave zero attention to Yang Chen, but instead continued with his question. “Yan’er, you haven’t introduced this gorgeous lady to me yet. I don’t recognize her. Is she from our academy?”

“Of course not,” Cai Yan replied. “This is Lin Ruoxi. She’s a good friend I met in preschool. This here is Yang Chen, Ruoxi’s husband.”

Wei Tinghao seemed surprised by the revelation. He took a good long look at Yang Chen. “Oh, so I presume you’re both close friends of Yan’er. A pleasure to meet you both. I’m mostly based in France and other parts of the world so I don’t really know many people from inside the country, do forgive me.”

Stunning and remarkably pleasing to the eye, Wei Tinghao’s mere presence had left the officers present to swoon over him, which presumably was what kept him in such a towering and confident posture.

Nevertheless, Lin Ruoxi showed no interest in Wei Tinghao. After greeting Cai Yan, she went back to sitting quietly in the corner.

Yang Chen understandably too was hardly welcoming of his presence, merely just glancing over at Cai Yan before he sat down, pouting.

Cai Yan noticed that Yang Chen was jealous, which made her rather proud. After all, it showed that he cared.

The atmosphere settled into one of awkwardness which prompted Cai Yan to turn to her senior and ask, “What’s the situation here?”

The surrounding policemen were dumbfounded by the sudden turn of events. Now that they were aware that the people they arrested were personal friends of the chief, their attitudes shifted around.

The female officer regaled the entire story from start to finish without leaving out any details in the matter.

As for the three thugs who came in here to push their luck, they were now left sweating buckets in their seats.

Cai Yan upon grasping the situation from her subordinate’s tale walked towards the three thugs. “Are the three of you aware of the cameras that have been placed to monitor the street? All I need to do is retrieve the tapes on the junction and the truth will be revealed. So, I’m going to make myself clear one more time, are you confident with proceeding with your accusations?”

The fat thug was as pale as a sheet of paper. If they were to check the tapes, they’ll instantly find out. Doesn't that mean we’re going to be in big trouble?

“Off—officer, I think… there's no need for an investigation.” The fat thug smiled awkwardly as he surrendered.

“I’m sure you guys are aware that I’m acquainted with these people. But I don’t want you to believe that I am biased. If you really do believe there was an intrusion to your privacy, please state so now. If my acquaintances here really are the ones at fault, I will not side with them publicly in a civil establishment.”

“No no, it’s really fine.” The fat thug was now sweating profusely, avoiding her gaze. “It’s just a little misunderstanding on our side.”

At that moment, Lin Ruoxi subtly hinted Yang Chen before she mumbled under her breath. ”Pay them back what you’re not supposed to take.”

Yang Chen was clearly reluctant but nonetheless took out four hundred yuan and went towards the fat man. “Hey, here’s your money. Now we’re clear.”

The three men were still suffering from shock at the events that had just unfolded. Once they received the money, they immediately scurried off and left the police station.

The situation had been settled but the atmosphere was far from relieving.

Yang Chen noticed that Wei Tinghao’s gaze was constantly hovering around Lin Ruoxi. While subtle, Yang Chen nonetheless was immensely uneasy.

Should I just sneak up on him tonight and secretly mutilate him?! Sinister thoughts once again popped up in Yang Chen’s head.

Lin Ruoxi saw that the case had come to a conclusion. Elegantly, she stood up and smiled at Cai Yan. “There was no CCTV placed in that stretch of the road. You said it just to pressure them didn't you?”

Cai Yan winked as she playfully smirked. “Boss Lin does have the eyes of an eagle. But a police chief such as myself needs a little wit on my end too, don't you think?”

The two women giggled in one another’s gaze. It relieved a small amount of bad blood between them but the real situation was far from over.

But when Lin Ruoxi turned her gaze to Yang Chen, her temper was instantly reignited. “Are you satisfied now? Why would you even take their money in the first place? Look at how much time you have wasted. Zhenxiu’s exams are nearly over!”

“Zhenxiu?” Cai Yan heard the mention of the name and instantly took notice. “Oh yeah, today’s the first day of the college entrance exams, isn’t it? Are you guys going to pick her up? I’ll tag along too. I haven’t met her in a long while. It’d be great if I could give her some support!”

At that moment, Wei Tinghao who had been on the sidelines declared with his low-octane voice, “Well it’s almost lunchtime now. It might be our first meeting, but I hope you guys wouldn’t mind if we go for lunch together.”

Upon hearing his interest towards their lunch event, Cai Yan hesitated for a bit but it was Yang Chen who ended up replying. “Hey, we’re not that close and I have no intentions of rectifying that. Why not bother some other people?”

Wei Tinghao regardless was calm and collected. “I never said I wanted to get to know you. I suggested the lunch because the one accommodating me here in Zhonghai is Junior Yan. Since we’re collaborating, everywhere she goes I’ll have to follow, not to mention I don’t actually know anyone from Zhonghai.”

Yang Chen tried his best to save Cai Yan’s face by not publicly embarrassing her with his outrageous antics. But there was no way he was going to let Wei Tinghao join in silently.

Well handsome means nothing if his willy’s tiny! he thought.

Lin Ruoxi stoically requested on the spur of moment. “Yanyan, if we’re all going to meet Zhenxiu, then maybe you can take your senior’s car. I’ll go with my husband, and we’ll meet there. I’m not too used to being around people I’m not familiar with.”

Once she was done, she glared at Yang Chen. “Let’s go.”

Yang Chen was left tongue-tied, as he glanced towards Cai Yan and again at Lin Ruoxi. There was no way he would allow Cai Yan to stay with Wei Tinghao!

Lin Ruoxi followed up with an ominous declaration to Yang Chen. “Are you leaving with me or not? If you’re not up for it I’ll drive and you can stay with Yanyan.”

Yang Chen felt a spike in adrenaline. He realized quickly that he was playing with fire. Regardless of how insecure he was when a man of that standard approached Cai Yan, he should not have reacted so tactlessly in front of Lin Ruoxi, not to mention Wei Tinghao was clearly checking her out!

Gotta get my priorities straight!

Yang Chen recollected himself and with a cheeky smile went up to hold onto Lin Ruoxi’s petite hand. “Oh, why would I do that? I won’t let you go even for a second. Let’s go, we need to pick Zhenxiu up.”

Lin Ruoxi glared at him but was relieved at his obedience.

The officers by the sidelines saw Yang Chen’s instant change in his reaction. They started comparing him to a dog on a leash.

Yang Chen was on a tightrope. What others thought of him did not matter. If only everyone was as compassionate as Rose... he thought.

The company of his beauties might be a feast to behold, but the effort required to maintain it was something a bystander would never understand! If only he was a king from the middle ages, at least all of these problems would be dealt with by somebody else!

Yang Chen nonetheless was not the only one feeling bitter and sulky about how the situation turned out. Cai Yan observed the turn of events and could only keep her woes and envy deep inside as she went out with Wei Tinghao.

Wei Tinghao nevertheless was still in all smiles, but in his eyes were flashes of confusion and suspicion.

As the four of them went onto two different cars and set out to Zhenxiu’s school, the first language test was just about over. The students gradually flocked out of the venue to meet up with their parents.

Fortunately for them, however, they agreed on a slightly distant location to wait on Zhenxiu, so it was she who emerged from the crowd to meet them.

Zhenxiu spotted Cai Yan in her full police uniform and was pleasantly surprised. “Officer Cai! Didn’t expect to see you here.”

Cai Yan rolled her eyes on her greeting as she rebuked, “Why are you calling me by Officer Cai? Did you mess up again?”

Zhenxiu pouted with her big eyes.

Cai Yan ultimately cracked as she caressed Zhenxiu’s nose. “How’s the test?”

Zhenxiu giggled as she replied, “Pretty good. My language has always been pretty decent.”

“Look at you acting all smug now. Say that again when it’s officially over.”

Wei Tinghao, who was originally uninterested with the meetup, suddenly became interested when he noticed the youthful and bright Zhenxiu. Mesmerized by her features, he was instantly excited to meet her. “Yan’er, is this little girl a relative of yours?”

Cai Yan chuckled as she shook her head. “Nah, she’s a little brat who was always making a ruckus here and there. She’s ended up in my station a couple of times in the past but she’s a good kid.”

Zhenxiu took a quick glance at Wei Tinghao. He was no doubt stunning, but her ingrained perception towards strangers led her to ignore his presence. Instead, she reached out to hold Lin Ruoxi’s hand as she giggled joyously. “Sister Ruoxi, let’s go for lunch, I’m starving.”

Lin Ruoxi was visibly happy as she added, “From that smile of yours, you did well I suppose. What do you have in mind? Today’s your lucky day.”

Zhenxiu did not shy away from the opportunity, knowing full well that this would make Lin Ruoxi uneasy. So, she replied with a smile, “I wanna have Korean barbeque, you both up for it?”

Despite most of Zhenxiu’s upbringing here in China, she had never lost her palate for Korean delicacies.

Lin Ruoxi nodded with a smile, as she glanced towards Yang Chen. “You’ll be driving us.”

Yang Chen smiled awkwardly. “Sigh… Why does the kid get to decide what we eat?”

“Uncle, Sister Ruoxi might not care about your feelings, but we do!” A sweet, cheeky voice came from behind him not too far away.

Yang Chen was caught off-guard as he turned to the voice behind him. He saw a sweet teenager in a jade colored flower skirt in a pair of orange sandals. Next to her was a more mature woman, dressed to match the younger girl with the addition of sunglasses large enough to cover half her face. Who else could they be but Tang Wan and Tang Tang?