Ma Guifang’s eyes flashed. His honesty caught her by surprise. But it was his touching sincerity that kept her from rejecting him immediately.

She turned to look at her daughter on the bed.

Although Mo Qianni was still unconscious, her hand was still clutching the bed tightly.

Silly girl. She looks so worried about the ring given by her man though unconscious… Ma Guifang thought.

A bitter smile crept up Ma Guifang’s face. She turned back to face Yang Chen, wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, and smiled. “Yang Chen, do you know what being a mother feels like?”

Yang Chen looked puzzled. He shook his head.

She laughed softly, then mumbled, “I only have one child. From the moment she was born, I’ve sworn to myself that if this world could only offer us tears and laughter in halves, I will bear her half of the tears. All the laughter should go to my child.

“This has been my only goal as a mother. Don’t you think it hurts me too, seeing Qianni so sad? I’d be willing to even die for her. So how could I watch this pitiful child cry alone in this world?

“She lost her father when she was very young. Then, she finally arrived in this big city and met some good people who boosted her to the position she holds today. How could I bring myself to allow my child, who has suffered for more than twenty years, spend the most beautiful years of her life on being someone’s… someone else’s...”

Ma Guifang couldn’t continue. She was already sobbing so hard she couldn’t speak, covering her face and sinking into deep grief.

Yang Chen stood his ground, in shock. However, his eyes narrowed with determination. He declared, “Auntie, rather than giving up on Qianni, I’ll put in everything I have to make it work. I promise you that during your lifetime, you’ll see how your daughter will be able to walk in broad daylight by my side!”

She lifted her tearful gaze, locking eyes with the young man’s face of determination for a long time. A deep breath was taken, then a smile of surprise. “I understand now. As a parent, I’ll finally have to let my child win this time.”

When Yang Chen heard this, he felt a sudden rush of happiness. “Then, Au—oh no! Mom, so you agree?!”

She smiled, looking kindly. This child looked so happy all of a sudden. Then again, it’s only from an honest reaction like this she saw his feelings to her was true.

“You stubborn child… I’ve given up.”

Yang Chen scratched his head with a goofy, toothy grin. The boulder on his heart had finally lightened. Although he was an experienced cultivator, matters between him and women were enough to drive him mad!

“Look at you… Sigh… It’s late, I should cook dinner. If you want, you can stay to keep her company.”

When she finished, she studied him from head to toe with a peculiar expression again, making him uncomfortable.

“Mom, what are you looking at?” he asked uncomfortably.

She answered, embarrassed, “Yang Chen, the trick you did just now—was it magic?”

Yang Chen’s face froze, stunned. “Not magic, but… It’s useful. Definitely real though!”

Ma Guifang nodded as if she understood. Still deep in thought, she walked out of the room and even closed the door.

Yang Chen felt that she wanted to say something, but was stopping herself. It was weird, but he was too lazy to think about it.

He then turned to the woman, still sound asleep on the bed. His gaze softened as he sat quietly, then falling on her coloured cheeks, the red lips, her pretty face.

Her room was filled with the same floral scent she wore. In the past, whenever he caught a whiff of this seductive scent, he’d pounced on her without a thought. Now, he could only keep her company, looking at her pitifully without moving a muscle.

In the quiet room, Yang Chen forgot time, forgot everything that happened outside. Perhaps it was unfair to his wife who’d just driven off in anger, but Yang Chen selfishly wanted to keep this sliver of time for the silly girl lying on the bed.

Time slipped by silently. Soon, the sky gradually darkened. It was a rainy day, the skies darkened quicker.

He was almost afraid to breath loudly in the room, terrified of waking the girl. However, the storm grew louder outside and it still woke Mo Qianni up, her body only just barely recovered.

Her eyes fluttered open lazily, like two clean springs creating ripples in the dark.

“You’re up? Feeling better?” he asked gently.

Mo Qianni stared at the man sitting next to her bed, as if suspicious. She lifted her arm to rub her eyes, then finally believed that she was indeed looking at her love.

“Why are you in my room?” she asked, in a daze.

He sighed, “Because someone caught a cold in the rain.”

Mo Qianni tried to recall, then understood. She smiled and supported herself up.

As she shifted weight onto her arm, she suddenly felt something hard in her right palm. It jolted her, and then she opened her fist…

The pink diamond ring was still bright as ever. In this simple room, it looked like starlight.

She stared at the huge diamond for a long time, stuck her tongue out mischievously. Unable to hold back her excitement, she said, “Don’t laugh at me, but when I was a child I dreamed of a man giving me a huge diamond ring… That’s why I’m so happy.”

He smiled and asked, “So would that mean whoever gives you the ring will get to sleep with you?”

Her face reddened, looking down without a word.

He reached to pinch her chin. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s just the both of us here, we’re husband and wife now.”

“We’re not that…” She rolled her eyes, then as if recalling something, she lifted her head to say, “Right, my mother…”

“Mom agreed,” came his direct reply.


“I said she decided to let me take care of her naughty kitten!” he said, delighted.

Kitten? She finally understood what he meant, then bit her lip shyly. However, she was overwhelmed with so much joy, her eyes reddened again.

He huffed, smiling. “I put it so simply because I was afraid you’d cry. Look at you. It took so much effort to regulate your body, to heal your swollen eyes. They’re going to swell again.”

Frustrated, she wanted to throw something at Yang Chen but suddenly realised it was her diamond ring in her hands. She carefully placed it on the nightstand, then hurled a pillow at him!

“You think me crying is funny? Do you know how worried I was?!”

He looked relieved, then smiled. Yang Chen held his arms open, pulling her soft figure into an embrace.

She relaxed, getting as close as she could to her lover, enjoying their time together.

They had conquered obstacles for this moment… Emotions surged in both their hearts…

“Little Qianqian,” he whispered in her ear.

“Mm.” Mo Qianni grunted lazily.

He played with her hair, his warm breath on her. “Why… Why do you like me so much? I’d been so stupid, hurt you so many times but you still waited for me in the rain… Am I, the person who made you sad, that good?”

“Mm.” It was gentle, but firm.

Yang Chen fell silent. “Which part?”

A smile crept up her face, which was leaning on his shoulder. “You… You’re as pretty as a flower.”

He furrowed his brows, “Don’t tell me something everyone in China knows. I want to hear something from your heart, I want you to be honest.”

She pouted, her beautiful eyes gleaming with mischief. “What should I say? This kitten is dumb… Why don’t you teach me?”

“Sigh… Alright, I’ll teach you.”

“Mm, I’m listening.”

“I love you.”

Silence filled the room at this moment.

“I… love you too.”

Outside, rain grew heavier again, so heavy it was as if a curtain of water dripped from the rooftops. Raindrops fell on the peonies outside, exploding into crystals...