“Why interrupt such a beautiful scene with my presence?” said Rose gently.

Yang Chen’s heart warmed. She was as kind as always.

He approached her silently and grabbed her cold hand.

Rose stood there in stunned silence. When she saw that Yang Chen was about to bring her to her room, she hit a sudden realization. Her pretty face reddened. “Don’t you think about anything else? We haven’t met in a while and now we get in bed the moment we see each other?”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. Turning back, he said, “My darling Rose, you’re overthinking. I have other matters to discuss.”

Realizing her mistake, she pouted as her face burned up.

When they entered her room, Yang Chen guided her to the bed. He scanned her body. “You smell like blood. Did you kill someone?”

Rose’s smile faded into awkwardness. “I thought you wouldn’t find out if I showered first.”

“I’m an expert in matters like these,” said Yang Chen. He pinched her nose. “You don’t have to explain yourself either. As long as you’re alright, I don’t care whom you’ve killed in the underworld.”

Her eyes surged with warmth. She leaned gently on the man’s shoulder. “It was actually two leaders of the association. They were selling crystal meth with a few snakes from the Middle East behind my back. I gave them a chance but they refused to take heed.”

“You were out early, and you’re back late. You must’ve killed more than a few,” he said with a smile.

“Uh…” Her eyes flashed coldly. “Since we were taking action, we had to wipe them out from the roots. Their core members, subordinates, including families, we didn’t leave even a single person alive.”

Yang Chen gently stroked the woman’s hair. His fingers touched her face and lingered for a moment. “Why did you have to do it yourself? Couldn’t you get Chen Rong to go?”

“Her?” She laughed coldly. “She thinks I’m unaware of their deals. Without Chen Rong’s approval in secret, they wouldn’t have been so willing to do it.”

“Chen Rong… She’s still disobedient as always,” he said airily.


With his gentle, loving strokes, Rose closed her eyes blissfully as if she was about to fall asleep. “She still listens most of the time though. If I get someone to replace her, they might not do their job as well as her. Anyone would be tempted with wealth beyond their wildest dreams.”

As she spoke, Rose lifted her head to look at Yang Chen in loving admiration. “I know she’s afraid of you. No matter how greedy she is, she wouldn’t dare to cross you.”

Yang Chen laughed. “Let them do whatever they want. I don’t take their petty fights to heart anyway. I want to talk to you about something.”

She nodded curiously. “I’m listening. It’s not every day you have something to talk to me about. I must listen carefully.”

“You naughty little…” Yang Chen kissed her face, then said solemnly, “Rose, have you ever wondered… When we have fun, why don't you ever get pregnant even though we don’t use protection?”

Rose was startled. She didn’t expect him to start with something like that. She blushed, but also asked expectantly, “Wh—why?”

“Have you ever thought that I might be doing something to prevent it?” He smiled.

She nodded, embarrassed. “I guess...”

“You all have mistaken. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that I can’t.” Yang Chen smiled bitterly.

“Ah?” Rose paled as if she was hit by the news, “Ho—how? But you’re… strong…”

“I didn’t mean it like that!” Yang Chen scratched his head. “What I mean is that with our current situation, I cannot let any of you bear my child.”

Rose was very confused. She blinked, speechless.

He sighed softly before explaining himself to her.

As she heard peculiar phrases like ‘Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture’, ‘Xiantian’, ‘Soul Forming’, and ‘Tribulation Passing’ stages in addition to his journey of cultivation, Rose’s initial shock turned into disbelief, then finally into concern with a hint of fear.

“Then… Then what should we do? You’re only getting more and more powerful.” Rose’s eyes were filled with sadness.

Exasperated, he said, “The child won’t be the most pressing problem. The most important thing is… our aging problem…”


“That’s right.” Yang Chen nodded. “Although I can’t guarantee how long I would live, it would be easy for me to live up to a few hundred years with my current cultivation. Also, my body won’t age with time. Perhaps after a while, if I could improve my cultivation, my lifespan could get longer and longer.”

When she heard this, blood drained from her face. She shook her head in panic. “No… I don’t want that! If that’s true, after several decades you’d still be as young as ever and I’d be old. What should I do?”

He grabbed the woman’s shoulders, shaking his head. “Don’t panic. I’ve already told you the problem. Doesn't that mean I also have the solution? And, as for our feelings for each other, you really think I wouldn’t love you if you grew old? If that’s the case, then what’s the difference between you and the other women I’ve been with? I don’t love you only because of your looks. You must’ve known since the beginning. I’m not like that.”

She nodded emotionally, touching Yang Chen’s cheek tearfully. “But… Hubby, I’m scared. I knew you were powerful before but not to this extent. What should I do so I won’t have to leave you… I don’t want you to see me grow old, I’d rather leave you.”

This helpless girl was no longer the ruthless assassin of the underworld, but rather a girl praying to the heavens for comfort.

Yang Chen held her shaking hands. “That’s why I had to talk to you. If I want the lot of you to never leave me while staying young, the only way is to get everyone to start cultivating too!”

“Cultivation… Like… Like what you do?” Rose was quite hesitant. “Would I be able to do it?”

“Of course,” Yang Chen said confidently. “To be honest, although I’ve been feeling my way through it alone, because of this, I have a thorough understanding of many things.”

“Then… what should I do?”

Yang Chen smiled, “My darling Rose, after thinking about it, you’re the most suitable candidate. Your body is familiar with the foundations of martial arts and your muscles are flexible and strong. And right now you have the most time too. Matters at the Red Thorns Society are also petty anyways. To be honest, to me, it would only take a moment to unify the entire underworld of Zhonghai.

“As long as you have the time, you’ll be able to focus on trying out this cultivation. I’ll think of a way to prepare what I think would be the most suitable beginner’s routine. Then, I’ll think of a way to speed up your cultivation. If you can achieve the Xiantian stage, then your lifespan would increase greatly. That would be the first success. If you can accomplish that, then I can let Qianni train with you without having to worry.

“You still have a lot of time, so you don’t have to panic. I’m also self-taught, I don’t know much about the system. I’m afraid of giving you the wrong advice so I won’t let you do something unless I’m sure that it is absolutely right.”

Rose’s eyes finally brightened with hope. She nodded solemnly. “I’ll listen to you. I’ll let Chen Rong deal with the society. As long as I have you, I can let everything else go.”

He smiled faintly, then embraced the girl. “If only you’d ask more of me. You’re so willing to give up everything for me, I’ll feel guilty for it. Don’t worry. To keep my darling Rose pretty for the rest of her life, I’d even give all my cultivation abilities to you with no regrets.”

Confused, she asked, “Your cultivation… can be given to another person?”

He laughed awkwardly. “About that… Maybe? Heh, I’m not sure…”

She pouted. “You’re just sweet-talking me. Hmmph, just watch me! I’ll be young forever! I didn’t know before, but now that I know of a way to stop aging, I don't care about anything else. Of course, I’d want to stay young! But it still feels like a dream!”


Yang Chen suddenly slapped her buttocks. It was fleshy and full.

“Ouch! You hit me!”

“To show you that this is not a dream. You’re about to be a seductive demon who never ages.”

She chuckled, burrowing her head deeper unto Yang Chen. “I feel so much better. Honey, are you eating at my house tonight?”

Yang Chen hesitated, then shook his head. “It’s fine. I think Qianni should be alright now. I’ve done everything I need to. You don’t know what’s going on in my home. Ruoxi must hate me so much. I attract too many problems, and you know it. I’m not the head of my household, I’d die if I don’t make it home for dinner.”

She smiled. “Alright then, I won’t keep you here. Although I don’t know what happened today, it looks serious. If Boss Lin kicks you out of the house, you could come here.”

“What will I get here?” he flirted.

She sneered, “Someone’s in so much trouble but still wouldn’t stop flirting.”

He laughed, then stood up. “My darling Rose, let me show you a trick. I hope this would make you more certain about everything.”

When he finished, Yang Chen vanished into thin air!

Rose covered her mouth, her eyes filled with shock. After a long time, she clenched her teeth with determination!


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