Millions of stars lit up the sky, contrasting with the inky black sea below.

The waves occasionally brought seaweed and shells unto the soft, yellow beach.

This beach was located near a fishing village outside the southeast city of Zhonghai. According to the Chinese laws, the months of June to September were no-fishing periods. It might’ve been why the beach was particularly quiet.

Under the pale moonlight, a couple walking hand-in-hand was seen strolling down the beach, leaving shallow footprints in their wake.

They were Yang Chen and Cai Yan.

When he had newly arrived in the country, Yang Chen would occasionally sit here for a night. He would think about his friends outside the country and reminisce about everything that had happened to calm himself. It helped him better assimilate into society. However, he hadn’t visited since his marriage with Lin Ruoxi.

Yang Chen didn’t know why he had suddenly brought the girl here for a walk either. Cai Yan was alone in Zhonghai tonight. In the past, he would’ve pounced on this opportunity to sleep with her at her place but on this beautiful night, but he decided not to.

Cai Yan didn’t expect to be brought to a place like this either. When they were running to the beach after getting off the car, she’d forgotten all the passion in the car earlier. The expanse of the sea and the sky was mesmerizing enough.

She was in awe.

Yang Chen didn’t talk much during their walk. He seemed to be in deep thought most of the time.

She was only there to keep him company. She didn’t feel like talking either. Instead, this quiet Yang Chen was very new to her. Perhaps people who usually joked and laughed all hid their true self underneath.

When Yang Chen stood on a boulder, he suddenly turned to ask, “We’ve walked quite a long way today. Aren’t you curious why I brought you here?”

She shook her head. “You brought me here. You’ll tell me eventually, no?”

Smiling, he grabbed her shoulder to turn her towards the sea for her to gently lean onto his shoulder.

“Don’t laugh at me... But I drove to the beach so that we could make love in the car.”

She narrowed her eyes at the man and scoffed, “You’re so romantic…”

He laughed at himself. “You know I am… But once I saw the beach, I didn’t feel like fooling around anymore.”

“Because you’re having issues?”

“Sort of…”

“It must be Ruoxi,” she said with certainty.

He stopped for a moment. “Why are you so sure? Why can’t I worry about my mother, your sister, or you?”

“The probability is small enough to be neglected,” Cai Yan huffed softly. “You think I don’t know you? You can make just about anyone happy, except Ruoxi.”

Yang Chen sighed. “It’s not that I can’t coax her… It’s just that, every time I comfort her, I feel like I’m putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. I can give her everything in my power but the only thing she wants is my complete attention. That’s the only thing I cannot offer.”

Cai Yan protested, “Don’t you think it’s very insincere of you to talk to me about how much you love your wife? I’ll get jealous.”

“Heh.” Yang Chen massaged her shoulders. “I haven’t been a very good man but I’m never insincere. If I were a liar, I would tell Ruoxi she was my only one. I’d tell you, you’re the one I love most.

“If only I hadn’t been so direct, telling her about how I’d never give you all up for her, then we wouldn’t have so many conflicts at home. I didn’t want to do that though. She’s an intelligent woman. Lying to her would be the greatest form of disrespect. I think, no matter how much conflict we have, as long as we’re honest, there would be a way to solve it.

“But every time I see her, it feels like a tangled knot which I can never untangle.”

Cai Yan turned to ask worriedly, “Yang Chen, what’s going on? Did something happen today?”

He fell silent for a moment but didn’t attempt to hide from her. He told her everything about the mishap with Mo Qianni, the arguments that were triggered by the ring.

Upon hearing his story, she teared up. “That’s unfair… All because of a mistake, you gave Qianni a huge diamond ring. Why didn’t you give me one too…”

“That’s not the point. That was coincidentally the only thing I had with me that I could give her. And I didn’t know how to comfort Qianni at that moment. If you want, I could get you one. It’s not too expensive,” he said with a bitter smile.

“I don’t want one.” She rolled her eyes. “That diamond is worth more than ten million dollars. That’s almost a hundred million yuan. I’d be so afraid of losing it, I wouldn’t wear it out. I might as well not have it. I’d rather you spend more time with me.”

Yang Chen shook his head silently. It was very hard to understand women, though they were adorable.

Both of them watched the sea silently, taking a moment to listen to the waves.

Cai Yan suddenly rubbed his shoulder. “Sometimes I feel like being your lover is much more comfortable than being your wife.”

“What do you mean?”

“Uh… Although I can’t see you every day, at least I don’t have to be too sad over you having other women. I don’t need to worry about you coming home late. I wouldn’t have to fake being proud of you, and I wouldn’t have to feign displeasure over the cruel things you do.”

He listened intently. In the end, he couldn’t help but squeeze her hand. “Is being my wife… that awful?”

“Not all of it…”

She suddenly looked up, walked up to him, and gazed deeply into his eyes. Smiling, she said, “While I might always feel like you’re betraying me as your wife, with the cruelness of your actions, It doesn’t matter if it were me, my sister, or any other woman by your side. Everyone envies Ruoxi as your wife.”

He looked at her, puzzled. “Why? Isn’t it miserable being my wife? I’m a burden. If it weren’t for the fact that no one is able to kill me, I think I would’ve been killed many years ago either by a lover or an enemy.

“Don’t you understand?” She laughed coldly. “Although you love us, when we’re sad, you would only look for ways to love and comfort us.”

“But when Ruoxi is hurting, you’re hurting too. It’s just something you haven’t been brave enough to face. It’s because you’re hurting at the same time as she is. Of course you wouldn’t know how to comfort her immediately.”

“The deeper the love, the more it hurts. You love Ruoxi more than you do for any of us which is why you tread more carefully with her.”

“But this is the kind of painful, bone-chilling love that women are attracted to.”

The woman’s words were louder than the waves, crashing into his ears.

He looked at the tearful girl, his own eyes reddening. He felt a surge of suffocation.

After a long time, he finally smiled. “Yanyan, I’ve always thought you were all fire and passion. What you just said sounded like what your sister might’ve told me.”

Her eyes flashed with confusion. “I’m not as smart as my sister but I’m not stupid. How would I fight crimes then?”

“I’m sorry, I was supposed to make you happy. I didn’t expect to make you cry after bringing you to the beach,” he said gently while wiping a stray tear from her eye.

“Then shouldn’t you make it up to me?” she asked mischievously.

He stopped for a moment. “How?”

“Make me happy…”

“What, you want a ring?”

“Hey!” she whined as she pressed her body against him. Her full breasts enveloped his arm. “I made you happy in the car just now. Yo—you should make me happy too…”

He finally understood. Laughing, he replied, “Looks like my Yanyan just can’t get enough. I’ll make you happy until the sun rises!”

When he finished, he picked her up with one arm. Ignoring her squeals, he draped her hips onto his shoulder and pulled her pants down to her heels!

She wasn’t very light, but in his arms, she seemed to be as light as a feather.

Cai Yan felt a sudden breeze on her buttocks, even her lingerie was pulled down to her heels- leaving her entire lower torso exposed!

“Ah! You… You want to do it here?”

He chuckled. “It would be a waste of time to get back to the car. We should just start here.”

As he spoke, he put the half-haked Cai Yan down. He took his pants off, stuffing them into her hands.

Without waiting for her to realize what was going on, he picked her up and allowed her to wrap her slender legs around his hips. The hard muscles she felt only made her heart beat faster.

He held Cai Yan’s beautiful, perky backside in both his hands, then came into a solid union between them.

Although the moonlight was faint, Yang Chen’s vision was not affected. It didn’t take him much effort to insert himself into her newly moist depths!


Her face transformed into one of euphoria. She almost dropped the pair of pants in her arms. She shivered at the contrast between the cool breeze and the fire that was within him. The clash of ice and fire plunged her into deep ecstasy!

Yang Chen stared at the emotional woman. She was exceptionally attractive like that. He took aim at her small, open lips and planted a heavy kiss!

At that moment, their passion was as fiery as lightning and thunder.

Both of them enjoyed only the company of the other in their passionate affair, slowly walking back to the car.

The night was long. Seafoam sprayed all around, as white as the moon, who had hidden herself beneath the clouds.


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