The sunlight streamed into the window of the pink-themed bedroom, giving it a soft warm glow.

On the soft bed lay a woman with her arms stretched out fumbling for something. The arm felt around like it was frantically looking for something before stopping on a nightstand by the bed.

When she grabbed the phone, she reluctantly pulled the covers away from her head to reveal a beautiful but sleepy face.

In the faint sunlight, she looked like a morning glory which had just bloomed.

After confirming it was a weekday, Lin Ruoxi scratched her disheveled hair before lazily sitting up.

Her bed was the biggest size one could get in the market. This made her look especially tiny when she slept on it alone.

She sat for a moment and stared at the four walls of her empty room.

Lin Ruoxi was wearing a set of white, floral pajamas that she’d worn for many years. Clambering on all fours, she slowly made her way out of bed.

If anyone else had seen this, they would not have believed their eyes!

This woman was crawling out of bed like a panda. The same woman was also an icy CEO of a multi-billion-dollar company. What a difference!

She wasn’t aware of how she looked in her own room. It was like the time she ate glutinous rice balls. It was a little odd, a little silly and clumsy. But all these quirks had become natural to her.

There was a white dumpling doll lying quietly at the end of the bed.

Yang Chen had given it to her after eating winning a competition by swallowing eighty-eight dumplings during New Year’s. When Lin Ruoxi brought it home, she’d initially put them with her other soft toys. However, in recent months when Yang Chen had upset her, the dumpling doll had been deliberately placed at the foot of the bed.

Her reasoning was simple. Every night before she slept, she would kick the doll. But for some reason, it didn’t feel like punishment at all. He’d probably enjoy that.

However, this childish method helped Lin Ruoxi stabilize her emotions better as if seeing the doll’s perpetual smile would melt away her hatred for the jerk.

There was a lot of hurt and frustration in this. But he had an adorable side too. And sometimes dare she say it, lovable?

She stared at the innocent doll. Lin Ruoxi pouted then reached to hit its head.

“What are you looking at? You jerk, why did you give her the diamond ring! Why were you mad at me! And you gave me…”

Lin Ruoxi’s mind went blank after a while. Her brain short-circuited in the morning. But wait, where was the pocket watch the jerk had given her last night?

After looking around, she realized that she’d put the watch next to her pillow!

Maybe she fell asleep staring at the watch.

Lin Ruoxi crawled to the other side of the bed, picked up the old-fashioned watch, and spaced out for a moment.

It looked old. There were many hands on the clock. It had many functions and even had tiny text printed in the middle.

But she didn’t spend time reading it. Looking at the watch triggered her memory of the pink diamond ring. The difference between them was too big, she couldn’t even compare them.

To a woman, the temptation of something so bright and shiny was just too strong. The money took a backseat in that issue.

She spaced out looking at the pocket watch again, then sighed. She hesitated for a moment, then crawled towards the nightstand to shove the pocket watch into the Hermes Birkin bag she always brought around with her.

Although the watch didn’t look the best, the antique aesthetic matched her bag giving it a mature vintage look. It had the air of an older European aristocrat, perhaps she could occasionally take it out as an accessory for the bag.

That was what she thought to persuade herself that bringing it with her wasn’t because it was a gift from him, but rather ‘recycling’!

When she was done, she finally slid off her bed to wash up.

She did not head off to work yesterday because of Zhenxiu’s exams. But she couldn't avoid going to work today. Zhenxiu would have to let that jerk take her today. Why did she have to do everything in the house?

On the other hand, when Lin Ruoxi was cursing him, Yang Chen had just arrived home after a passionate night with Cai Yan.

Cai Yan drove the car back. As for Wei Tinghao, he must’ve been released from the mental hospital. Yang Chen couldn’t care less about how he was doing.

After listening to Cai Yan’s words last night, Yang Chen felt much better.

He couldn’t give Lin Ruoxi the perfect love but that didn’t mean he was not doing his best to love her.

It was because he cared for her more than any other woman that he didn’t dare to touch her gentle but dignified heart. He’d been worried he might hurt her too deeply.

Rather than worrying helplessly, he would love her sincerely as he’d always done in the past.

He believed that after a period of time, his wife would understand why she was his only wife.

When Yang Chen walked into the house, he was holding a few bags filled with fresh fish and vegetables. Since it was early, he’d taken the opportunity to buy them from the market.

When Wang Ma and Guo Xuehua, who’d been busy in the kitchen, saw this, they weren’t very surprised. They did not know that Yang Chen was not home last night.

“Ah, why did you go to the market this early? That’s good though, now I don’t have to.” Guo Xuehua thought Yang Chen had left early that morning. She approached to take the ingredients from him.

He didn’t bother explaining but instead asked, “Are Ruoxi and Zhenxiu up yet?”

“It’s still early,” she said smilingly. She peered up the stairs to confirm there wasn’t anyone there, then asked softly, “Son, how is Qianni? Is she alright?”

Yang Chen didn’t know if he should laugh at the irony of the situation. “Mom, you really do care about everyone.”

She smiled bitterly. “I’m conflicted too. I couldn’t help myself with that girl. It must be a very deep love for her to say such honest things. I can’t control you as a mother, but I hope you’ll treat them well. As for Ruoxi… She needs to be strong. If she doesn’t bring it up on her own, you shouldn’t say anything. Deep down, she must understand that as a wife, she might never be able to truly accept all of this.”

Yang Chen nodded. “Right, Mom, I’ll bring Zhenxiu for her exams today and tomorrow. I’ll be home for lunch and dinner. It might be a problem if Ruoxi stops working suddenly, so it’d be better for her to get to work as usual.”

“Sigh, at least you know how to take care of your own wife.” Guo Xuehua sighed.

Soon, Lin Ruoxi, clad in full formal work attire, walked down the stairs with a very energetic Zhenxiu by her side.

Yang Chen was carrying a pot of porridge from the kitchen when he saw Lin Ruoxi. He smiled. “No dark eye circles, at least I don’t need to worry. Looks like you slept well.”

Lin Ruoxi pretended not to see him whilst taking a seat next to Zhenxiu on the dinner table. She stroked her hair. “Zhenxiu, I need to work today so I won’t be taking you. That person will send you today and tomorrow.”

That person?

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. He didn’t even have a name now.

Although Zhenxiu had sensed something wrong between Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi, she assumed it was one of their usual arguments. She nodded, grinning. She didn’t take it to heart for the number of arguments between them in this household had been way too many.

When Guo Xuehua heard her, she only shook her head and smiled. “Yang Chen had already mentioned that he’d take her. Don’t worry.”

Lin Ruoxi looked up at Yang Chen in surprise. She didn’t expect Yang Chen to offer his help. To be honest, if he didn’t go to America, she wouldn't have taken off work. She was the head of a multinational. Any interruptions in her daily routine would disrupt other matters in work.

Yang Chen blinked at her mischievously. “I guess ‘that person’ isn’t too bad after all.”

Lin Ruoxi maintained her blank face. She ignored him, only turning to give a few words of encouragement to Zhenxiu.

Marriage was as such. An unexpected bout of caring and love would melt away most of the unpleasantness.

What a woman wanted was a man who would stand in her shoes. If she knew the man had her in his heart, naturally she’d feel much more secure.

Both of them had weathered many storms together. They would be lying to themselves if they said they didn’t understand the other person’s feelings. It was only the unsolvable problems they had that were driving them apart.

The entire family ate breakfast while watching the news, not much different from any other day as if the storm yesterday had faded.

At this point, Lin Ruoxi’s phone vibrated. She put down her chopsticks, looked at her phone, then picked up without hesitation. “Chris, what’s the matter?”

What Chris said seemed to cause Lin Ruoxi to hesitate but in the end, Lin Ruoxi answered, “Alright, I’ll be punctual.”

When she hung up, she sighed deeply then looked up at Yang Chen, who was devouring a corn bun. With a low voice, she asked somewhat uncomfortably, “Are you… free tonight?”