Following Spider’s proclamation, the other members of the Red Triangle were fueled with rage and a thirst for action.

Being a gang who lived on the edge, their encounter with Molin was bound to go sideways. But despite the Sea Eagles’ reputation, they weren't intimidated enough to back down from this fight.

After all, the odds were in their favor!

“I don’t think you comprehend the circumstances you’re in. Some things cannot be won by strength in numbers.” Molin Klaus impatiently brushed his hair, before he reassuringly turned towards Lin Ruoxi and declared, “Ma’am, do forgive me for the impending vulgarities that I will have to conduct before you. As I see it, these people have no right to live.”

After he finished, he leaped from his original position and sent a flying kick right into Spider’s chest!

Spider grunted as her lack of awareness sent her flying towards a metal shutter gate about seven to eight meters away!

Molin chose Spider as his target, naturally to remove the greatest threat to Lin Ruoxi first and foremost. It was his sole priority after all.

“Do it.”

Python realized that there was no Plan B. Regardless of the potential number of people the Sea Eagles had deployed, he ordered to fire in retaliation.

Black Panther raised his silenced pistol, simultaneously with the other members with their respective weapons and all aimed towards the current sole intruder.

Before they could react, Molin dashed toward them.


A dull rumble resonated from the discharge of a revolver, but the bullets were somehow diverted into the air!

A bulky henchman with a revolver decided to gather himself and take aim before shooting. But before he could react, Molin had fired off a solid kick to his dominant arm.

“Argh!” The sturdy man shrieked in pain as his arm shattered into several fractured pieces.

Since Molin had already breached their defensive position, they were forced to take extra precautions when firing as to not injure their own.

“Goddamnit, if that woman is what he’s looking for, then we’ll take her!” Python howled before several henchmen quickly reacted and pounced towards Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi reactively evaded them but was naturally slower than the human traffickers.


Molin smirked as he whisked through the crowd before coming behind the two perpetrators and hurling them both towards Python and his gang.

A huge boulder of a person crushed upon a few other members as pants and cries were heard.

Molin clearly was in the mood as he took a quick turn into the crowd and brushed through the people before they could retaliate. His immense superiority clearly overpowered any sign of strength in numbers they held upon.

In a blink of an eye, Python and seven or eight others were the only ones left standing among the Red Triangle organization.

Meanwhile, Molin was holding a huge assault rifle which he had taken from one of the henchmen. After a quick survey of the people remaining, he said, “You couldn’t even put up a fight when I was unarmed. Now that I am, who would like to continue?”

Black Panther was furious as he ranted, before instantly raising his weapon, aimed not to Molin, but Lin Ruoxi at a far corner!


Before Black Panther could fire, Molin shot right through his wrist!


A defeated shriek followed after his hand was saturated by his own spilled flesh and blood.

“Well, I was inclined to leave a few of you alive seeing as though the Sea Eagles wouldn’t care if there were several pests left alive. But since you have made the unwise decision to threaten the lady behind me, I’m afraid this is where you will have to die,” Molin casually said, as his weapon was raised.

The human traffickers were cemented to their positions at the sight of absolute power. A regular member of the Sea Eagles was more than enough to overpower all of them. Having their captain here was just too much for any of them to bear.

“Hold your fire or she dies.”

Out of nowhere were the high-pitched taunts of Spider, who had been smashed towards the gate earlier.

It instantly prompted everyone to turn to her direction. Her lips were still red from the blood she had spit. She was holding a little girl in one hand while holding a gun in the other.

Molin’s strike might have been hard, but it had not managed to keep Spider down. Lin Ruoxi was frozen in fear, her eyes full of worry.

Spider sneered. “Put down the gun. Take one more step and the kid dies.”

Molin’s options were stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, he could choose to save the kid and shoot Spider. But that would mean leaving time for Python and the rest of them to make a move, potentially harming Lin Ruoxi!

“You think you could threaten me with a child?” Molin rebuked, “These hands of mine are stained by the blood of hundreds. Dead people are occupational hazards. My main duty is to protect this lady behind me.

“And to think you would assume you could sway my actions by using that random child as a scapegoat, what a bloody joke.”

Upon finishing he raised his gun once again, and aimed straight at their mastermind, Python!


Lin Ruoxi yelled in terror as she rushed up to Molin and held him by the arm. “Don’t shoot, the child will die!”

Molin bafflingly turned to her. “Ma’am, why do you care so much about her?”

He was now estranged in a tight situation. Theoretically, his sole focus was to ensure Lin Ruoxi’s safety. But now that Lin Ruoxi had given him an order, disobeying it would be similar to disrespecting Yang Chen.

Molin was now caught between a rock and a hard place. If he had known what was about to happen, he would have called up for some backup. But since he knew the situation was under his control, he refrained from dragging anyone else into it.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t know how to apprehend the situation either. As she turned towards the little girl, tears were bawling from her eyes.

Meanwhile, Lanlan seemed to be unpertubed by the turn of events. She had no fear of the situation she was in. Instead, her face adopted one of boredom.

She then noticed that Lin Ruoxi was trying to rescue herself, which brought a glimpse of curiosity in those bubbly eyes.

Spider quickly took to notice Molin’s hesitation as she smirked. “Look, the deal’s still on. Drop your weapon and we'll let her go.”

“You think I’m an idiot, don’t you? If I drop my gun you’ll shoot us.” Molin was rather agitated.

“But you don’t have a choice, do you? If the girl dies, you will have disobeyed your master.” Spider pressured him with bloated stakes at play.

Lanlan who was held captive suddenly tilted her little head, blinked, as she took to ask, “Auntie, you told Lanlan that Mommy was here. You’re lying, aren’t you?”

Spider then threatened, “Maybe if you shut the hell up you might find her!”

Hearing those words, Lin Ruoxi finally grasped the situation. The woman had deceivingly told Lanlan that her mother was here.

The thought that the child was just wholeheartedly in search of her missing mother, only to be repaid by a treacherous scheme of life and death. Lin Ruoxi couldn’t resist the tears which were falling from her face.

Molin noticed Lin Ruoxi’s vigorous reaction towards the situation, clear that he was embroiled in a messy issue. His top priority was to defend Lin Ruoxi. He clenched his teeth, subsequently raising his gun towards Python and the lot, with the intention to wipe them from existence.

Right at that moment, Lanlan who was caught up to the current affairs said, “Lanlan hates people who tell lies the most! Grandpa always says… he says that liars are all bad kids!”

Everyone in attendance was caught off-guard by the child’s criticism. Not only was she not afraid, she instead took the offensive to rage upon the armed Spider.

“You pesky little scoundrel, don’t make me kill…”

Just when Spider was about to threaten her, a colossal force plunged into her heart!


A loud thud resonated through space as Spider’s body helplessly smashed onto the metal shutter gate!

Only this time, it was far more terrifying than the last.

Spider was hurled right into the aluminum shutter gate, leaving only a human-shaped hole in her wake.

The shutter gate was made with flexibility and elasticity. To inflict such damage by heavily twisting it beyond its tension required a force which was incomprehensible.

Spider would have never known the cause of her death. Her chest was ground into a spill of gruesomely fractured bones and flesh as viscous blood spewed from her mouth.

In an instant, all the people inside the room went blank at what they had just witnessed.

The same chubby little hands which had inflicted such fatality on Spider still had lingering droplets of blood in her nails as Lanlan curled it back. Tearing a person from the inside out and subsequently tossing them into the metal shutter gate seemed not to have fazed little Lanlan a single bit.

“How dare you take me this far to find Mommy and lie to me? I don’t know the way back home… If I’m late Grandpa’s going to spank me again, you are the bad guys!”

Python and Black Panther along with the rest of the Red Triangle were stupefied, unable to fathom how those tiny, chubby palms of hers could have the force of a grenade!