Molin was stupefied. As a fitness mentor towards his teammates, he was fully accustomed to the limits of mankind’s ability and physical achievements. The unfathomable force required to smash a grown woman as far as to bore a hole through a shutter gate. I can’t safely say that I could replicate her actions even at my peak. This girl did it so effortlessly… Is she a demon?! he thought.

Lin Ruoxi too felt a gush of terror flushed through her body, but she was nonetheless comforted that Lanlan was fine. Her time with Yang Chen had certainly built some form of mental resistance within her.

Meanwhile, the little girl had no plans to stay put as she agilely dashed towards Lin Ruoxi.

After a quick scan from top to bottom, she nodded and said with a surprisingly mature tone, “I’m glad Auntie who looks like Mommy is fine.”

After she finished her sentence, Lanlan ran towards Python with her arms proudly posed in a superhero stance. “Grandpa told me not to hit anyone but bad people. I can safely say that you are bad.”

Python heard her words, leaving him horrified. The fact that she was only four fled their minds as they took cover from her!

Lanlan pouted and stomped her feet. “You tell Lanlan the way home and Lanlan will show you mercy by only breaking your legs!”

The members of the Red Triangle were terrified at the prospect of their situation. What’s going on here? Molin was hard enough as it was, now she’s here to terrorize us too?

And this child is killing us left and right whenever she pleases!

Besides, who among us even knows where she lives?!

Lin Ruoxi by the sidelines was glued to her position, overwhelmed by what the child had said. “Auntie that looks like Mommy…” she mumbled.

All this while she was only watching me because I looked like her mother?

Lin Ruoxi was confused by the sudden proclamation. She had an inkling that she had seen her somewhere before.

Lanlan noticed the inaction from the crowd as she frustratedly sneered. “You guys are the bad guys, aren’t you? Aren’t you supposed to be fierce and menacing? Nevermind I’m going to kill you guys now. I’ll find Uncle on my own hehe, Lanlan is a genius!”

She then dashed like a ray of blue, breezing past Python and his gang!

“Lanlan, stop!”

A husky yet commanding voice resonated from afar as a new face came into the picture.

Lanlan tilted ever so slightly with her little fist aimed right at Python’s abdomen.

Hearing that voice, Lanlan sassily stuck her tongue out, before she hurled herself right into the embrace of the surprise visitor.

Python instantly collapsed on the ground. The empty punch echoed two seconds after it was released. The force of a punch that strong was unimaginable!

The unfamiliar guest was a middle-aged man in a white short-sleeved shirt, a pair of khaki shorts topped off by a pair of bull hide sandals.

The unprecedented appearance of the new face prompted Molin to reactively shield himself in front of Lin Ruoxi, naturally defending her from any forthcoming danger.

The man had his back against Lin Ruoxi and Molin, with no intention to turn towards them. He lightly lifted Lanlan and supported her petite legs with one arm, before he spanked her ever so slightly on the buttocks. “You don’t listen, do you? I told you so many times now, that you’re not allowed to kill people directly. Just keep yourself safe.”

“I’m sorry Grandpa. Lanlan’s been a good girl, but these people lied to Lanlan, and they wanted to harm Auntie that looks like Mommy…” Lanlan wrapped her hands over the man’s neck, while coyly trying to redeem herself.

The man sighed at her reply. “All I told you to do was stay put while you babysitter went to get some groceries. Remind me to lock the doors next time.”

Lanlan coyly shook her head on the man’s shoulders. “No, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Lanlan will never run out like that ever again.”

The man sneered from slight frustration as he declared, “This time I’m willing to let it go. If Auntie Babysitter can’t find you again she’s going to be so worried. Alright, let’s go home now, shall we?”

After he ended his words, Lanlan in the man’s embrace, vanished into the horizon!

It was so surreal for the onlookers it almost seemed like a dream sequence.

Not too long after, a loud echo of the wailing police sirens brought everyone back to the present!

“Shit, police!”

“Let’s go!”

Python and the handful of others who were still able to move went straight to their vehicles with the intention of fleeing the scene.

Molin naturally wouldn’t allow such a conclusion to happen as he raised his gun and shot them clear, with each bullet hitting their craniums!

Molin completed his job, before he then turned towards her, bowed as he bid his farewell. “Ma’am, you’re in safe hands now. I believe this is where we part ways. All you need to say to them is that a stranger came to your rescue.”

Once he was done, Molin agilely propelled himself upwards and vanished the same way he arrived.

Seconds later, police vehicles blocked all points of entry, and from the nearest car, several policemen hopped out frantically.

Cai Yan was the first to rush to the scene, only to be greeted with a platform of bodies. She ran towards Lin Ruoxi and placed her hands on her shoulders to see if she was injured. After making sure she was safe and sound, Cai Yan eventually asked, “Ruoxi, what happened here? Why are the people all dead?”

Lin Ruoxi who had her gaze fixated upon the blue sky was caught zoned out. Registering that Cai Yan was here, she forced a smile. “It’s a long story, let’s leave this place first.”

Cai Yan was bewildered before she took a good look around her, noticing the gruesome sight of a woman’s corpse jammed within a factory shutter gate.

On the other side was Wei Tinghao brisk walking into the scene, his face solemn. “Damn it. I didn't get to kill these jerks myself! Yan’er, take Ms Lin somewhere safe. I will free the rest of the victims.”

Cai Yan gave him no attention, knowing full well that his only intention was to take full credit for himself, which clearly was why he immediately searched for the imprisoned victims after sending Cai Yan away.

But she was hardly concerned by that. She nodded and escorted Lin Ruoxi into the police car. As for Lin Ruoxi’s Bentley, it was towed away to a mechanic.

An originally sentient area was now stirred into disarray by one single case.

Far away from the original location lay a neighborhood with one of its residents being Lanlan.

Lanlan’s hands were already cleaned off from before. As for her conscience, she was hardly fazed by the murder she had committed earlier.

Her tiny legs stood on top of a tall stool while her torso was glued to a huge transparent glass display shelf. Her eyes were glowing at the sight of the sweet treats, her tongue licking her salivating lips.

“Which one do you like? Grandpa will get for you,” the middle-aged man lovingly offered.

“I want all of them!”

The man speechlessly smiled in disagreement. “Only one a day like you promised. Didn’t I tell you that too much ice cream will make you a fat little girl? Daddy wouldn’t like you if you are fat when you finally meet him.”

Lanlan pouted coyly as she reluctantly agreed. “Okay… Lanlan wants the biggest one!”

The man shook his head in disbelief before he chose the biggest tricolored ice cream and paid for it.

Lanlan naturally couldn’t wait to dig in as she shoveled the scoops of ice cream with her dessert spoon. Her adorable and endearing demeanor caught the attention of pedestrians, causing them to giggle and smile at her presence.

“Sir, your kid sure makes the ice cream look delicious!” a young woman praised.

Lanlan affectionately grinned at the woman.

The man, however, remained silent and replied with nothing but a nod of acknowledgment. He lifted Lanlan up on his arm and headed towards a bus stop.

Meanwhile, in the police station of Zhonghai West District, something else was being discussed by its occupants.

Lin Ruoxi took a sip of the green tea Cai Yan brewed for her. “Yeah, that’s the gist of the incident. Believe me, it sounds just as bad to me as it does to you.”

Cai Yan heard her entire narration and was left dumbfounded. “A four-year-old kid, slaughtered… that person?”

“I know what I saw. Why would I lie?” Lin Ruoxi smiled bitterly.

Cai Yan hastily denied. “Ruoxi, you’re misunderstanding me. I’m not doubting you. I know I can always trust you. This is nothing to be ashamed about. Yang Chen went to the Tang Ancestral Fortress with Elder Sister. So it’s only natural that he left someone to watch over you while he’s away.

“And obviously, it wouldn’t just be a nobody off the street. Besides, the Red Triangle organization focuses mainly on human trafficking, so it’s no surprise that they were annihilated by a mercenery. But I’m more interested in who the child is...”

Lin Ruoxi naturally was also baffled about that.

Perhaps they might meet again on her next visit to the orphanage. But what should Lin Ruoxi ask her by then?

Cai Yan presumed that Lin Ruoxi was tired of the interrogation, so she stopped the questioning as she reassured her with a smile. “Alright, at least the situation is over now. Too bad I wasn’t able to kill a few of them myself.”

Lin Ruoxi nodded brightly. “Alright then, I need to go back now. It’s almost evening and I still need to help with preparing dinner tonight.”

“You? When did you learn how to cook?” Cai Yan was astounded.

Lin Ruoxi had a shiver through her body as her face reddened up just as quick. “Is it really that peculiar?”

Cai Yan replied with a tinge of understanding, “Oh… I get it now. My gosh, you really took the time to learn for a certain someone. I wouldn’t do that for him. Cooking is so boring! And it’s not like we can’t afford eating out.”

After she outspokenly remarked, she quickly took to realize that the one she was talking about was the husband of the woman standing right before her.

Likewise, Lin Ruoxi’s facial expression abruptly turned grim as she glared at Cai Yan, suffocating her through that stone-cold gaze.

Cai Yan felt a sudden chill through her spine as she curled up on her office seat. “Ruoxi… I—I was just joking. I’ll file the report after this, so… you can go now.”

Lin Ruoxi obviously wouldn’t actually proceed to whack some ‘sense’ into Cai Yan, but to see a close innocent friendship evolved to the awkwardness right now was rather dispiriting.

The two women were hardly at ease on their encounter in the police station, but the man in the center of their conversation was relaxed and content thousands of kilometers away.

The promised duration of three days was not up yet, but a silhouette was seen lazily trotting up the long fleet of stairs from within the deep dark tunnel.

Upon stepping foot on the ground, the man took an extensive stretch, as he watched the sunset into the night.

Waving towards the four stone huts, Yang Chen smilingly yelled, “Alright old bags I know staying in the informants’ room is tedious work. Take a break and rest, I am finished. As an appreciation gift, why don’t I personally deliver the Tang Sect’s exclusive roast suckling pig and herbal wine to you guys?”