Bribing someone with their own possessions seemed like a joke. If only they knew what Yang Chen was really worth.

Sky, Earth, Divinity, and Gold were the names of all four stone huts located across each other. The elders were at a loss as to how they should reply to his goodwill. The Sky hut’s guardian master eventually replied, “Master Yang, now that you have completed your stay, might I suggest you to hasten your return to your lady? She has been waiting for your return.”

Yang Chen heard him and sighed. He then quickly hovered and left the tower, heading for the main estate.

Upon Yang Chen’s departure, four beams of robust Xiantian True Qi flushed through the core of the Tower of Scrolls, closing the stone slabs by its entrance once again.

In the forest several hundred meters away from the tower, Cai Ning stiffly stood by the balcony, silently staring into the direction of the stone huts.

Although she knew that her lover would not come into any trouble, she still couldn’t help but wait in anticipation for his arrival.

All of a sudden, the silhouette of a man landed from the exact direction she was blankly staring at, right in front of her.

“What are you looking at?” Yang Chen smirked as he hopped towards her.

Cai Ning’s graceful expression instantly became ten times brighter. “Why are you out? I thought you were going to return tomorrow morning.”

Yang Chen went up and gave her a warm embrace. “Silly girl. Why did you wait out here for me? You know there’s nothing that can harm me.”

“I just… felt anxious… about it. About you…”

Yang Chen stroked her fair cheeks. “Ms Cai Ning, can I ask you something?”


“So do you like me? Or do you like, like me? Or do you like me this much?” Yang Chen teased her in a sarcastic tone.  

Cai Ning instantly realized his teasing tone and turned her head to hide her blushing face.

Yang Chen didn’t stop there. “Could it be… that you like me super duper much? Oh my, how brazen of you in expressing your love for me. I can feel my cheeks redden from embarrassment.”

Cai Ning reactively stomped on Yang Chen’s foot. “Sometimes I don’t even know if you’re doing this for me.”

Yang Chen grinned as he answered, “Since you have brought me so much joy, I decided to return the favor.”

Cai Ning shivered for a bit before she cracked a bright smile. Lying on Yang Chen’s chest, she mumbled, “Let’s not talk about this anymore. Did you find anything useful in the tower?”

Yang Chen stroked her back and sighed. “Honestly, everything in the tower seemed so rudimentary. The best way I can explain this would be a PhD graduate looking at elementary school work.”

Cai Ning thought for a moment, before she exclaimed, “Wait… are you going to create your own cultivation technique, derived from the old teachings?”

She knew full well that Yang Chen’s cultivations were leagues ahead of the scriptures within the Tower of Scrolls. Creating a new branch of cultivation based on the old texts would not be too far off.

Yang Chen gave his head a scratch before he said, “I need more time to sort it out. I’m not just teaching a person or two after all. For example, you’re almost at the Xiantian realm now while the others are new. I guess there will have to be some customization and improvisation. Nothing is set in stone.”

Cai Ning saw his stoic expressions fade away and instantly giggled at the sight of it.

… …

Meanwhile, the air of a presidential suite within a five-star hotel in Beijing was filled with a woman’s fragrance and the suffocating smell of raging hormones.

A woman with perfect curves rose from the violet sheets, in her birthday suit. She strolled over to the carpet and picked up her clothing.

The woman’s skin was so fair and supple it glistened in the lights. It was, however, tainted with bite marks and bruises.

On the spacious bed lay a man with a bottle of hard liquor on one hand and a cigar in the other. His mouth oozed with smoke.

The woman abidingly collected the scattered clothes. She hesitated for a long while before she gathered whatever courage left in her, and declared to the man in nude lying on the hotel bed, “Buwen, I… need to tell you something.”

The woman was none other than Tang Xin!

Yan Buwen who was lying on the bed relaxing after a bout of passion replied slowly, “Speak…”

Tang Xin clenched her teeth, as she mumbled under her breath, “I have missed my menstrual cycle two months in a row.”

Yan Buwen reactively flinched to the revelation, in the absence of joy was the glare of rage.  

“What are you trying to say, woman?”

“I… think I’m… pregnant,” Tang Xin anxiously clarified. “I didn’t plan to hide it from you. I just haven’t found the time to tell you.”

Yan Buwen hurled himself before her eyes like a gust of wind before he ruthlessly declared, “Look, just because you have some form of life within your body that was derived from my DNA, doesn’t mean I’ll treat you any differently. You are still a breeding vessel, a tool for me to use. Remember your place.  

“If I ever wish to reproduce, there are far better specimens than the likes of you. Your filthy kind doesn’t deserve to bear my child, you understand?”

Tang Xin was horrified. Piece by piece and wound by wound, the man’s words stabbed her in the heart, leaving a hollow vessel in its wake.

“Being pregnant is your damn problem. Keep it or lose it, I don’t care. But when I call, you show. Whatever I tell you to do, you obey like a pet. My time is far too valuable for your nonsense. Got it?”

Tang Xin aggressively nodded, her lips sealed without a word.

Yan Buwen sneered. “My plans are perfectly falling in place. If you or your bug go so far as to hinder my plans for even a split second, I will personally ensure your reward for it.”

Tang Xin subconsciously held onto her belly, as she obligingly shook her head.

Yan Buwen scoffed as he pushed her aside on the bed, the same way he left.

Tears trickled down Tang Xin’s face, which immediately prompted her to leave the room.

She initially assumed that if she had his child, he would at least treated her slightly better. But now it undoubtedly seemed that the societal concepts of morality had no influence on that wicked man.

She hurriedly put on her clothes, dried her swollen eyes from tears, and kneeled to Yan Buwen as a sign of goodbye before leaving the room.

After a quarter of an hour, Tang Xin reorganized her volatile emotions as she took the elevator down to the lobby and left the hotel.

She needed to head back home tonight, which was why she had to look totally normal.

Nonetheless, before she could get to her car, a man brazenly halted before her path.

Dressed in a navy green short-sleeved shirt and a pair of ripped jeans was the rugged and husky brute Li Dun.

“It’s you…” Tang Xin frowned. “You stalked me?”

“I cared for you,” Li Dun affectionately replied.

Throughout the past days, Li Dun had been constantly by her side, which gradually diminished Tang Xin’s guard towards the authority of the Li clan’s young master, while progressively biting more and more into her nerves.

“Li Dun, how many times do I have to tell you? We are not meant for each other. Not now, not ever! If you think you’re looking after me well guess what? You’re only causing me more problems!” Tang Xin furiously rebuked.

But Li Dun wasn’t even listening, as he reached towards Tang Xin’s shoulder, with a finger he lifted her collar.

“What are you doing?!” Tang Xin quickly resisted.

“Why is there a bruise on your shoulder? Xin’er, who… hurt you?” Li Dun questioned with a heartache.

Tang Xin flusteredly took to reply, “Nobody did, you’re mistaken.”

However while she was replying, the mistreatment she had felt once again flushed a bombardment of emotions onto her as her pupils watered again.

Li Dun shook his head with a smile. “I won’t press on, but I just want you to know, that if you feel like you can’t take it anymore, I’ll be here. I’ll always be here.”

“Are you psycho?” Tang Xin erupted. “Did your brains get hit by a car? Li Dun, I’ve told you so many times now. Nothing’s going to happen between the both of us, no matter how long you plan to wait, I will never choose you. We are from different worlds, are you hearing me? Do you even understand what I’m saying?”

Determined, Li Dun replied, “From the day I met you I fell for you. And I have fallen deeper in love with you every day since. You can always choose to hate me, or even despise me, and that’s okay. But my feelings will never waver.”


Tang Xin scoffed at his confession and marched her way to the fountain by the hotel. Watching the continuously uniform splash of the water fountain, she dispiritedly replied, “Why does everyone except me seem to know what love means?

“In this materialistic society, there is only the exchange of benefits, loyalty, and betrayal. There’s no love. Cut that crap, if you’re looking for a certain something from a dumb woman like me, there is nothing I can give you.”

Li Dun paused for a moment before he walked up to Tang Xin as he declared, “I’m a soldier, and some may say I’m rough on the edges. Give me a gun, I can tell you its make, model, origin, and caliber.

“But, if you were to ask me which finger is the wedding finger, I might still second guess myself. My point is, I don’t know how the world defines the word ‘love’, but I can assure you, what I feel for you is love.”

Tang Xin abruptly turned towards him, with a teasing tone she taunted him, “Oh is that so? Then Mr Rough Edges, what exactly do you mean by love?”

Li Dun reached out and stroked her shoulder. “Ms Tang Xin, my love for you transcends all. I promise to give you my all and everything I have. I promise to give you my heart and all that I am. My only regret is that I cannot give you more than my being.”

By the side of the fountain, the man’s brash actions and words of determination left the woman without a word.

After a long while, Tang Xin shifted her gaze away from Li Dun as she mumbled, “How can you be so stupid? I’m already dumb enough on my own, and yet the heavens decided to send you by my side. Li Dun… you really are the dumbest person on Earth. I… wish I could hate you...”

Li Dun patted her on her fair shoulders, his grin as wide as the sky.