Back at the Tang Ancestral Fortress, the ambiance was entirely different from the previous one. Tang Dianshan, Tang Luyi, along with several other elders of the Tang Sect were sat at their seats in absolute silence, looking stiff.

Yang Chen was sitting on a spacious redwood chair with his legs crossed. On one hand, he held onto a cup of wine while the other held a phone. He was trying feverishly to call Lin Ruoxi.

“Wifey, Molin told me you were completely immersed in playing hero today. But I also heard that you were saved by a child. Haha, still staying true to that brainiac that failed PE back in the day I see? Hehe…” Yang Chen laughed his heart out.

Since his early departure from the Tower of Scrolls, Yang Chen made a call to Molin to check on the conditions of his harem. Besides Lin Ruoxi who was involved in slight inconvenience, the others were totally fine.

From Molin’s description, Yang Chen more or less who the little girl was. After all, he did take note of her presence in the past but did not expect her to be shrouded in so much mystery.

A four-year-old superweapon? Yang Chen was intrigued by her background, naturally including the mysterious expert he had noticed back then.

Nonetheless, to lighten Lin Ruoxi’s mood, Yang Chen tried his best to shield his thoughts from Lin Ruoxi, which was why he chose to joke about her situation instead.

Lin Ruoxi clenched her teeth as she irked on the other side of the line. “If you’re done I’m hanging up.”

“Wait, don’t you miss me? I left four days ago... C’mon, how about a kiss through the phone?” Yang Chen quickly responded.

Before he could finish his sentence, the line was cut off from the other end.

Yang Chen frustratedly stuffed his phone back into his front pocket, before he turned towards Tang Dianshan and the rest. “Alright I’m done, what have you summoned me for?”

Tang Dianshan smiled bitterly before he clarified, “To be frank with you, Master Yang, the summon was not per my request. The Li clan’s master, Li Moshen, was informed that you were here visiting in the Tang Sect and had chosen to contact us. He hoped that all of us could have a call together for a seemingly urgent matter.”

“Li Moshen?” Yang Chen grunted. There’s absolutely no reason for him to contact me. For him to do so, I guess it must be something to do with his son Li Dun then. he thought.

“Master Li was aware of your excursion into the Tower of Scrolls and had deliberately asked us to avoid interrupting your mission. He specifically mentioned to call you after you come back from the tower,” Tang Luyi added.

Yang Chen contemplated for a while, then agreed. “If that’s the case, let’s talk.”

Despite the antiquated interior of the Tang Ancestral Fortress, it was well equipped with technology in sync with the outside world.

Video conference facilities had been set up within the conference hall, and upon Tang Dianshan’s cue, the line connected to Li Moshen.

Presumably due to the setup duration on the opposite side of the line, after an approximate three-minute wait, the screen was finally on.

Displayed on the screen was Li Moshen, but the scene stealer was none other than Cai Yuncheng of the Cai clan by his side.

Cai Ning was baffled. She stole a glance at Yang Chen, hoping to get some answers out of him.

The energized old man was dressed in a blazer, well-suited but casual at the same time. With a respectable tone, he addressed the people from the Tang Sect. “I was not expecting such a swift reply. I am truly appreciative of the effort, fellow elders.”

Tang Dianshan and the other elders subsequently returned the greeting.

Li Moshen turned towards Yang Chen before he smilingly introduced himself. “We’ve never officially met, Yang Chen, but your grandfather speaks highly of you. I’ve heard that you were in search of effective cultivation techniques in the Tower of Scrolls. Did you find anything of use?”

“Why would I tell you?” Yang Chen casually dropped.

Li Moshen was slightly offended as he sneered. “That’s why you’re close with my son Li Dun. Both of you are equally as disrespectful. Regardless of your achievements, I’m still a senior to you. Would it kill you to show some respect?”

Yang Chen rolled his eyes. “It’s not like you have a granddaughter to offer me. Respect is earned, not demanded. Isn’t that right, Father-In-Law? Hehe…”

Whilst speaking, Yang Chen fondly grinned towards Cai Yuncheng.

The entire ambiance of the conference hall turned awkward almost instantly as Cai Ning forcefully pinched him on the arm from embarrassment, hinting for him to stop.

Cai Yuncheng watched as the situation unfolded. He quickly took to defuse the stale mood. “Yang Chen, we called you because of a series of events that have happened over here in Beijing recently. Given your involvement, it was necessary for us to contact you.”

“Do proceed, Father-In-Law,” Yang Chen added obediently with a smirk.

The stark contrast in reaction once again found its way to Li Moshen’s agitated look which caught Cai Ning’s eyes as she tried her best to suppress her laughter.

Cai Yuncheng naturally felt like a fish out of water after Yang Chen’s crude reasoning, but he quickly reorganized himself and started narrating the entire incident in detail.

It all led back to the poisoning incident back at the Tang clan.

It was related to the sinister events which had brought down the Tang clan’s master, Tang Zhechen, and Tang Wan.

After thorough and tedious investigations, the perpetrator was still lurking in the dark with no trails for them to follow.

Before the investigation team left China, they had left behind various accounts of information on the toxin. Throughout China, only a handful of people could gain access to it, and the biggest suspect of them all was none other than Yan Buwen!

But that was where the problem lay. Who exactly was Yan Buwen? He was the gem of China’s recent scientific breakthroughs, the key to major sectors for the betterment of China!

Approaching divinity in the fields of his expertise, in addition to his background as part of the younger generation of the ever-rising Yan clan, Yan Buwen was not one they could casually accuse and interrogate.

Furthermore, due to the nature of his field of work, much of his occupational data were strictly off-limits from nearly everyone as it involved connections with peak-level military confidentiality.

Even if he might be working closely with the military, he was ultimately in service of the government. They acted as a protective barrier for him.

That directly correlated to the ever-present issues into Yan Buwen’s investigation, which was also the key reason as to why the investigations on the Tang clan’s collective poisoning incident had yet to be concluded.

What originated as an independent case, due to the sudden ‘death’ of Luo Cuishan had become an overcast sky culminating upon Yan Buwen!

“As you all know, Cai Ning was previously assigned to investigate Luo Cuishan’s death. Long story short, we decided to run some tests on her cremated corpse. After further identification with the late Luo Cuishan’s hair, we were astonished to discover that they were not the same person!”

Having been enlightened with this recent information, Yang Chen felt his body grow ten years older.

Cai Ning was too caught off-guard as she asked, “Dad, do you mean that the analysis has proven that… Luo Cuishan is still alive?”

Before her departure, she could only pass on gathered evidence to the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, naturally unaware of any subsequent revelations.

Cai Yuncheng grunted. “We can’t confirm that as of now but what we can say is that she did not die from the supposed claims of the Ning clan. As for the missing link that joins all these plots together, I believe Master Yang has a better grasp on it.”

Yang Chen was not in the mood for sarcasm. If that Luo Cuishan hag is really dead then all is well, but in the potential event that she lived, given her wicked grudge towards Lin Ruoxi, she might be plotting something against her as we speak! he thought.

“Since you know that her misfortune is related to me, don’t hide anything from me. Just say what you want,” Yang Chen declared.

Cai Yuncheng nodded, before he continued, “From the information at hand, Luo Cuishan’s death might have occurred in one of two ways. One, she couldn’t take any more of your punishment and decidedly commit suicide. The Ning clan would then have chosen a reason for her to retain some dignity and not destroy their clan’s reputation. Two, Luo Cuishan was not given a choice to live, which can only mean that the people behind this can only come from the Ning clan!”

“How is that possible?!” Cai Ning was terrified. “You’re saying it could be… Premier Ning?”

“There’s nothing suspicious about that,” Li Moshen picked up on the conversation. “That brat Ning Guangyao has always been a sly one. Becoming premier before the age of fifty must have taken some meddling in the dark.

“Back in the days in his thirties, when he was still a state secretary over at the southwest region, he was unhesitant to remove rebellious local ministers whenever he saw fit. He has easily murdered hundreds of people during his short reign there. If it was not for his chilling background, many of his past competitors might not have backed down so easily.

As the master of one of the four dominant clans, Li Moshen was earnest and upfront in his description of the highest political positions in the land. It was instead petty issues that were less concerning to him.

The Tang clan were however not too surprised by that revelation but they were hesitant to provide a response towards the greatest confidentialities of the nation, unkeen to provoke a major figure before their eyes.

Cai Yuncheng added, “Whether or not it was Ning Guangyao is the least of our concerns. After all, in an attempt to protect the status and reputation of the Ning clan, alongside his public perception nationwide, it would make perfect sense if he was the mastermind behind her death. This does not include the fact that Luo Cuisan’s actions were already deemed unfit for the first lady.”

“Where is her corpse now?” Yang Chen had an instant glow in his eyes. “If Ning Guangyao were to murder Luo Cuishan, he had no reason to fake the cremation. There was no reason for anyone to switch in a body double. Unless you suspect that Yan Buwen has somehow stolen her corpse?!”