The very next day brought forth a beautiful Sunday morning. From the parking zone of Zhonghai’s International Airport came a white BMW which shot off from within.

Its driver was none other than Yang Chen who had just returned from his trip to the Tang Sect.

Yang Chen was seen in a rather jolly mood. He was listening to one of Hui Lin’s latest hits, occasionally even humming to the tune.

He spent the entire night before grounded within the Tang Ancestral Fortress, specifically in Cai Ning’s room.

But there was no funny business going on that night. Yang Chen was determined to give his all in transferring the knowledge he was enlightened with, combined with his own distinct cultivational modus operandi to Cai Ning. It was essentially a step-by-step guide for her to follow along with answering any questions she might have had.

This was a serious matter even for the likes of Yang Chen. The slightest misstep would cause one’s mind to corrupt!

They continued this until the break of dawn after which they parted to go their own separate ways.  

The reason Yang Chen was in a jovial mood was that, throughout the process of educating Cai Ning, he managed to refine his teaching strategies through the question and answer session. He was able to structure out his lessons and focus on emphasizing the importance of the core aspects of cultivation.

That in turn provided Yang Chen with a confidence boost in leading his harem towards the direction of cultivation. His excursion to the Tang Ancestral Fortress in Sichuan was a success. Not only did it provide him with answers to his core inquiries, he had also managed to check off all his goals.

After a half-hour drive, Yang Chen arrived at the gates of his house. His five-day trip had left him homesick, leaving him with the thought that it might be tough for his women to leave abroad by his side, but more so himself for his increasing reluctance to move away from his place he called home.

In the front garden were lush green boxwood and magnolia shrubs, blooming proudly under the rays of the sun.

A flush of natural fragrance embodied the garden.

By the grass patches was a familiar figure in an apron, wholly occupying herself with the watering of the flourishing plants.

Guo Xuehua was happily mending the vegetation, unaware of Yang Chen’s return.

“It’s lucky you don’t live alone. How would you know if a thief were to sneak up on you?” Yang Chen crept up to her as he joked.

Guo Xuehua was slightly frightened. “My god, why do you always sneak up on me? Would it kill you to phone home when you return?”

“I’m not leading a crowd of tourists, why would I need to call beforehand? Anyways, is there any food at home? I’m starving.”

Guo Xuehua smiled brightly. “Go ask Wang Ma, we’ve all eaten.”

Yang Chen excitedly trotted into the house. He noticed that Wang Ma was occupied with cleaning the house, but she was rather calm at the sight of his return. After she found out that he had yet to eat, she hastily went to the kitchen and brought out the leftovers from breakfast. The heat of summer kept the food rather warm.

Yang Chen, on the other hand, was also rather casual with his meals as he quickly sat down and started munching on the buns, before he took to ask, “Wang Ma, why isn’t Ruoxi or Zhenxiu around? Isn’t she on her summer holidays right now?”

Wang Ma turned back to him. With a smile, she replied, “Zhenxiu went back to the orphanage to help out today. She felt bad for not visiting during her exam season. She promised to go over and help out more often. It does get tiring for the old woman looking after the kids in summer after all.”

Yang Chen continued. “Then what about Ruoxi? Isn’t it Sunday today? Is she also at work?”

“The young lady is…” Wang Ma seemed a little awkward as her tone shifted. “Young Master, what did you say to her? She has seemed rather off, emotionally speaking, these last few days.”

“What do you mean?”

“On the second day when you were away, she decided to skip work out of nowhere and go running,” Wang Man disclosed, extremely clueless. “In all the years I have raised her, I have never seen her take the initiative to go running on her own.”

Wow, it looks like she is taking this pretty seriously. Now that I think about it, the thought of being able to stay young forever must be an enticing thought to a woman. Any woman! he thought.

Wang Ma was full of praise. “It’s not like I’m complaining or anything. The child is mentally strong but physically weak. Perhaps this might boost her immune system a little.”

Yang Chen nodded with a smile but was rather dispirited. It was too late for her to develop a strong core at this age. This meant that it would be very difficult for her to break through. It seemed like he would have to come up with an alternate way for her to go about it.

After several moments into his late breakfast, a woman in a short-sleeved Nike running tee paired with navy green hot pants came trotting into the house. She had her hair in a ponytail, exposing her forehead with huge beads of sweat fighting to stream down her cherry-red face. In Yang Chen eyes, she resembled a ripe strawberry amidst lush green shrubs.

It was the first time Yang Chen got to witness Lin Ruoxi in this outfit, a stark contrast from her usual cold and striking appearance. Just the sight of her fair, supple long legs would captivate the attention of everyone around. It was an alluring figure fit for a model.

Yang Chen unknowingly licked his lips, staring right at her long, silky legs, envisioning a smooth caress through it.

Lin Ruoxi was first surprised to find Yang Chen in the house, but her confoundment quickly turned into self-conscious and agitation as she noticed Yang Chen’s lustful gaze on her body as she confronted him. “You stared enough?”

“Nope…” Yang Chen stiffly replied.

Lin Ruoxi was flushed with embarrassment by Yang Chen’s shameless gaping as she awkwardly stood by.

At this moment, Yang Chen abruptly asked, “Wifey, where did you go jogging?”

Lin Ruoxi noticed his bewilderment as she shyly mumbled, “Just a couple of rounds over at the park on the west side, what about it…”

“What?!” Yang Chen hopped up from his seat unanticipatedly before he pouted in frustration. “How could you dress like that then? Those horny old men are gonna stare at you, licking their gross lips! This wouldn’t do, from tomorrow onwards you’re gonna wear jogging trousers, you hear me? Definitely not this exposed.”

Lin Ruoxi finally grasped the situation. The brat’s jealous, who would have thought? While she found his behavior rather childish, she felt a little sweet at heart too.

“It’s not like I’m the only one jogging in the park. Not everyone’s as shameless as you are, staring right at a woman’s legs without a single blink!” Lin Ruoxi coyly teased.

Yang Chen stubbornly declared, “I can proudly stare at you because I earned it. These other people don’t even deserve a peek! You can say I’m selfish or thick-headed, but from now on you shall only wear this in the house. If you go running in those again, I’ll drag you back to this house in a sack!”

Lin Ruoxi was left dumbfounded by how stubborn and ridiculous her husband was. But, she understood how thick-headed her husband was and was sure that he would follow through with his word. So for now, all she could do was nod her head in agreement. Lucky for her, her wardrobe was the least of her concerns. She could just have someone bring a pair for her anytime.

She subsequently went upstairs to take a soothing warm shower, before putting on a pair of casual household dress. By the time she went downstairs again, Yang Chen was already done with his meal and watching the news.

Lin Ruoxi ignored him and headed straight for the kitchen.

Seconds later she came out with the snacks that she had been craving for, before she seated herself on a separate cushion, sharing the TV with Yang Chen.

The couple rarely had any opportunity to spend time on the TV even during the weekends. It might seem like something normal for a couple but with their busy schedules and cold wars, this was almost unheard of.

Yang Chen took a quick glance and noticed the packet of familiar glutinous rice balls in her grasp.

“Babe, aren’t those glutinous rice balls from the Zhao’s? When did you buy them?”

Lin Ruoxi habitually held the huge glutinous rice ball with both hands as she nibbled away. “Aunt Ma brought it over for me.”

“Aunt Ma?” Yang Chen frowned. “You got Qianni’s mother to buy glutinous rice balls for you?”

“It’s not a big deal, she was passing by,” Lin Ruoxi continued. “A few days ago I noticed that Aunt Ma was occupied with the modest vegetable shrubs in her garden. I stopped by and asked about her recent vacancy from her previous job. She told me she left the job, so I asked if she would like to help out at the glutinous rice ball parlor. She seemed to fancy that idea and she’s been working there ever since.”

Yang Chen never would have thought Lin Ruoxi had the heart to care about Ma Guifang and her issues on her employment. But it did bring a smile to his face which prompted him to reply, “I always knew my wifey’s the most generous among us all. You even cared for Qianni’s mother. I guess you’ll spend more time with Qianni in the future, hehe…”

“Don’t you dare.” Lin Ruoxi coldly glared at him. “Don’t think I didn’t catch your tone. You thought I intentionally ordered Aunt Ma around to belittle the mother-daughter pair, didn't you?”

Yang Chen hastily shook his head in denial. “I was just curious, why would I judge you like that?”

“I’m just that wicked, I thought you knew all along.” Lin Ruoxi was unconvinced.

Yang Chen patted himself awkwardly on the head as he mumbled, “You promised our peace treaty would last for a year. There’s still a long way to go. Where’s your honor?”

Lin Ruoxi held onto her flames as she furiously chomped down on her glutinous rice ball, ignoring the man by her side.

The subsequent moments were peaceful and silent as they continued watching the news. Upon its conclusion, Yang Chen checked the time and stood up. “I’m not going to be back for lunch. I need to go out and get some things done. Try helping Wang Ma out whenever you can.”

Lin Ruoxi frowned. “Are you leaving already?”

Noticing the subtle longing in her tone, Yang Chen was filled with glee knowing that despite her icy cold exterior, she was still very much concerned about his presence. “Don’t worry, alright? I won’t be going too far. I’ll just be next door...”

Halfway through his sentence, Yang Chen could feel droplets of cold sweat trickle through his back. Damn it, how did I let that slip?! he thought.


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