Unsurprisingly, Lin Ruoxi’s soul-piercing gaze froze everything in her sight. “Looks like someone is going out to meet his lover! What a great man. No wonder two leftover buns were enough to fill him up. I bet he didn’t want to get full before his lunch date. I’ll thank you beforehand for saving up on our groceries. Since you’re already being so kind to us, why not save us some more by not coming home for dinner tonight? Or better yet, tomorrow for breakfast too...”

Yang Chen was stiff as a statue. “Ruoxi, hear me out. I was just gonna hand the newfound cultivation technique to Rose. I plan to teach you too, but you’re still pretty new to this, so I thought we’d hold off on it until your body gets strong enough to practise it.”

Lin Ruoxi hated his cheap explanation, but she understood that there was no way she could stop him from doing what he wanted. “Then when would I be ready?”

She would be lying if she said she wasn’t interested in looking young forever.

Yang Chen contemplated for a couple of seconds before he replied, “We’ll have to wait until your body gets as healthy as the average person. You might not feel it but your body is physically weaker than most due to your working habits. Work out more, eat better, and cut down on those tempting glutinous rice balls. Hopefully, in two months we can begin basic training. Otherwise, your progression would be much slower.”

Two months were not too long in the grand scale of things, so Lin Ruoxi nodded without a word.

The two of them had grown to a relationship in which Lin Ruoxi was no longer uncomfortable with the thought of him spending time with other women. It was a change gradually taking shape, one that even Lin Ruoxi herself was unaware of.

Yang Chen dried the cold sweat off his forehead, eternally grateful that he chose to be earnest about it. He was safe from her wrath for now.

He promptly left the house, and couldn’t be bothered to take the front gate into Rose’s house as he hurled himself across the fence and landed effortlessly on her lawn.

After a series of polite knocks on the door, Mo Qianni answered the door instead of Rose.

The woman had regained her confidence and was positively radiating with a refreshing glow. Her hair was wrinkled from what seemed to be a morning shower, with some strands latching onto her cheeks. After she had seen who was visiting, her smile widened considerably. “Oh, you’re back!”

Yang Chen noticed Mo Qianni’s blue striped silk dress hugging her phenomenal curves while fluttering in the wind. Her fair arms were exposed in the air and her body fragrance eluded that of a feminine floral scent.

“How can you open the door dressed like that? There are many bad people in this world,” Yang Chen replied, displeased.

Mo Qianni latched herself onto Yang Chen’s shoulders as she coyly said, “I saw you ‘trespass’ from a mile away. Plus, the entire compound is monitored by Rose’s men. Why would I be afraid?”

Yang Chen quickly scanned through his surroundings. Noticing that there were indeed Red Thorns Society’s members on guard, he ultimately let down his own.

Mo Qianni enthusiastically asked, “Did you bring anything back for me? Some Sichuan regional treats or whatnot?”

Yang Chen slapped himself on the head. That’s Qianni’s hometown I just came back from. How could I possibly forget that!

“Hehe…erm...next time alright? I promise.”

Mo Qianni clenched her teeth. “I knew you’d have forgotten about me.”

“I… didn’t bring anyone anything!” Yang Chen pleaded for his innocence.

Mo Qianni quickly grinned as she teased, “I was just messing with you, I know you never cared about those things. I’d honestly be more surprised if you actually brought something back.”

Yang Chen realized that he was being fooled as he hastily swooped down and scooped her gorgeous legs from below.

Mo Qianni reactively taunted while patting him on the back. ‘What… are you doing?! I just had a shower!”

“That’s why I shouldn’t waste this wonderful opportunity!”

Before she could react to the sudden change in pace, Yang Chen dashed into the living room, dropped her down onto the leather couch, and pounced on her!

The last time they met, Mo Qianni was far from her best state, and he could not have done anything to her. But after the cloud of confusion had settled down, they were in desperate need of each other.

Yang Chen scanned his surroundings and realized that they were the only ones home, as he gave her cherry lips a tight smooch. He placed his hands on her ample bosom and flesh behind respectively.

The temperature indoors skyrocketed within seconds. Their hands moved in a frenzy to remove each other's clothing while their bodies stayed tightly pressed against each other.

The two were already masters of the game at this point, not to mention it’d been a while since Mo Qianni had felt the excitement of this exercise. A woman of her age couldn’t easily resist a fiery passion like that.

Envisioning himself on a cushion, Yang Chen lifted her and placed Mo Qianni on her back against the air as they indulged themselves in vigorous activities.

Eventually, the woman gave a bewitching moan as a result of months of pent-up sexual tension in her body.

Soon, the living room had turned its atmosphere into one of passion and lust.

Mo Qianni at this point had already lost all perception of time and space as she was completely engrossed in the lovemaking.

Just as Yang Chen was about to meld their bodies into one, an alarm went off in his head!


A deafening explosion resounded throughout the estate!


Flames engulfed the entire building, spreading to the furthest corners of the estate. The air was saturated with a thick layer of smog and smoke, threatening to suffocate anything in its vicinity!

The exquisite building was demolished into the jaws of flames!

The intensity of the explosion had shaken the foundations of the estate next to it. If it were not for the thick concrete wall separating the two, the estate beside might have found itself in a similar fate!

Even then, the entire plot of land was thoroughly chewed through!

Through the rumble and cracks, Yang Chen along with Mo Qianni in his arms busted through the suffocating smog. Thanks to Yang Chen, they were left unharmed by the explosion or the smog that followed!

Yang Chen decidedly landed on the second-floor balcony of his own house. Looking back at the house behind him completely burnt to the ground, his fury resurfaced.

Mo Qianni was absolutely petrified by the turn of events. Her heart was pounding so hard she felt like it was about to burst. She leaned on Yang Chen’s body, completely unaware of her nude state.

After some thought, Yang Chen headed towards his own room and carefully placed her down on the bed. He grabbed some clothing for Mo Qianni and himself to put on.

He took a quick gaze behind him, only to notice Mo Qianni bawling in tears, completely frightened out of her wits. His heart twisted at the sight. He bent down and held her hand reassuringly.

“Qianni, it’s gonna be fine, I’m here. Put on these clothes and wait for me at home. I believe somebody has a bone to pick with me and Rose. I need to go now but rest assured, I will sort everything out.”

The sudden terror left Mo Qianni in a daze, tears rolling in her eyes. Nodding, she said, “Go, be careful.”

Yang Chen once again hovered himself off the balcony.

On the lawn downstairs, Lin Ruoxi, Wang Ma and Guo Xuehua were staring at the pile of rubble in their neighbor's house as well as their own. They wore expressions of shock and terror.

Noticing Yang Chen’s descent from the second floor unscathed, they were relieved.

Lin Ruoxi hastily made her way to Yang Chen and scanned him up and down before asking, “What happened? I thought you said you were going over to Rose’s? Why did the house blow up? Are you okay?”

Yang Chen sighed with a smile. “This is nothing but a tad bit of inconvenience.”

“What about everyone else in the house? Rose, Qianni and Aunt Ma, are they alright?”

Yang Chen replied, “I suspect it was someone who planted highly explosive charges to deal with me and Rose. I need to go look for Rose now. Do look after Qianni while I’m away. She’s currently resting in my room. I’ll explain everything I know when I’m back.”

Yang Chen concluded and went searching for his pockets, only to realize he left his trousers in the house. And now that the house was in bits, that could only mean the same for his phone.

Cursing under his breath, Yang Chen hastily asked around for an available mobile phone.

Guo Xuehua promptly handed her phone over to her son. Despite the terrifying incident she had just witnessed, she managed to keep her composure. “Here son, take mine. Be careful.”

Yang Chen grabbed the phone over, gave them a reassuring nod and dashed out of the house while dialing Molin’s number on the phone.

Once the line connected, Molin anxiously proclaimed, “Your Majesty Pluto, I have been trying to contact you but your phone isn’t connected. There has been an issue with Ms Rose!”

“What are you talking about, I ordered your squad to watch after her. You had one job!”

Molin remorsefully answered, “Calm down Your Majesty Pluto… I did send Adeline to watch after Ms Rose. But this was not something that we predicted would happen!

“Ms Rose has gone up to the peak of Mount Xunshan located at northern Zhonghai to work on her martial arts and core strengthening. I sent Adeline after her. But just when Ms Rose was about to descend moments ago, the base of the mountain experienced immense tremor which led to a massive collapse of enormous proportions! I regret to say I have no information on when the explosives had been planted which is why we’re completely dumbfounded...”  


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