Yang Chen was boiling with rage. “I suggest you give me a straight answer.”

Molin gulped before he continued, “Adeline immediately entered the site of the explosion and had managed to implement adequate safety precautions. Thankfully, she managed to shield Rose from any significant injuries due to the thick foliage of the mountain range. They’ve only sustained minor bruises and small cuts.

“Nonetheless, since the mountain range is full of steep slopes, large parts of the region are now covered by boulders and loose soil, effectively blocking off their escape route. Adeline isn’t able to get out without help but she managed to update me on their position using a wireless device.”

Yang Chen had never been to Mount Xunshan but he did have the map of China memorized. He was roughly able to zero in on their location.

“Molin, I’ll handle this myself. I need you to dispatch several of your men to watch over the people in my house. Also, see if there are any remaining explosives.”

Yang Chen was worried that the enemy would use his harem as leverage to cripple him, which prompted him to be highly sensitive of their wellbeing at the moment.

Molin immediately acknowledged his order and went to set things in motion.

Yang Chen might be reluctant to exert the true level of his cultivations but desperate times called for desperate measures. Rose’s safety was his top priority at the moment. He could not safely say that the enemy was done with their schemes.

Mount Xunshan was not too far from his residence. It was not so much a mountain but more of a hill spanning approximately 500 meters above sea level. The vegetation there was bountiful which prompted many people to climb up and down each day.

Nevertheless, the recent prioritization by local governments in designating local parks within the region, paired with governmental control of environmental preservation by restricting neighboring businesses, made the hill lose its popularity.

Rose took to Yang Chen’s word and decided to get some fresh air, which would enhance her mental and physical wellbeing. With that in mind, she had chosen this particular hill for her training.

No one could have predicted that the enemy would take advantage of such a decision.

Meanwhile, around the mid-ridge of Mount Xunshan, the landscape of the area was left in ruins from the aftermath.

Boulders and soil gravel lined the entire route. The trees and shrubbery were uprooted and tossed haphazardly around the entire area.

And right at that moment in the same forest near the base of the hills, a group of men in assorted clothing was making their way through the debris. They consisted of mainly Caucasians from different parts of the world, evident from their hair and eye colors.

Most of them were carrying bags of equipment as they all gathered towards a midpoint near the site of the landslide. Their faces glowed with absolute glee at the sight of the devastation.

Their backpacks were filled with multiple missile launchers all dyed an inky black.

These missile launchers were well worn by the looks of it. Nevertheless, they were as functional as the day they were made.

The men wielding the launchers positioned themselves at the base of the mountain and all aimed at one direction. They were preparing for the final nail in the coffin.

Dozens of missile launchers simultaneously fired at once, rivaling the firepower of a tank.

But right at that moment, a silhouette dashed in front of the mercenaries. It was none other than Yang Chen who had teleported from home.

The men who were on the brink of attacking suddenly froze in their spots.

Yang Chen had arrived in the nick of time. He noticed the launchers and immediately allowed his rage to take over. He was confident that he could take them all on without causing any damage to Adeline and Rose who were still under the rocks. But he had to curb himself from killing on sight.

Finding out who was behind this was crucial.

A quick glance to the model of the missile launchers, Yang Chen figured out where they were from. “Carl Gustav missile launchers, are you lot Swedish?”

Yang Chen engaged in fluent Swedish which caught the men slightly off-guard.

“Who are you…” A brown-haired man presumably the leader of the squad suspiciously enquired in Swedish.

Yang Chen sneered as he replied, “These Carl Gustav missile launchers are custom made for the official Swedish military. Something tells me you’re not here on behalf of your government so my assumption is that you guys are veterans turned mercenaries.”

“So what if we are? You might be fast but we are the Lapland Rangers. The cream of the crop from the Swedish army. What makes you think you can take us all head-on?” The man sneered.

Yang Chen was confused at his introduction. “Lapland Rangers?”

“What, you’ve heard of us?” A man proudly boasted.

The Lapland Rangers was an elite Swedish squad, trained exclusively within the Arctic circle. They battled the harsh cold and went through intensive training. Their operations were mainly long-distance patrols, long-range ambushes, and the infiltration of enemy lines.

Back in the days when Yang Chen was tasked with an assassination in the Arctic Circle, he missed the chance to have a duel with the Swedish aces.

From the looks of it, the planting of explosives was clearly their doing. But one thing was constantly bugging Yang Chen—what was their motive in their well-coordinated ambush of himself and Rose?

Then a sudden thought flashed through his head, a name that was buried deep in his mind all these years—Situ Mingze!

Back in the day, Rose did mention about sending Situ Mingze to a Nordic country to live out the rest of his days in exile. Sweden is a Nordic country!

“Did Situ Mingze send you lots?”

Even though he wasn’t sure if Situ Mingze could actually stage a comeback, Yang Chen took the opportunity to narrow his presumptions.

The man shook his finger in denial. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. There’s no time to waste boys. Fire!”

With the command the mercenaries pulled the triggers in unison!


The series of consecutive explosions shook the forest to its core.

The rockets propelled towards the shielded area of the landslide, leaving a trail of smoke behind them.

However, before the missiles could reach the edge of the mountain, its thrust seemed to have died down as they were hovering motionless in mid-air!

The sight akin one of frozen times left the Swedish mercenaries horrified.

Yang Chen winked at them. “Since y’all aren’t keen to talk, then there’s no point letting you live any longer.”

Once his words dropped, Yang Chen flung his arms as the entire arsenal of missiles flipped directions and swarmed towards their initiators like a swarm of bees!


The eerie yet petrifying scene left the group in tears and pleads.

But that would not change the outcome one bit.

The next moment, deafening sounds of a continuous array of massive explosions stirred up the dirt into a swirl in the air, accumulating into a vortex.

The once proud, headstrong veterans were left in piles of shredded clothing and pieces of charred flesh.

Yang Chen glared at the scene. The butchering of a couple of dozen men could hardly faze him. Turning toward the boulders which stood in his way, he channeled the might of the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy and shot it towards the boulders. In an instant, the boulders disintegrated into dust, getting swept away with a gust of wind.

Two women eventually peeked out to see what had happened out there.

Adeline was in her usual stealth bodysuit, latching onto Rose tightly. She had used her body as a shield for Rose which left it bruised and battered.

However, her training had left her tenacity and tolerance leagues above the average person.

Rose was far from her strong-willed self. Her pupils were swollen red from crying and her porcelain-like skin was dirtied by the debris that she was trapped under. She was holding on to Adeline as she cried.

“Hubby… take a look… take a look at Adeline, she’s…” Rose was whimpering as she choked the words out.

Rose had trained with the Sea Eagles in the past which caused her to be close to Adeline. But never would she have thought that her life would one day be saved by that woman she had met in training.

When the mountain range blew up, Rose was completely lost. But from the depths of her despair came Adeline to her rescue. She was saved from what would have been certain death.

Adeline, on the other hand, took significant amounts onto herself.

Yang Chen instantly kneeled down, carefully lifting the frail Adeline from Rose. Adeline was pale as a sheet. Her lips were stained with blood and she was gasping for air. Her eyes, however, showed that she was determined to make it out alive.

“You did well, I’m grateful for you,” Yang Chen sincerely replied with a warm and genuine smile.

Adeline through drenched sweat and dirt cracked a smile in response. “Have I… gained Your Majesty Pluto’s… recognition?”

“I’ll consider streamlining you to a grand early retirement.” Yang Chen smiled as he swiped through Adeline’s back. The miraculous recuperating ability of the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture instantly sealed up her wounds.

Subsequent nutritional replenishment would instantly amplify her recovery.

Rose witnessed Adeline’s recovery and breathed a sigh of relief. “I’m glad that you’re alright…”

Yang Chen, on the other hand, was not in a good mood. If it wasn’t for his perfect interception, Rose could very much be dead by now. He was now certain that the Sea Eagles enforcements could not be delayed any further. These pesky bugs were growing restless.

Just when he wanted to delve deeper, his phone rang. Molin had called.


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