Yang Chen stood on the deck with Rose while everyone else gathered up behind them. Many of the elderly within the Red Thorns Society exclaimed in shock when they recognized the man.

He was the head of the West Union Society who used to be in control of Zhonghai, Situ Mingze!

Rose’s face was cycled through a range of emotions when she saw her biological father. This was proof that he was the true culprit behind her attempted murder. Her eyes were filled with rage and confusion. She did not understand why her own father had ordered her death when she had let him live all those years ago!

When both ships came close enough, the remaining ships from the Yamata Sect retreated to a safe distance. It was not their position to interfere with what would happen next after all.

There were no signs of fear and cowardice in Situ Mingze’s eyes. They only shone with disdain and a small trace of malice.

Both sides kept their silence until Situ Mingze initiated the conversation while smiling. “That’s my daughter. Able to survive anything anyone throws against her. It would seem that I have lost once again.”

Rose took a deep breath and looked towards the man on the deck. He was so close to her yet felt so far away.

“You shouldn’t have returned,” said Rose.

Situ Mingze threw his head back and let out a laugh. “Do you really expect me to spend the rest of my life in a cold desolate country where I will die alone and forgotten? Are you kidding me?! I may be weak but i am no coward. I do not fear death, I welcome it!”

“Not fearing death doesn’t necessarily make you a brave man,” Yang Chen stated faintly and leapt upwards into the sky.

He landed on the other deck with one graceful jump.

This was nothing to Yang Chen, but it left everyone else in shock.

Situ Mingze frowned. “It seems that I have underestimated you. You are much stronger than I had imagined...”

Yang Chen questioned him coldly, “Who helped you to hire these soldiers from Sweden? Spill it now and I’ll spare you a swift and merciful death.”

“No one,” Situ Mingze sneered in response. “What makes you think I didn’t do it myself?”

“Since you're being so dishonest, I’ll have to find a way to make the real clown show himself.” Yang Chen said dully and proceeded to speak in Swedish, “I’m going to start killing you one by one so make peace with whatever demons you have left.”
Among the mercenaries, a bulky man in a white camouflage uniform holding a heavy machine gun cursed in Swedish, “Who are you?!”
If they weren’t for the four ships surrounding them, the mercenaries would have fired their guns.
Yang Chen didn’t reply but instead walked towards the bulky man.

“Don’t move!” he warned. “If you get any closer, I'll fire! How dare you challenge the glory of the Lapland Rangers?!”

Yang Chen kept his silenced as he took step after step toward the man.

The bulky man cursed and stopped hesitating. If he were to die today, let it be known that he died fighting!
The heavy machine gun on hand started firing shots!


His bullets fired at an unprecedented rate toward Yang Chen. The force was strong enough to mow down an armoured vehicle!

All of the bullets flew straight towards Yang Chen’s chest. But the thing that stunned all the mercenaries on deck was the fact that none of the bullets reached Yang Chen’s body! They seemed to hover centimeters away from his body before falling onto the ground.

As Yang Chen approached his front. The bulky man ceased his fire and stared with his mouth wide open.

Yang Chen was only as tall as the man’s chest but it didn't stop him from reaching up to his neck and grabbing a hold of it!


The bulky man’s neck was snapped in pieces and the sound of shattering bones echoed throughout the ship!

Yang Chen didn't pause and threw the body into the sea before moving towards the other mercenaries.

Situ Mingze felt a chill run down his spine!

This man’s face did not waver as he took the life of another. To him, it looked as if he was stepping on a bug!

Even though he thought of himself as formidable, he had never imagined that he would meet a man who could take another's life without hesitation!

“I can kill everyone else before killing you. Take that time to reconsider my offer.”

Yang Chen uttered lightly, not pausing in his tracks.

The mercenaries fired shots towards Yang Chen, forming a rain of bullets around him.

But Yang Chen was left unaffected and continued to move in quick steps. He snapped their necks one by one and threw them into the ocean.

The members of the Red Thorns Society were so scared that their legs got wobbly. All they could see from their boat was a man walking through a rain of bullets while bodies were thrown left and right off the railings and into the water!
Yang Chen’s methods of killing them became more cruel as time passed. It went from snapping their necks to smashing their heads and eventually digging a hole through their chests!

As the scene before him became more and more gruesome, Situ Mingze’s face turned to ash and his lips started to tremble.

Rose had seen the way Yang Chen killed before so she was left unaffected. Chen Rong and the others who were new to this were left gagging and puking in some cases.

In a just a few moments, the sea breeze was filled with the smell of blood!

Almost everyone present assumed that it was going to be a tough fight but it turned out to be quite the opposite. This was basically becoming a one-sided killing spree!

In just three minutes, Situ Mingze was the only one left alive. His face was deathly pale and his eyes were filled with dread.

Yang Chen wiped his hands clean before asking, “So, do we have a deal?”

Situ Mingze gulped as his lips twitched. “You… you’re not even human! You are a devil!”

Yang Chen sneered upon hearing that. “I don’t want to hear that coming from someone who tried to kill his own daughter.”

Situ Mingze became tongue-tied. He took a deep breath and spoke through gritted teeth, “I already said that this was my plan and my plan alone. I lost and that’s on me. If you wish to kill me, do it!”

Yang Chen squinted his eyes and gave a grimacing smile. “Do you know why I chose this area for an attack?”

Situ Mingze shuddered and couldn’t help but ask, “Why?”

“Because… something interesting is lurking around here.” Yang Chen smiled wickedly.

People on the ship thought Yang Chen was about to quickly and effectively get rid of Situ Mingze, but now it would seem that Yang Chen had other plans for his death.

Yang Chen looked around before moving to one of the ship’s compartments. He took a strong rope and walked towards Situ Mingze.

“Wha—what are you trying to do!”

Situ Mingze stumbled backward in horror.

Yang Chen took the rope and looped it several times. And in a flash, he had positioned himself behind Situ Mingze. He wrapped the rope around him and spun him several times before tying the knot!

Situ Mingze was left immobile!

Yang Chen tossed Situ Mingze overboard and dangled him over the edge.

One side of the rope was caught by Yang Chen so Situ Mingze didn’t fall straight into the sea but was held very close to the surface of it.

Yang Chen picked up a rifle and shot Situ Mingze from the side of the deck!

The bullets didn’t land on any critical body parts, but instead, drew blood from his foot.

“Ouch!” Situ Mingze couldn’t help but yelp in pain. “Kill me if you must! Torture me if you want! I have nothing to say to you!”

Yang Chen looked down at him with a wicked smile. “It doesn’t matter what you say or don't say. I’m just here to go fishing.”

Everyone on the cruise ship realized something that they missed earlier after hearing his words!

There were red pools of blood on the surface of the sea from the bodies that were thrown in earlier. Surrounding the bodies were small sharks that appeared without anyone knowing!
Some were greyish black in color while others were spotted. They were quite small in size. Compared to the great white shark who was able to grow up to six meters in length, these sharks were only one to two meters long.

These sharks were attracted by the scent of blood and they started munching on the dead bodies. Although they were smaller in size, they made up for it in numbers as what was once a watery grave was now a pool of shredded clothing and body parts!

“Oh my god! Are those sharks!?”
“When did they come, and why are there so many of them!”

The Red Thorns Society shuddered in fear when they realized what Yang Chen had meant by ‘fishing’!

Situ Mingze too finally realized what was about to happen as the area around his crotch started to get wet. He was so afraid that he had wet his own pants!


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