“Xijiao villa?”

Lin Ruoxi mumbled in thought for a bit before saying, “It looks… quite decent actually.”

Rose and Mo Qianni scooted over to take a look at the property themselves. It seemed that they had taken quite a liking to it as well.

“Ruoxi, do you remember a project where our company collaborated with a real estate agent on the furniture? It was this one. So although these villas were modeled after Italian architecture, Yu Lei took part in its interior design,” Mo Qianni said.

“Now that you mention it, it does sound familiar,” Lin Ruoxi replied softly.

Yang Chen seemed to recall having heard of this piece of property as well but was too lazy to dwell in it. As long as the ladies liked it, he was fine with it.

“The prices of these villas start around fifteen million. It utilizes a new class of technology which regulates its temperature using underground springs. There are mountains on the north side and a river on the east side providing it a very peaceful atmosphere. Security is no slouch as well. It is well guarded by one of the ten most renowned security companies in the world. Most of the villas are still empty because of its location and price.” Mo Qianni listed out the things she remembered from the time she was handling this project.

Rose brightened up after hearing that. “Mountains? That’s great for exercising and training, plus the air quality would be great.”

Lin Ruoxi was attracted to the idea of exercising without people around.

“Then let’s contact the real estate agent and choose two villas to move in as soon as possible.” Lin Ruoxi decided right away.

All of them started looking at the locations of each and finally decided on the most expensive ones with the best view. The final price ended up to be around fifty million including all the processing fees. It was an insane amount of money to put into one house but real estate would  only go up in price anyway. It could be considered an investment.

Everyone started to get busy with packing and organizing stuff, but Rose and Mo Qianni only managed to pack the things untouched by the bombing.

But the most troublesome thing for them was reapplying for all their identification papers and cards. It was a necessary part of purchasing a house so they had to see to it as soon as possible.

Cai Yan, meanwhile, was at home and blissfully unaware of what happened elsewhere. She was surprised to receive a phone call from Lin Ruoxi. Her lips formed into a bitter smile when she realized that Lin Ruoxi was only calling for her help but agreed nonetheless.

In the end, Cai Yan decided to have the office speed up the renewal process when she went in for work the next day. Normally, a process like this would take roughly three months to complete. But Cai Yan had used her authority and connections to reduce that time significantly.

Mo Qianni thought of it as nothing since she was close to Lin Ruoxi. Rose, on the other hand, was pleasantly surprised that Lin Ruoxi had decided to help them out.

Although she might be putting up a show, Rose still thanked her regardless.

Guo Xuehua nudged Yang Chen and whispered to him, “Son, it looks like Ruoxi is slowly warming up to them. If this goes on, your life might take a turn for the better.”

Yang Chen let out a hearty laugh. “Mom, that’s only because Ruoxi is finally realizing that she has no way of cutting them out of my life.”

Guo Xuehua turned around and told him, “It looks like I'll be having more than one grandchild. I prefer granddaughters to be honest. Grandsons are just a handful. We only need one to continue the family line. ”

Yang Chen turned stiff and his head started to hurt when he looked at his mother.

To be honest, Yang Chen wasn't even sure of the power he possessed within him. Even if his women focused on cultivation for ten years, none of them would reach a stage high enough to receive Yang Chen’s children.. Even Cai Ning who would soon break through to reach the Xiantian stage wouldn’t suffice.

Yang Chen would sometimes restrain himself from utilizing the full extent of his powers, not because he wanted to keep a low profile, but in fear that his women would distance themselves from him.

They might treat him differently. No longer a human being, but something else.

Yang Chen would only reveal his true self after they had reached a certain stage in life.

Although he wasn’t good at many other things, Yang Chen was sure about his cultivation skills and his ability to surpass the norms.

At night, Rose and Mo Qianni brought Ma Guifang to a hotel for the night. They would reside there for the time being until their documents were fully processed.

Once Lin Ruoxi worked through the terms of sale with the real estate agent, they had sent someone to clean the house and install the newest home appliances to be ready for its new tenants.

Anything is possible in a world governed by money.

Lin Ruoxi packed all the things which she deemed important and selected which appliances and artifacts would move with them to their new home. The mover trucks would then send the stuff over to the new house tomorrow.

Yang Chen had nothing to bring so he offered to help out. He didn’t have to worry about his stamina so it wasn’t a problem for him to carry stuff from here to there.

Lin Ruoxi was very satisfied with his performance and whispered to him as she walked past by, “Seems like you still have some use in you...”

Yang Chen felt embarrassed as though he had realized his true value in life. It was being a pack mule!

They finally went back into their rooms to rest after packing the rest of their belongings. They weren't able to sleep though, knowing that it was their last time sleeping in this house.

The next morning, the mover trucks hired by Lin Ruoxi arrived and started to move the items onto the trucks.

At the same time, Rose and Mo Qianni arrived alongside Cai Yan after they were done with the renewal of their documents.

Cai Yan was still dressed in her uniform as she greeted Wang Ma and Guo Xuehua cheerfully. “I came over to help with the moving but looks like I came a little late.”

Mo Qianni walked forward and said, “I told her not to come, but she insisted.”

“Of course I had to come, I needed to know where you lived.” Cai Yan pouted.

The three old friends laughed in response.

Lin Ruoxi smiled faintly. “Thank you, you’ve been a great help.”

“Make way, make way!”

Yang Chen came out from the house, holding stacks of old books. He grinned happily and winked at Cai Yan upon seeing her.

Cai Yan chided, “What’s up with the silly smile? And why are there so many old books? Are you bringing all of these over with you?”

Yang Chen sighed bitterly. “I’ve been moving these books non stop since last night. At some point, I began to think it was infinite.”

“Oh my, Ruoxi, are you planning to move all the books from the study room to the new house?” Mo Qianni asked in shock.

Lin Ruoxi stared at the tall stack of thick books and said, “These… were given to me by my grandmother.”

Everyone understood immediately. It was no wonder that she cared for them deeply.

“Let me help you.” Cai Yan offered to help and placed the books in a box carefully.

As she was moving it, something fell out.

Cai Yan picked it up in surprise. “Eh, it's an old photo.”

“Is it?” Mo Qianni sounded excited. “Is it a photo of the old CEO?”

They thought it was a photo of her since it came out of one of her books.

But Cai Yan and Lin Ruoxi both frowned upon seeing the photo, which made Mo Qianni ask out of curiosity, “Who is this?”

“It’s him…” Cai Yan mumbled under her breath when she recognized the person.

“What is it?” Yang Chen asked, wondering why their faces became so weird.

Cai Yan bit her lip and took the photo. She passed the photo to Wang Ma who was talking to a worker. “Wang Ma, I believe you should keep this with you.”

Wang Ma was startled but she didn’t have any reaction until she looked at the photo. She froze as her face turned pale and body trembled.

Lin Ruoxi was displeased with Cai Yan the moment she was reminded of something. “Yanyan, what are you doing?! Did you forget what granny told us when we were young? Never mention him! Why did you hand Wang Ma that photo!?”


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