Possessing Nothing - Chapter 10

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With Sungmin in the front, heading towards the north side of the wall, he thought about the situation.

Small Pegasus Wijihoyun. The person who would spread his name around… He was now a ‘friend’ with him. He wasn’t sure how much Wijihoyun valued this relationship, but a situation like this didn’t happen to him in his past life.


Thinking about that word made Sungmin a bit bitter. In his past life, there was no one that he could really call a friend. Living 13 years as a No Class only made him bitter towards humans.

Instead of trusting other No Classes in the same situation, they mostly fought each other to try and take what they had. Humans were like that. They can’t leave people who are doing better than them. Humans were such selfish animals.

The past Lee Sungmin never had anything great. However, even those were stolen by others. Therefore, Sungmin didn’t have much of a positive light on the word ‘friend.’

“You said you practiced martial arts.”

Wijihoyun who was behind him asked..

“Yes… no. Yeah.”

He didn’t want to be polite, but it seemed so strange to Sungmin. The nickname Small Pegasus kept swirling in his mind.

“Then why are you not using any speed techniques?”

Sungmin looked back his words. Wijihoyun had a bit of a surprised face. Well, yeah, if he used that, his speed would be much faster. He would be at the destination at many times the speed.

“That is… I’m not strong enough yet.”

He bitterly smiled back at him. He practiced martial arts. He already told him that looking around at a bookstore, he learned a few skills. But to Wijihoyun who didn’t know much about this world, he probably didn’t understand Sungmin’s situation.

“Ah, I forgot. You aren’t a martial artist.”

Wijihoyun nodded his head.

“It’s been about a month now? Since you didn’t have any potions… it’s very possible for you to not have much power.”

Was this Wijihoyun making fun of him? It was like the feeling of someone stabbing him.

“How about you at least try it?”

Wijihoyun asked. Lee Sungmin hesitated and nodded. And then he used the [One Thunder]

From his stance, he could only use it for about 10 minutes. He was going to save a bit of power to use at the hunting grounds, but…

Now he used up all his power on the [One Thunder]

“...HA! Ha!”

Seeing the end of his power, Sungmin stopped his running. And then he put his hands on his knees and breathed hard. He was sweating hard, and his legs hurt. His head was dizzy


Sungmin looked forward. Unlike the sweating Sungmin, Wijihoyun didn’t look tired at all. In fact, he was a few steps ahead of Sungmin.

“It’s not a really good skill.”

Wijihoyun criticizes. Hearing that, Sungmin’s chest was filled with anger.

‘Of course, idiot. [One Thunder] is barely a second rate technique.’

He couldn’t fill that with his power either. Sungmin raised his body. HIs head was still dizzy.

“If this was the cult, I would have given you a potion.”

Wijihoyun muttered and went to Sungmin. How good would it have been if he was revived at a demonic cult. Sungmin thought of that as he looked at Wijihoyun. Of course it was just a thought. He wouldn’t be friends with Wijihoyun if he was truly revived there.

“Give me your hand.”

Lee Sungmin put his hands forwards. Wijihoyun touched Sungmin’s wrist, and blew some power into his body. His body suddenly felt refreshed.

“You don’t have much power. Was it the [Genuine Heavens]? It was must be a Taoist cultivation method. This… isn’t that good either.”


This b*tch! Sungmin cursed in his mind. Wijihoyun may have said that with no ill feelings, but to Sungmin, it felt like an insult.

“The Taoist’s cultivation methods were slow but steady… It’s something that many people say.”

Wijihoyun muttered and let go of his head. Sungmin had a annoyed face as he said.


“It’s nothing really. No need for thanks.”

Wijihoyun smiled heartily and said.

“Is the city wall over there?”

Using speed techniques did help him get to the city wall quicker. Wijihoyun pointed to the door over there. Sungmin nodded.

“I’ll go first. You follow.”

Using that Wijihoyun disappeared. No, he just moved faster. Lee Sungmin laughed sadly.

“Why couldn’t I be a vice head of the demonic cult?”

Sungmin muttered as he followed using the [One Thunder].


“Boar, rabbit…”

Wijihoyun  walked through the forest. He was very composed like he was touring the place. Lee Sungmin was walking next to him with a annoyed face.

“There’s a difference between monsters and animals… you said?”

“Yeah, they look like animals, but they are monsters.”

They went in, but they haven’t seen a monster yet.

“Do they taste good?”

Wijihoyun asked. Sungmin had no answer to that. Delicious? Never ate one. The rabbits and boars were omnivorous, but they also hate humans.

And really, Sungmin never tried to eat one of them. At least not in Genavis.

“They probably aren’t good. They have too much muscle.”

“You never tried?”

“Yes.. yes.”

“Well then, you should try now. One of my few hobbies is eating.”

Wijihoyun laughed out loud. The hobby of the Small Pegasus was eating. He never knew that. And it was useless information.

“There’s something there.”

Wijihoyun  muttered. There’s what? Sungmin tilted his head. In a few seconds, a rabbit came out of the bushes.

“That must be a rabbit. It’s big.”


Wijihoyun  wasn’t surprised at all. Instead, his eyes looked like they was curious as they glared at the rabbit. The rabbit was looking back. Wijihoyun opened his mouth.

“That thing looks delicious.”


At that moment he asked, Wijihoyun moved. When he pointed his finger straight, the rabbit’s forehead had a hole. Psh! In the wound, blood kept flowing, and the rabbit fell to the ground.

What did he do? Sungmin was looking at Wijihoyun with his mouth open. He knew what happened in his mind. When Wijihoyun moved his finger, the power came from his fingertips, and the rabbit's forehead was broken by the attack.

Fingertips! In his 13 years of training, Lee Sungmin didn’t know how to use power from his spear. But fingertips!

‘Those 13 years spending my life aren’t even good for a 13 year old kid!’

He wanted to cry. He had heard of the name Wijihoyun so many times, but looking at it from his side, it felt worse.

“Let’s eat.”

“...later. Later…”

Sungmin muttered. Wijihoyun looked but listened to Sungmin. Sungmin went towards the rabbit, and picked up his small knife.

“One leg would make me full.”

Wijihoyun muttered and Sungmin wordlessly chopped off a leg. And using the interdimensional pocket, he put in the leg.

“What is that?”

Wijihoyun asked with curiosity. Sungmin talked about the interdimensional pocket, and Wijihoyun was surprised again.

“That’s a cool thing.”

They started to move again. Sungmin pulled out a spear from the pocket. He wasn’t going to hunt everyday, but he was going to catch a few goblins to get their teeth and blood.

“You use the spear?”


“The spear is a good weapon. It’s easier to learn than others.”

“... What do you use?”

“I learned the spear, but I don’t use it. The Pegasus’s Grace is an art known to the heads and the vice heads, and if you learn that, you don’t need weapons.”

“Then why did you learn?”

“It’s to learn the basics.”

Wijihoyun said solemnly.

“Starting from long range to short range, learning how to use all the weapons is important in facing them.”

A 13 year old was saying that. Stupid genetics. Someone barely knew how to use a spear after 13 years. Someone else was saying they knew how to use all the weapons in the world at just 13.

“What did you learn?”

“Chase Soul Technique.”

“There was a technique like that in my area. It wasn’t a great technique.”

The techniques that Sungmin learned and Wijihoyun knew weren’t the same techniques. There were martial artists in Eria, but the techniques were all different.

“Chase Soul Spear Technique, Chase Soul Sword Technique… I don’t know why people like the word Chase Soul so much. Do you know what they have in common. All the techniques with Chase Soul in them are not really that good.”

Wijihoyun’s face had pride in the techniques that he knew. Looking at that made Sungmin sad again.

‘He doesn’t have a bad personality…’

Sungmin moved forward with his shoulders drooped. He headed towards the goblin's nest.

He wasn’t going to the same area all the point. There were 8 points in this forest that he put. If he captured goblins from the same place all the time, goblins were that dumb to not notice that.

About a week of hiding made the goblins come. Before, he ambushed them but now he was better than that. He was getting used to the spear techniques, so now he was going in directly recently.


It was strange. During the way there, they had met a rabbit and a boar. A rabbit may have been like that, but the boar also ran away as fast as he could. Sungmin sighed as he looked at that sight.

It was because of Wijihoyun. Sungmin didn’t notice completely, but the aura from Wijihoyun made the monsters run away.

“It’s the goblin's area.”

“The green midgets that you said are called goblins. Are you gonna fight them?”

Wijihoyun asked, and Sungmin nodded. He pulled out a spear, but since Wijihoyun was making the monsters run away, he didn’t even get to use it.


As soon as they entered the area, they met with 3 goblins. Seeing Sungmin and Wijihoyun, they cried.

“They look ugly.”

Wijihoyun muttered behind him. Sungmin picked up his spear and got his posture. Wijihoyun seemed to not move.

‘To be using a spear technique in front of the Small Pegasus.’

Not the goblins, but Wijihoyun made Sungmin nervous. Sungmin looked at the goblins. They were gazing at him threateningly with their knives.

Then, Sungmin moved forward. Using the [One Thunder], he pulled out his spear.


The spear fell in a goblin's chest. He pulled the spear out.


He swung the spear on the goblin’s head, and then he pushed in another goblin’s body. The three goblins fell easily.


It was clean. Lee Sungmin smiled to himself as he congratulated himself. He practiced for a month. He now had a bit of muscle so the spear techniques were much better than before.


Wijihoyun had his hands on his chin.


The fact stung his chest hard.

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