Possessing Nothing - Chapter 11

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Lee Sungmin sharply asked. He quickly turned around and looked towards Wijihoyun. Wijihoyun had a bored face and was looking at him.

“What’s trash?”

He didn’t know where he got the confidence to ask  Wijihoyun. He had gotten a martial skeleton. He had learned the [Genuine Heavens] and had practiced everyday. He knew he wasn’t the best, but he had tried his hardest.

That effort was being called trash. Sungmin bit his lip as he glared at Wijihoyun. Wijihoyun met his glance nonchalantly as he opened his mouth.

“There are way too many unnecessities.”

First, he criticized.

“The spear is long. Therefore, it’s important to know how to use that length.”

Wijihoyun held up his hand. He pointed his finger at the spear.

“But you tried to go close to them. There’s no point in doing that. There was no point in using a technique. If you took 5 steps. Just 5 steps, your spear could have hit the goblin.”

“...I don’t have enough strength…”

“Is it really?”

Wijihoyun laughed.

“Those guys didn’t practice any techniques, and your spear isn’t blunt either. Even if you don’t have enough strength, a spear can stab something. A spear is that kind of weapon.”

Lee Sungmin listened to Wijihoyun without answering back. It was the first time he had heard things like this. He tried to use a spear before, but no one told Sungmin about spear techniques.

“Of course, a spear isn’t only used for stabbing. You could swing it and beat it. But it’s a mistake to do that when there’s no need to.”

Lee Sungmin groaned. He felt anger when he heard that his skills was trash, but listening to his criticism, he could understand his errors.

“But, even if the swings were unnecessary, they were practical. The stance is pretty decent… Using the spear handle should be complemented. Unnecessities happen when you study alone.”

Wijihoyun nodded his head and rated him.

“You’re not bad. Using the skill… I don’t understand, but for one month with no teacher, right? That’s not bad.”

No, I did it for 13 years. Lee Sungmin drooped his shoulders.

“...Let’s go…”

Lee Sungmin sighed and went towards the goblin. He pulled out the teeth and put the blood in the bottles. Wijihoyun approached him

“Go? Where?”

“I… I have to go to the inn I’m staying at.”

“What about me?”

“Why ask me?”

“Do I follow you?”

Wijihoyun smiled and asked. To that, Lee Sungmin’s mouth opened wide.

“...Follow me?”

“How’s this? If you pay for my stay, I will teach you martial arts.”

Sungmin’s mind opened up. He was getting to learn from the Small Pegasus! It was an opportunity that wasn’t even comparable to the Potion he was trying to after.

“Teach... teach me?”

“Ah, I can’t teach you the Pegasus’s Grace. That’s only for heads and vice heads. Even if there are no sects here… I can’t teach you.”

He wasn’t even looking for that. Ah, but he would accept if Wijihoyun did want to teach him.

“Ahah! Isn’t that a great opportunity. Are you going to say no?”

“N. no.”

Lee Sungmin swallowed. Wijihoyun wasn’t a mean 13 year old kid anymore. Now he was like a God to Sungmin.

God was making him lunch and was basically feeding it to him.


“Who’s that?”

Lula who was cleaning the table opened her eyes. Lee Sungmin had an awkward smile as he brought Wijihoyun.

“It’s an otherworlder who was summoned today.”

“It’s Wijihoyun.”

Wijihoyun said to Lula. It was Lula who wanted Sungmin to call her big sister, but she only looked at Wijihoyun with her mouth open.

That made sense. Lee Sungmin had a normal face, but Wijihoyun was different.

‘Good at martial arts, good background, intelligent, and with a good face.’

The world was unfair. Lee Sungmin complained. Wijihoyun was a handsome person even at 13 year. He was young and didn’t have any masculine features yet, but in 5 years, everyone would probably consider him handsome.

“He’s a martial artists from his clothing.”

Jack muttered. He looked at Sungmin and asked.

“Are you gonna let him sleep here?”

“Ah, yes. I’ll pay for him.”

“Well that’s fine. There's a lot of rooms.”

Lee Sungmin had to pay more, but he didn’t care.

He was spending 10,000 Erie for this inn. It was 20,000 Erie, but because Jack was kind enough, he cut the cost by half,

“The cost is 20,000. With yours, it’s 30,000 Erie. Well, seeing your face, I’ll do it for 25,000.”

“Thank You!”

As Jack was being generous, Sungmin laughed happily and nodded his head. He pulled Wijihoyun to the room. Since the room next to Wijihoyun was empty, Wijihoyun was going to use that room.

“First, I want to know what you want to learn.”

Wijihoyun didn’t go into his room and came into Sungmin’s room. He sat on the bed and looked at Sungmin’s room.

“First, tell me what you’ve learned.”

“I’ve learned the [Genuine Heavens], [One Thunder], [Iron Skin], [Stone Body], and the Chase Soul Spear Technique.”

“Ok, where’s the book for the [Genuine Heavens]?”

To his asking, Sungmin lifted the mattress of the bed and pulled out the book. He gave it to Wijihoyun. Wijihoyun looked at it for a bit and clicked his tongue.

“I knew it. It’s not that great. The only good thing is that you can learn other cultivation methods as well... Hmm.”

Wijihoyun frowned.

“What do you want to learn?”

Wijihoyun asked.

“I know a lot of techniques. I didn’t master them all, but I memorized all of them. All of them are peak level techniques, so anything will be of help to you.”

“... mm…”

How to use this opportunity. Sungmin thought.

He wanted to first learn some cultivation manuals.. His [Genuine Heavens] was better than what he had in his past life, but he would switch if Wijihoyun told him another one.

‘Not a Spear Technique… yet… I need inner strength first.’

Thankfully, there was something he was thinking of. Sungmin looked at Wijihoyun.

“I want to learn a cultivation method.”

“I thought so.”

Wijihoyun laughed.

“Your [Genuine Heavens] isn’t really a great method. It’s barely a first level cultivation manual. There are tens of those better than that method in my head. Do you know what the difference between a first level and an peak level method?”


“That’s not wrong, but that’s not right either. Understanding… is difficult. The difference between those two is the ‘kindness.’ The peak level methods are ones that have been perfected through tens and hundreds of years. It’s easier to learn and to grow with.”

Sungmin could agree to that.

“How about the [Amethyst Cloud] . It’s uncomparable to the [Pegasus’s Grace], but [Amethyst Cloud] isn’t too bad either. It’s easy to gain inner strength, and if you practice it enough, you might even get to the limit.”

Wijihoyun said that and suddenly said the words to the technique.  Sungmin raised his hands.


“... I can’t memorize it. Can’t you write it down…?”

Sungmin smiled bitterly. Wijihoyun clucked his tongue.

“You don’t have the memorization skills.”

Even as he said that, Wijihoyun took a pen and paper from Sungmin and wrote the manual down.

“Why aren’t you asking for a spear technique.”

Wijihoyun asked as he was writing the manual down.

“I need inner strength.”

“It’s like you’re saying you don’t need a spear technique.”

“I need one, but… I can’t even do the spear technique that I’m practicing right now. I don’t have the confidence to use a spear technique better than that one even if I learn it.”

“That’s wise of you. I saw your spear skills for just a second… it’s barely any use of you to try and learn a better spear technique.”

The facts hurt.

After an hour, Wijihoyun put down the pen. Sungmin politely received the paper from Wijihoyun with two hands.

‘... should I ask him for some other technique?’

As he was going to read, suddenly, a sense of greed rose in his mind. He didn’t know the reason, but Wijihoyun was being generous to him. Even now. The technique that he gave Sungmin. It was a technique that was incomparable to the Genuine Heavens.

If this news of this manual ended up in Eria, there would be blood with people asking to get it. He had gotten a technique like this for just a inn fee.

Sungmin met Wijihoyun’s eyes.

No. The 13 years of his experience warned him that it would be dangerous to ask more.

“... thanks.”

“I only gave what I thought was a fair trade. It’s my first friend so I gave a bit more though.”

Wijihoyun smiled as he said that.

“If you asked more, I would have been very disappointed with you.”

Wijihoyun added.

“I don’t think that’s being a friend.”

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