Possessing Nothing - Chapter 12

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From as far back as he could remember, Wijihoyun was raised to be the Vice-Head of a cult.

He remembered the bookshelf. The shelf filled with martial arts manuals. From as early as when he first learned to read and write, Wijihoyun lived with the arts. His father, who stood at the pinnacle of the cult, put his one and only son towards extreme studying.

Reading, memorizing, reading, memorizing, that cycle continued ad infinitum. Instead of toys, he had weapons. To get familiar with them, he was taught to kill. First, a bug, then a rat, rabbit… then a person.

Sometimes, his dad came. He looked over Wijihoyun’s arts and gave him medicine. What his dad wanted was not a son, but the head of a cult that could rule the entire world.

Wijihoyun tried his best to fit in with that mindset. The medicines and the martial arts that the head created combined with the genius of Wijihoyun made it possible for him to succeed.

When he was 10, Wijihoyun was finally able to leave the library. From that point, Wijihoyun was used to murder and had the foundations necessary to learn the [Pegasus’ Grace] that only the cult heads were allowed to learn.

3 years later, Wijihoyun studied the [Pegasus’ Grace]. It was all he remembered from his past. He had… no one around him. All that was around him was a head that was like a God, and servants who followed orders.


It was a word that Wijihoyun didn’t know. He had never had such a thing like a friend. There was no one who was capable or had the requirements to be a friend with someone like Wijihoyun .

‘First friend.’

Wijihoyun looked down outside the window. If it was his past world, he wouldn’t have looked at Sungmin. No, there would be no reason to meet him.

This place was different. There was no guilt here. There was no God-like head. This was a world called Eria.

He didn’t want to go back. It had been a month since he came. In that month, he worried that when he slept, he would wake up thinking that this was a dream. When he woke up, he felt relieved that this was not a dream.

“...What a shame.”

Wijihoyun muttered. He tied his hair back up and sighed.

“He has no talent.”

Wijihoyun muttered.

Lee Sungmin was sweating as he was swinging his spear around.

The [Amethyst Cloud] was a technique that could be counted as one of the best out of them all. It was nothing compared to the [Pegasus’ Grace], but if he learned the [Amethyst Cloud], it would be easy to conquer one area.

However, like all techniques, the [Amethyst Cloud] was for the geniuses. Wijihoyun said it. The apex techniques and the first-rate techniques had a difference.

Yet, that wasn’t for normal people. The names that usually learned these techniques were for people who had been named geniuses in their early age.

The grace techniques had more ‘kindness’ than the apex techniques and [Amethyst Cloud] was one of them. As a genius, this ‘kindness’ could be understood as ‘kindness’, but not to a normal person.

Lee Sungmin, in Wijihoyun’s eyes, was very far from a genius.

Sungmin knew that as well.

He practiced for a month. The manual he memorized completely. He practiced it every time.

At first, he was hopeful. The hope that he would get stronger by learning a grace technique. He had never learned something like this in his past life. He had only learned second rate techniques.

It didn’t take long for that hope to disappear.

It was obvious if he thought about it. It took him 13 years to get to level 8 with his second rate technique. [Amethyst Cloud]… this was a grace technique.

But it didn’t fit him.

‘I’m not a genius.’

Sungmin breathed. The power of the Amethyst Cloud was going through his body. His breath stabilized.

The rate that he wanted to learn the technique was way slower that he expected. The kindness… it was unkindness to Sungmin. He wasn’t a genius, but he couldn’t understand the kindness that was meant for the geniuses.

Sungmin practiced the Chase Soul technique as well as the [Amethyst Cloud]. Even though the [Amethyst Cloud] wasn’t right for him, the Chase Soul technique increased quickly combined with it. He didn’t have enough inner strength yet, but the inner strength that was given by the Amethyst Cloud was nothing compared to the Genuine Heavens.

“Is there no way to increase my inner strength?”

Sungmin asked as he breathed. He was asking to Wijihoyun who had come down from his room and was sitting in the shade.


Wijihoyun answered.

“That’s the fastest way.”

Sungmin knew that was the fastest way. He was hopeful that there was another way.

“There is no other way. Yet, the good thing is that… in this world there is a lot of qi. Usually when we say the size of inner strength, we use a sexagenary cycle. Therefore, in one cycle, it’s about 60 years of inner strength.”

He laughed as he said.

“To get one cycle of inner strength, you need to study 60 years. To cut down the time we use potions.”

Therefore, he still needed to get the Potion from the Colosseum. He didn’t know how much he would gain, but he needed something at this point.

“Are you going to the woods today as well?”

Wijihoyun asked. Sungmin picked up a towel and wiped away the sweat on his forehead.


“You need money?”

“Yeah. You’re not going, right?”

Wijihoyun had interest when he first arrived. However, in just a week, Wijihoyun lost the interest in the forest.

As a hunting ground, there was barely rabbits and boars. Maybe some bears. A bit deeper, and there were goblins.

Sungmin usually went to the goblins. He could go for the orcs at this point, but he didn’t want to overextend himself.

Going to the forest to get money was one of his jobs. It had nothing to do with Wijihoyun. Wijihoyun was tired of doing the same thing over and over again after a week of it.

Wijihoyun had another hobby now. When Sungmin went to the forest, Wijihoyun went around Genavis.

“I’m going to the library.”

He pulled out his hand towards Sungmin. Sungmin sighed and pulled out 10,000 Erie.

“You already used up the money I gave before?”

“It’s been 4 days. Of course.”

Wijihoyun laughed and answered. Instead of Wijihoyun who didn’t hunt, Sungmin gave him money. He didn’t think it was a waste, to be honest. Wijihoyun helping him study everyday was a great help to Sungmin.

Leaving Wijihoyun, Sungmin left the inn. Using [One Thunder], he ran towards the hunting grounds. With the slow growth of [Amethyst Cloud], his inner strength still increased a great deal. A month ago, he lost all his strength after just 10 minutes, now he could be a bit liberal with his strength.

Still, it wasn’t enough to get to the hunting grounds without stopping.



He looked down at the body. It wasn’t the first time he saw it. There wasn’t as much at the entrance, but as he went inside, there were more bodies.

They were usually No Classes. Martial artists and magicians had enough power to stand up to these monsters, and they didn't’ stay in Genavis for a while. They know that they can’t do much if they stay here hunting goblins and orcs.

But No classes were different. They didn't’ have any strength to leave the city. It was an issue for the No Classes.

They had to stay here for a long time, either getting money for art manuals, or magic, or other skills.

It wasn’t something done in a short time. His past self stayed for 3 years.

‘This… was a human.’

There was distance left to the goblin area. He moved down and examined the body. 2 bodies. The weapon… was a knife. At least that’s what he thought.

‘No weapon. The person must have took it. Goblins can’t be out here...it’s a person.’

There was something. Sungmin remembered back. It was this time? Sungmin wrinkled his face.

His past life. There was something called ‘No Class Hunting.’ that was a fad for a while.

It didn’t stay for long. Just a week. A person hunted the No Classes who came to the goblin area.

The purpose was to get the money and equipment. He didn’t know who, but he only went after No Classes and stole their money and equipment.


Sungmin clicked his tongue and stood up. In his past life, Sungmin didn't even get to the goblin area.

‘Bad luck.’

He would leave the area. The blood hadn’t dried yet.


Sungmin shook. ‘Bright ear.’ The skill that he had gotten in 2 months, it was a skill that increased hearing in forests.

‘Bad Luck…’

Sungmin ran forward with no hesitation.

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