Possessing Nothing - Chapter 13

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Sungmin didn’t look back... he didn’t know where the sound that he heard came from. It could have been a rabbit that he saw all the time, or even a boar… it could be something like that.

But what does that matter. He saw a body. He saw a No Class’ corpse that was from the No Class hunting. He wasn’t arrogant. Confidence was something that people who had things had.

The sound came closer from behind. It wasn’t a monster. A rabbit running, a boar running, it didn’t match either of those sounds. The sound was… light. It wasn’t a goblin or an orc. A light but fast sound. It was getting closer.

Human. Is this… a speed technique? Sungmin wrinkled. It wasn’t just running. If it was just running, the person wouldn’t be able to catch up with his One Thunder.

‘Was it a martial artist?’

It wasn’t good. Bad luck. A sudden moment, he heard a sound. It wasn’t a running sound. This was…

Air. Sungmin threw his body around. With the speed that he was running at, he flew in the air.

The knife the person threw slightly missed Sungmin and went away. Dang!

He quickly tried to catch his fall, but his body rolled on the ground.


Sungmin breathed hard as he stood up.

“It was a martial artist.”

The hunter muttered.

He wasn’t that tall. There was a skinny man standing on the ground. The area below his eyes were black like death.

“He didn’t look like it…”

It was a bad choice. The man muttered as he wrinkled his eyebrows. But he had no intention of backing off.

‘What is this…’

Sungmin acted with a scared face. Even with that face, Sungmin stayed cold. Running… was impossible.

But he knew one thing.

The hunter’s power wasn’t that great. If it were great, then he wouldn’t have tried to assassinate him with a throwing knife.. He would have taken him down by running. He didn’t even look confident with assassinations. Sungmin ‘heard’ the sound, and ‘dodged’ the throwing knife.’

‘A third rate.’

The person that killed No Classes for a week in the Goblin area was just a third rate martial artist.

However, he wasn’t to be taken lightly. With just a knife, a human can be a murder. The human body is just that fragile.

Even as a third-rate martial artist, he had definitely learned the technique of killing a person. He had no hesitation towards murder. He had no hesitation in swinging a weapon. Martial arts were just basically a better way of killing.

Not being used to fighting monsters, not being used to killing humans… this was a No Class. To a No Class like that… a person like this who kills other people with weapons is like a demon to them.

Not to Lee Sungmin.

‘Third class… can he do it?’

Sungmin raised both his hands. He was showing that he wasn’t going to attack. The hunter’s eyebrow went up.

“What are you doing?”

“I... I don’t want to die.”

Sungmin made a hesitating sound. He made a face like he was going to cry, and with his 14 year old face, it looked good.

“There is no one who wants to die.”

The hunter muttered. He pulled out the knife on his waist.

“Who wants to die?”

Hing. The hunter swung his knife. The knife made a loud sound as it cut the air. It was a sound that threatened. Lee Sungmin swallowed loudly. This was also a sound that was made to be heard

“If, if you let me live.”

Sungmin lifted the interdimensional pocket. The hunter’s eyes narrowed.

“I’ll… give you this.”

“What is that.”

The hunter asked. Sungmin opened the pocket.

Looking at his movement, Sungmin put his hand inside the pocket.

What he pulled out was a constructible spear. He had bought it after his spear broke after the orc fight. Creak! Sungmin created the spear as the hunter looked.

“... what is that?”

The hunter’s mouth opened. It was a surprised face. What made him surprised was not the spear, but was the pocket. It was the size of 2 hands, but a spear came out of it. It was surprising.

“It’s called a interdimensional pocket. I’ll give you this… so can you let me live?”

“Why can’t I just kill you and take it?”

B*itch. His thinking was very logical. As he thought that, he still kept up his scared face.

He didn’t understand the pocket. This guy… didn’t have the understanding of this world. To explain, he didn’t understand the ‘magic’ behind the pocket.

“Th, this pocket has magic inside of it. If I die, it doesn’t work anymore.”

“You want me to believe that?”

“It’s true…!”

Sungmin shouted as he made a face. The hunter didn’t know what to believe. Like Sungmin thought, he didn’t know anything about magic. He knew how the world worked, and how hunting weak humans gave more profit than hunting monsters. So he was killing people who looked weak in this area.

That was it. Magic? What is that?

“...Give that to me”

The hunter said.

“Leave the spear.”

The hunter added. Of course. Sungmin put down the spear.

Up to here was Sungmin’s plan. Using the pocket, he would get the hunter’s interest. He would take the spear out.

Then he would show the spear.

The spear that was a weapon.

“Come here.”

The hunter ordered. Sungmin shook his legs and made a frightened face. He was glad that he was a 14 year old doing this.

He acted scared. He begged to let him live in return for the pocket. He put down the spear on the ground.

And then he encouraged overconfidence.

Can he do it?

It wasn’t that he wasn’t scared. He was acting cool-headed, but if he did something wrong, he would die. There was no other way when escape was impossible. He had to kill the other person.

He had to select a way. Frontal assault? No way. Lee Sungmin wasn’t overconfident in himself. His [Amethyst Cloud] was still level 1, and the techniques that he was practicing weren’t strong enough. Inner strength. He didn’t have enough. If he used a spear… he would be able to survive a bit. But he wouldn’t be able to win.

In his past life, he was second rate, the opponent now was third rate. If he used his past body, he would be able to win in a head-on fight.

But for now that wasn’t possible. He didn’t have a strong enough body yet. Even after 2 months of strengthening, he was nothing compared to a strong man. He couldn’t use inner strength to overcome that strength weakness either.

Even as a third rate, he probably knew more techniques than Sungmin did. Sungmin only learned for 2 months.

Yet, Sungmin had experience. Wth 13 years of living, he had experience. A young child brings overconfidence.

The distance was closer. Sungmin moved closer.

“Wait, throw it there.”

The hunter spat. The guy wasn’t a complete idiot. If Sungmin was just a regular No Class, the hunter wouldn’t be this aware.

‘Maybe I shouldn’t have ran away in the beginning? No, now it’s too late.”

Sungmin stopped and pulled up the pocket. And he threw the pocket.

A bit high,

And a bit to the left.

The hunting reacted. He lifted his right arm up, and moved his body to the side. It was to get the pocket that was heading diagonally. When he moved, Sungmin’s hand was at the belt. The throwing knife was on his hand.

Pwk! The knife went forward. The hunter, surprised, moved. The knife barely missed the waist of the hunter.

In his body, inner strength rose up. The [Amethyst Cloud] was being used.

Pck! He used the [One Thunder] to move forward. The hunter didn’t have any time to swing his knife because of his broken stance. Sungmin pulled out the knife on the back of his waist and stabbed in straight inside.

“You son of a….!”

The hunter screamed. Tired to scream. Sungmin swung the knife that was inside of him without hesitation.


The hunter screamed. He moved back so it missed his vital points, but the knife cut through his stomach.


The hunter used his last strength. Even as he was bleeding hard,he swung his life with his right hand. Then Sungmin, without thinking, moved close to the hunter’s body.

This distance. He couldn’t move away. He had to move towards him. The weapon like a knife could never swipe something that was close to the chest. Maybe if he stabbed it down

The third rate martial artists was like this. They didn’t know how to adapt. They didn’t know how to be cool-headed. They didn't’ know how to examine their opponent.


The knife stabbed straight through the person’s left chest. The knife stabbed straight through the heart. His body shook. His chin moved down, and the blood that came through his body straight out through the mouth flowed down.

“Uh… Uahhhhh…”


Sungmin breathed as he pulled out the knife. He pushed the body away with his left hand.

The person shivered slightly and lost his strength. Sungmin wiped away the blood on the knife. Then he searched through the hunter’s body.

“...You stole a lot of money.”

He earned 210,000 Erie.

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