Possessing Nothing - Chapter 14

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Thinking about it, it was really stupid.

The person who massacred No Classes for a week in his past life was just a third rate martial artist. Lee Sungmin looked down at the dead hunter. He didn’t know his name. He probably wouldn’t. How he felt about fighting....

‘I would have died if I did something wrong.’

That was Sungmin’s reality. He was back in his old life. He did learn the [Amethyst Cloud] through Wijihoyun. Still… he had to risk his life to kill a third rate martial artist.

There was no other way. The [Amethyst Cloud] didn’t give him talent. Understanding the grace techniques were close to impossible for Lee Sungmin

“Screw this.”

Sungmin cursed and wiped the blood on his hands on his clothes. The hunter was holding the pocket that Sungmin threw at him.

Sungmin took the pocket and the knife that the hunter was holding. It was too big to put inside the pocket. He took the blade, and looked through his belongings.

There was nothing else other than money. He was hopeful that there might be something else related to martial arts, but there was nothing.

‘Well, why does it matter. I’m busy with other things…’

The [Amethyst Cloud] was hard enough. He wasn’t even able to use the Chase Soul technique completely correctly. If he added more techniques…

Sungmin left the body and headed outside the forest. It didn’t feel that bad to kill a person. He was already used to it.

Sungmin wasn’t the person to try and kill the opponent. But if the opponent tried to kill and there was no other way, he had to kill.

It didn’t feel great. It was … bitter. He understood now how weak the No Classes here were. Tens of people died to just this third rate.

‘He roamed for barely a week. He didn’t show up any other time.’

Probably… he died. He could have attacked a martial artist or a magician like now, or he could have attacked a No Class that was stronger than others. He didn’t really care how he died before.

He died in this life. The hunting was over.

“You brought a weird blade.”

Jack muttered. He looked over the blade that he got from Sungmin. The blade basically decorated that the owner was a martial artist.

“It’s strange to see a martial artist die in the forest…”

“Not all of them are strong.”

“Yes. third rate or second rate, there are those people.”

Jack didn’t really ask about the origins of the blade. Still, he paid well for it.

“You know that kid you’re with recently.”

“...yes? Ah, Hoyun?”

“Yes. that kid… Who is he?”

Jack’s eyes narrowed. Why was he asking this now? Sungmin tilted his head and widened his eyes.

“What about him?”

“No, I see him in the plaza… I don’t know what he’s doing. He’s just sitting there near the fountain sometimes and then walking around…”

Jack wrinkled his face.

“He’s just a bit uncomfortable. That… what should I say. An instinct… yes. That. I just have an instinct to be close with him…”

Jack laughed a bit at himself as he was speaking. Uncomfortable of a 13 year old. But Jack trusted himself. He was saved by it when he was wandering the forest a few times.

“I don’t know what he’s doing.”

Sungmin said truthfully. Wijihoyun was doing something else, and he was giving him money.

But even he didn’t know what Wijihoyun was doing.

Wijihoyun stayed in Genavis for one month before. Sungmin didn’t know where Wijihoyun went. He was busy with himself.

He heard when he became a mercenary. He was 18 then and was living in a close place called Bronu.

At that point, Wijihoyun was spreading his name around since a year ago. Now he was a bit curious. What was he doing for 3 years. Sungmin lived in Genavis for 3 years and became a mercenary after a year. Wijihoyun was gone for 3 years before he went to spread his name.

3 years. What did Wijihoyun do? It’s been a month. If it goes like before...Wijihoyun would leave Genavis.

‘But Wijihoyun now is different.’

The person didn’t change. However, what happened changed. Wijihoyun didn’t meet Sungmin before. Sungmin knew what Wijihoyun did after a month.

In that month, Wijihoyun created a storm in Genavis. He destroyed 4 goblin clans and 3 orc clans. Even as they reproduce fast, it did cause a issue in the balance of the forest.

But this Wijihoyun was different. It’s not that Wijihoyun didn’t go to the forest. He didn’t go this week, but he went the past 3 weeks with Sungmin.

He only went but didn’t do anything. As Sungmin fought, Wijihoyun looked around at mushroom or flowers… or bugs. He sometimes fixed errors on Sungmin’s movements.

“Are you here?”

Wijihoyun was already there when Sungmin came back to the inn. Wijihoyun smiled at Sungmin as he came in.

“You came early?”

“You too.”

Sungmin woke up early. He practiced [Amethyst Cloud] and then went to the backyard of the inn and swung spears. Then he went to the forest and would come back just after lunch. It’s the same afterwards.

Today, he came back before lunch. He had a lot of money, so there was no need to hunt anymore.

“You usually come at dinner.”

“I finished reading all the books at the bookstore today.”

Wijihoyun laughed. As Sungmin heard the rumors about Wijihoyun, he heard Wijihoyun was a cruel person.

But really living with Wijihoyun, the name Small Pegasus didn’t really fit him. Wijihoyun had a lot of facial expressions and laughed. It did feel bad when he beat people with facts, but Wijihoyun had some manners. He was really friendly with people like Lula and Hans.


Today’s lunch was a sandwich with meat. Lula came out of the kitchen with sandwiches on a plate. Wijihoyun was going to say something, but he shut his mouth as Lula came.

“You killed a person.”

After a few words, Lula went back to the kitchen. When she left, Wijihoyun muttered that. Sungmin’s face hardened as he was about to cut the sandwich.


“You smell like blood. Human blood.”

Wijihoyun touched his nose. And then he laughed.

“I’m used to it. I killed early on… it’s hard not to get used to it.”

“It’s just blood, isn’t it?”

“No, it’s different. Why’d you kill?”


Sungmin stayed silent. Then he sighed and cut his sandwich.

“He was a third rate martial artist. He wanted to kill me…”

“You won against him. You should as you are studying the [Amethyst Cloud].”

“I couldn’t do a head-on fight.”

“You don’t have enough inner strength.”

Wijihoyun answered like he knew. He wiped away the sauce with a napkin.

“You’re unique.”

Wijihoyun’s eyes brightened.

“When you went to hunt, I went around the city to see, to understand the world. I learned the state of the No Classes. Most of them are… terrible.”


“I understand. It’s a human who can’t kill something like a small animal. If a human can do that easily, he’s probably a broken human.”

Wijihoyun knew. He practiced killing early on to be used to it. Not to get used it, but to not care about it.

“You’re different. It’s been 2 months. You went into the forest as soon as you were summoned. Then you hunted monsters.”

“...What’s so different? You can’t survive without it.”

“Haha! Do you think No Classes don’t know that and can’t do that? They know it, but they can’t do it. They can’t risk their lives, and kill another being. Something you know, but can’t do.”

That was a difference between No Classes and the others. All the other martial artists were used to killing. Martial arts was basically a better way to kill others.

Magicians were the same. Magicians may be thought of as an experimental in a lab,

But it’s different in reality. Magic makes killing so easy.

But what about a No Class? No skill and no determination. That’s why living was so hard.

“You’re 14. It’s hard for you to kill at this age. It’s hard to murder or even kill a small animal. But you did it without hesitation.”

“I have to.”

“Ok. Then let me say something else.”

Wijihoyun shrugged. What does he want to say. Sungmin glared at Wijihoyun as he shoved the sandwich in his mouth.

“You have no talent.”


The random fact hit his throat hard. The sandwich going down his throat was stuck. Sungmin coughed loudly as he poured milk inside.

“It’s strange though. You have no talent… but you have the form for swinging the spear. You have a lot of useless actions, but it’s possible to kill.”

“Wh, what do you want to say?”

“2 months. It’s been 2 months. That skill is pretty incredible for 2 months. Not the spear either. You’re used to using inner strength. When you use cultivation methods as well, your footwork is pretty good. Do you know? When normal people use methods, the feet get mixed up. It’s hard to get used to it.”

He knew this. It took him a long time when he tried to learn the [One Thunder].

“You’re used to it. Your spear technique is second rate, but it’s still polished. In just 2 months? With that power, you have no talent. What is that?”

Wijihoyun laughed. Footwork? He had to be used to it. It’s been 10 years. Spear? Same. 10 years he spent swinging that thing as a mercenary.

“It’s strange. Strange… what are you hiding?”

Wijihoyun was looking at Sungmin. Sungmin claimed his beating heart and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

“I don’t get it.”

“You’re still lying. I don’t like lying.”

“...Everyone has secrets. Isn’t it a bad thing to try and get it out of someone?”

Sungmin grumbled. Hans said that. He had a natural instinct to be away from Wijihoyun. Sungmin agreed with his now. It was very weird dealing with this Wijihoyun. What 13 year old kid has his mind work like this. Just say it is like that.

‘He’s not a person that can think lightly of things.’

Sungmin drank his milk quickly. And then thought.

There was a simple way to stop his suspicion.

To say that he was reborn. But could he? He wondered if he could trust Wijihoyun or Wijihoyun believed him.

“Secret. Yes, everyone has that. I do, too.”

Wijihoyun laughed.

“Then how’s this? I’ll tell you mine.”

“I don’t think your secret has more worth than my secret.”

“I see. Then how is this. I’ll add something else. Spear technique? Footwork? Anything.”

“...I can’t use it. Like you beat me up, I don’t have talent.”

“When did I beat you up?”

“Language is violence.”

Sungmin said with a gloomy face. Wijihoyun looked like he didn’t understand.

“You’re saying weird things. Well.. that’s not wrong. Your Chase Sould technique is nothing compared to the apex techniques. Isn’t it better to learn a spear technique in the long run?”

“I don’t have enough inner strength.”

“You’re being expensive.”

“I don’t want to say it that much.”

“Fine. I’ll give you 20 percent of my inner strength.”

Wijihoyun said. To that, Sungmin widened his mouth. Inner strength isn’t something that is easily given as well, but he didn’t understand why Wijihoyun wanted to learn it so much.

“Why do you want to hear it that much?”

“I’m curious. You're my only friend. Is it weird to know a friend’s secret?”

“I don’t want to know yours…”

“You and me are different. I have no intention of blaming you, but I want to know. So how is it?”

Wijihoyun said. Lee Sungmin hesitated. A spear technique, inner strength, and Wijihoyun’s secret. This would be an opportunity like never before. Sungmin sighed and nodded.

“...Fine. Just promise this. When you hear mine… don’t kill me.”

“Why would I do that?”


“Ok. I promise. I won’t kill you ever. No matter what you say or what happens, I won’t kill you. You're my friend.”

Wijihoyun nodded and said. Sungmin felt a bit of guilt as he heard that.


“I’ll say it first.”

Sungmin was about to say something, but Wijihoyun lifted his hand up.

“I’m a girl.”


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