Possessing Nothing - Chapter 16

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“Ok, spear techniques are good for now.”

Wijihoyun muttered and held out her hand.

“I’ll give you 20 percent of my inner strength.”

She was saying that it was nothing, but Sungmin couldn’t believe it.

20 percent of her power. He didn't’ know how much that was. But was inner strength something that was so easily taken and given? Sungmin was curious about that.

Inner strength were all different. A guy’s strength had yang while the girl had yin. Those things were the basics and the inner strength all differs from which type of cultivation methods that were learned. One type of method would give that type of inner strength.

“I learned Amethyst Cloud, so can I take your inner strength?”

“You're not completely stupid.”

At the question, Wijihoyun made a proud face and answered.

“If it was normal, it’s impossible to give inner strength. Only if its the purest central energy, it could be given. But that’s not the best way to do. That energy is basically your life power, so just by touching, it lowers your life expectancy.”

She wasn’t going to give that energy

“There are other ways to take strength, but they aren’t effective. It seems like a good thing to be able to steal someone else's strength… but it’s not really a good thing either. There’s too much waste accumulated.”

Wijihoyun put out her hand further and grabbed Sungmin’s wrist.

“Do you know why the Pegasus’s Grace is one of the best techniques and is given only to the heads?”

“How would i know.”

“Of course you wouldn’t. To say simply, the Pegasus’s Grace… doesn’t go through what all cultivation methods go through called the ‘refinement.’”


Sungmin couldn’t help but be surprised at that. Even if it was second rate and third rate, sungmin practiced cultivation methods. He knew how amazing not going through ‘refinement’ was.

The basis of the cultivation method was usually nature’s power into the body, and using the words of the method, refining it to inner strength. That’s how strength combined in the body.

Those were the basics of all the cultivation methods, the third rate or apex techniques. The Amethyst Cloud that he was practicing right now was a grace cultivation method, but there was refinement involvement. It was just that the speed that the inner strength combines is nothing compared to other methods.

But to have no refinement. if that was true, inner strength would increase every time he took a breath from nature.

“Pegasus Grace allows for a person to gain strength just by breathing. It could be considered one of the best. But it’s not for everyone. You have to have qualities to learn it.”

Wijihoyun rubbed Sungmin’s writs and stayed quiet for a while. He could feel the power given by Wijihoyun.

“The blood flow… isn’t clean. There’s a lot of waste here. 14 isn’t a young age to learn martial arts. It’s pretty late.”

It was inevitable. Even if he earned a low class martial skeleton, he couldn’t clean up the blood flow.

“Your energy limit is small as well. That I can’t do anything about. Your strength is small. So… I’m going to give you 20 percent of my strength, but it’s not as easy of a thing to do in real life. Giving or receiving.”

“...it’s not dangerous, right?”

“No. Still, it depends on you how much of the energy that you can usually take from my 20 percent. Use the Amethyst Cloud.”

Wijihoyun let go of his hand. Sungmin followed and started to use the Amethyst Cloud. His small inner strength started to give energy.

Wijihoyun stood behind Sungmin. She breathed a few time and put her right hand on his stomach. The pegasus’s Grace was being used.

“Don’t say anything.”

Wijihoyun warned. Sungmin closed his eyes and mouth. He only thought about the Amethyst Cloud and used it. Then

Through his stomach, a big energy was entered. It was an unrefined clean natural energy.

Wijihoyun’s energy had the usage enough and ever more of an potion. The size was the same, but during refinement, potions mix in waste as well. There’s a lot of energy waste when cultivation methods are used to refine it.

But to this energy that she was giving, there wasn’t anything like that. Of course, he couldn’t just take the energy. Sungmin didn’t learn the Pegasus’s Grace.

Sungmin’s shoulder shivered. The energy from Wijihoyun wandered through Sungmin’s blood. To keep it, Sungmin kept using the Amethyst Cloud.


A big later, Wijihoyun took off her hand. Her face was filled with tiredness. She was grumbling while wiping off her sweat.

“This is a huge opportunity. You know?”

Sungmin couldn’t answer. He was surprised by the amount of energy coming through his veins. Only a bit later did he open his eyes.


The first thing that he let out was a sigh. His energy was filled. He hadn’t felt this full in ages.

‘This is just 20 percent?’

It was impossible. The 20 percent that she put in… it was way more than he had in 10 years.

“How much did you get?”

“Ah… about… half?”

“Lies. With your skill, you wouldn’t have even got half. Don’t get discouraged. It’s power in your veins, so with practice, you should be able to get it.

Tired. She grumbled and sat down on the bed. Wijihoyun would have to be using 20 percent of her strength.

“...Why are you doing this/”

“You're my friend.”

Wijihoyun answered.

“Don’t say it. This is… just by pleasure. I don’t want anything from you, so don’t worry.”

“I’m tired. I’m going to sleep early...tomorrow, i’ll start fixing the High Heavens.

“...Should I help?”

“You? Help me? Say something correct. If you want to help me, at least write me the scroll for the Chase Soul technique. I’ll put that in.”

“Do you have to put my name?”

“It’s my choice.”

There was no point in arguing. He brought a pen and paper, wrote down the words to the Chase Soul, and gave it to her. Wijihoyun looked it over and grumbled.

“This is a technique…”

To the genius Wijihoyun, this sort of technique isn't even a technique for her.

“...Thank you.”

Sungmin sincerely thought that and bowed his head down to her. Wijihoyun looked at his bowed head, and lifted her hand and brought it down on his head. Bap! Sungmin screamed at the dizziness.


“Don’t bow.”

Wijihoyun spit out.

“We’re friends. Don’t bow on friends.”

“I could…”

“I don’t like it.”

Wijihoyun answered and lifted herself up.

“How long are you going to be.”


“I’m busy. It’s going to take about a month to fix the High heavens.”

“...Aren’t you leaving?”

Sungmin asked. He told Wijihoyun about his past life. At this point, Wijihoyun was going to leave Genasis.

“I have things to do.”

“It’s because of me.”

“Yes, it’s because of you.”

Wijihoyun smiled and answered.

“If I didn’t hear the reborn thing or whatever, I would have said goodbye. And I would have left this city in a few days.”

The same as before. Wijihoyun felt different things than before, but the human called Wijihoyun had no intention of staying in this city for over a month.

“You came back already once after dying. If you die stupidly again, isn’t it bad and shameful for you? So, I’ll help you. So you don’t waste your life.”

Sungmin looked at Wijihoyun. What. What is this. As a friend? Really. Was that why she was giving all this to him.

Sungmin couldn’t understand that. A friend was basically a shallow relationship, a coincidence.

It was obvious why Sungmin didn’t understand Wijihoyun. In those 13 years, there was no one he could consider as a friend. Relationships… it’s not like he didn’t have those.

They just all died.

Sungmin did think about that. Maybe there was something that he could do. It was nonsense. It was hard for him to live at this point. In these 2 months, they were probably already dead.

“What is that facial expression?”

“...just glad.”

Sungmin muttered.

The relationship with Wijihoyun to Sungmin was probably the best opportunity that he had ever gotten in both his lives.



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