Possessing Nothing - Chapter 17

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He could already feel that his strength has increased. After getting that 20 percent from Wijihoyun, Sungmin could run from the inn to the north wall without stopping.

He has risen to the point where he could consider himself a second rate martial artist. The lack of inner strength has been covered by Wijihoyun, and he could now think about the future. He didn’t know how much he could increase his level of Amethyst Cloud with his lack of talent, but he could now at least have hope about the future.

It wasn’t just the [Amethyst Cloud] either. If he could just learn the High Heavens from Wijihoyun, he would be able to have two strong techniques and set his goals higher.

Of course, he wasn’t going to be a master just by learning these two techniques. Being a master was only for the geniuses of the geniuses.

‘It’s better than before at least.’

How much better it was than his past life where he learned a second rate technique for 10 years and stayed at a C rank. His talent stopped him, but he at least had a path to improving. Because of the No Class’s growth and the martial skelton, he would be able to improve at least a bit.


When he was going to go to the forest like usual, someone called out to Sungmin. Sungmin hesitated and turned around.

There was a teen that was looking at Sungmin. Sungmin quickly scanned the teen’s clothes. He had martial art clothes. The teen was a martial artist. He looked at the blade at the teen’s waist and answered.


“Sir, are you a martial artist?”

It was a direct question. That teen must have understanding about this world. Sungmin hesitated for a second.

He was a No Class. He was using martial art methods, but his status still said that he was a No Class. If he wanted to get a new class, he had to go to a guild or other places.

He wasn’t in any of those.


However, Sungmin calmly lied. It didn’t make any sense that a No Class would learn technique and have a big size of inner strength. Since he was checked by Wijihoyun already, Sungmin was going to be more careful about that.

“Oh, I see. You seem to be good with speed techniques. If it’s alright, may I hear what division you came from?”

The teen brightened and asked. It was question mixed with compliments. Sungmin shook his head and answered.

“I can’t tell you that. I do not wish to speak publicly about my divisions.”

Sungmin answered with a cold face. He purposely made a suspicious face and made an according glance. The teen nodded hearing Sungmin’s words.

“I see. I may have asked a insulting question.”

The teenager said.

“My name is Eun Heelong. I’m also called the Wrecker Blade”

“... I am called Lee Sungmin. I don’t have a nickname.”

“Really? Your skills are very good for your age…”

“I’ve never been out of the family…”

Sungmin slurred his words. Because of his experiences, he was able to decently act like a martial artist, but he would be exposed if he went on further.

“But what does kind sir have to do with me…?”

“Haha! Sir, I’m not such a great guy to be called that. Just call me the Wrecker Blade”

Wrecker Blade or not, no one didn’t like being complimented like that. Eun Heelong continued with a smile.

“It’s nothing, but I wanted to get some help from kind sir.”

“My help?”

“Hm. That is…”

Heelong touched his chin and fell in his thoughts. After thinking for a bit, he continued

There were some useless information, but his story was this. He and his companions were trying to conquer an orc clan and was trying to find a companion that could help.

“With your skill, it would be a great help to us.”

Heelong’s voice had a lot of passion.

“Orc. If we clean those walking pigs, we can get a lot of profits. We have a companion from a mercenary guild. This is an official mercenary guild request. They will aid us with a big interdimensional pocket so we could get a lot of spoils. Also, if we succeed, we will get rewards as well that will be fairly split.”

As Sungmin looked curious, Heelong started to persuade directly.

It was a request from the guild and seeing that the group was being supported with a big interdimensional pocket, it was probably an decently important job.

“How many people?”

“It would be three. We have porters as well. If you help, it would be four.”

“Are they all martial artists?”

“There’s three that are martial artists, and one is a magician.”

“The porters…?”

“No Classes. They aren’t much help. But they’re useful as porters.”

Heelong said with a calm face. No much help. It was cold but accurate.


Sungmin thought. An orc clan conquest. It wasn’t possible with Sungmin alone, but with three martial artists and a magician, it wouldn’t be hard.

The orcs in Genavis weren’t that strong. There are other orcs in other areas that may be strong enough to counter second and third rate martial artists, but not these one. They were stronger than humans, but they were nothing compared to the professional martial artists.

Add on a magician?

He never learned magic himself, but he knew the strength of magic. Even with a low class magician, with time and conditions, magicians were powerful. With three martial artists blocking the front, the magician would be able to clean the orcs easily.

“Can I hear about the rewards?”

“They will give us 2,000,000 Erie.”

Because of his past experiences, he knew well about the mercenary guilds’ status. Every city had one. Saying truthfully about the Genavis’s guild, it was nothing compared to that other cities’. The monsters near Genavis were very weak, and the otherworlders who come to Genavis didn’t stay for long. The people who live here are mostly No Classes

So the guild here wasn’t really that good. That guild had requested conquest for 2,000,000 Erie. It may not be a lot of money to risk a life for, but that was usual for mercenary guilds.

They don’t give much money or rewards. LIves don’t matter to them..

‘But if we think about the spoils…’

He wasn’t sure how useful the orc equipment might be, but orcs were very useful as magic ingredients. If he sold the spoils for a clan, there would get about 1,500,000 even with the guild taking part of it.

About 3,500,000. He didn’t know how it would be split, but he would get at least 500,000.

“...How will they split it up?”

“By the number of people.”

Heelong responded. Sungmin stayed silent. 500,000 Erie. It’s pretty big for a No Class in Genavis. What do to? There was danger. He didn’t know how much he could trust the group. Sungmin had no intention of trusting Heelong with his life.

Should he should take this as an opportunity or danger. Was there a reason to take it even with the danger?

“I’ll take it.”

Sungmin nodded after thinking.

He didn’t really need money. He was getting profits after going to the woods, and he was saving them all up.

But money is useful all the time. That was true anytime. Sungmin didn’t plan to be in Genavis for long. After 10 months, he was going to leave after winning the No Class tournament and getting the potion.

However, he still needed to save money. He had to get equipment after leaving Genavis so taking opportunities for money were important.

‘I can’t go into a guild now anyway.’

He couldn’t have any other job to enter the No Class fight. It would be nice to enter a guild to get money, but he couldn’t with that fight as the goal.

“Thank you.”

Heelong’s face brightened.

“I think going fast is the best way to do it. How about you? We’re all ready.”

“Right now?”

Sungmin asked surprised. He thought it was a bit too sudden. But Heelong laughed at Sungmin’s question.

“Haha! They’re only pigs. You, sir, don’t have anything to worry about.”

Then why did you ask? Sungmin didn’t like the confidence that Heelong was showing, but he didn’t show anything.

‘If it goes wrong, I can run.’

He had the confidence to run alone.

Following Heelong, Sungmin went outside the castle wall. On the road to the forest, there were Heelong’s companions.

“Isn’t he too young?”

The person who said it had a old face but was short. He was barely half a head different from Sungmin.

“I saw him use a speed technique. Even though he’s young, he has great strength and would be a great help to us.”

Heelong said. Sungmin went forward.

“I’m called Lee Sungmin. I don’t have any other nickname.”

“...hm. I’m called Small Monkey Do Sangrang.”

Small Monkey. He looked exactly like his nickname

“I’m called Black Knife Wangpe.”

The person wore a black martial arts clothes. He didn’t have any other item, but by his name, he seemed to use throwing knives.

“It’s Renis. I learned from the Belarus school… you don’t know where that is anyway.”

A girl magician wearing a purple robe came up to him. Of course, he didn’t know. There were way too many varying magic schools.

“...those people?”

Sungmin turned around. There were two men saying nothing behind them.

“Those are just porters so don’t worry about them.”

Heelong said. They bowed their head towards Sungmin. They were older than Sungmin, but in Eria, that didn't matter.

In Eria, Strength was law.


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