Possessing Nothing - Chapter 19

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“You, what’s your name?”

When he was walking with Heelong, Sungmin asked the apprentice mercenary that was following him

They were together for half a day, but Sungmin didn’t know the name or age of him. The only voice he heard really was the tired breathing.

“Yes? Me...me?”

The apprentice mercenary looked at Sungmin with surprise. His face was filled with sweat and dust. He could also see the wrinkles on the faces beyond that grime. It was the wrinkles that came with hardships than age.

“Who else could it be?”

Sungmin asked. Heelong looked at Sungmin, but didn’t say anything. Sungmin grumbled as the mercenary hesitated.

“It’s not a big secret to tell your name or anything. Why are you so hesitant?”

“Ah...I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry. I’m not in your guild.”

He could feel why the mercenary was so timid. Heelong or Renis was probably giving him trouble many times. Probably, not just them either, many of the guild members gave him trouble as well.

“So, what is your name?”

“It’s… Braus.”

Braus answered. Sungmin clucked his tongue at the timid Braus. It was his past self that he was seeing.

“Braus. To be fair, I have no confidence to protect you from the orcs.”

Braus whitened at that.

“Choose. Run away, or follow us.”

Sungmin was telling the truth. Sungmin was barely between the first rate and second rate. He could pull himself out of the fight, but he had no confidence to help Braus.

‘Don’t think Heelong is going to help.’

Heelong was just not listening. Sungmin thought that Heelong had a friendly and nice first impression, but that was just a first impression. It didn’t mean that Heelong was a friendly and nice person.


Braus hesitated. Sungmin said to choose, but he knew that Braus wouldn’t run. Of course, Sungmin wouldn’t try to catch him if he did.

But where would he go. He can’t live in the forest, so he would have to go back. However, Braus didn’t have enough power to go back safely. If he somehow survived, what would he say to the guild?

“I can’t... run.”

Of course. He would get punished by the guild if he went back to Genavis. There was a reason why Sungmin told him his options.

“Since that is the case, don’t blame me if you die.”

Sungmin wanted to make an excuse for himself. Braus said that he was going to follow. Sungmin gave him a choice. Even if the answer was obvious."

They were lucky. There were no guards. Heelong, Sungmin, and Braus arrived at a pretty far away place. Sungmin pulled out the flare.

He had used it a few times before. When people were split apart, this does wonders. When people found something, when people used it to pull away monsters, when people used to ask for help. And.

When people were dying.

It was a simple reason. Get the body. Sungmin didn’t use it when he was dying. It was just too sudden. He went into a dungeon that wasn’t discovered, so there wouldn’t be anyone coming anyway though.

‘Hopefully no other mercenaries come.’

There was probably no one that morally good. Maybe if it was a teammate, but mercenaries weren’t that morally good to help a person who let out a flare.

Smoke rose above.

“Do you think they will come here?”

Heelong asked. Sungmin turned his head towards Heelong as he saw the smoke.

“They will come.”

Sungmin knew that orcs were going to come, but Heelong didn’t know orcs that well.

Orcs were very careful about their territory. If something occurred in their area, they will come. They were completely simple creatures, so they wouldn’t think that this was a trap.

‘If we had more people, we could have used a trap.’

Three people can’t build a trap for orcs. It would take way too long, and if it became night, it would be way too dangerous.

Even if they did succeed, they would lose a lot of strength building a trap.

“Let’s hide.”

Sungmin said. He then pulled out his interdimensional pocket.


Heelong said surprisingly. It was that face that he didn’t know Sungmin would have one himself.

“I had an opportunity.”

Sungmin pulled out a huge water bottle. Then he poured in on the ground. The dirt became mud.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to mask my smell using dirt.”

“Ahh, good idea.”

Heelong complimented him. Sungmin rolled around the mud. Then Braus rolled, and then lastly, Heelong did as well.

“You seem to have a lot of experience for your age.”

“...I learned it from my master.”

“Great master.”

Heelong glanced once more at the interdimensional pocket. Sungmin remembered Heelong’s glance.

Braus’s body was shivering. He was terrified. Sungmin ignored that Braus and pulled out a spear from his pocket.

“You use a spear?”


“I see.”

Heelong didn’t say anything. Sungmin breathed as he looked around. Braus was lying between Sungmin and Heelong, and that was intentional.

Sungmin didn’t trust Heelong.

Sungmin knew that glance of Heelong as he glanced at his pocket. Greed. It was plain greed. He couldn’t trust someone like that.


A sound came.

About ten orcs were coming out towards the smoke. Sungmin checked the equipment of the orcs that were coming. They all looked strong and had weapons. They were young orcs.

‘It was about 50 orcs. If half are girls and young and old orcs… that’s still a lot of orcs.’

Orcs were a male dominant society. The girl orcs didn’t fight and were not warriors.

The old ones were the same. Orcs usually held a large body for a long time, but then old age catches up to them quickly. Orcs don’t care about the old people and have no respect to them. They are considered useless and, if in an emergency, are used for food.

Orcs do eat other orcs as well.

‘A clean sweep is better… but leaving girls and the old ones still make it easier.;

The number of orcs did bother him, but the plan was a success because he pulled the warriors out. The guild request was the subjugation of the orc village.

“Let’s go.”


Heelong stopped him.

“How about we put the porter first?”


“Using the porter, we can distract them. Then we can attack them.”

Heelong’s offer wasn’t a bad idea. If they sent Braus, orcs would definitely kill him. Their attention will be divided, and Sungmin and Heelong could easily defeat them.

Braus’s face whitened. His lips were shaking. He probably wanted to scream...but he couldn’t. Heelong’s hand was suddenly covering Braus’s mouth.


Sungmin stayed silent. He didn’t have any obligation to save Braus’s life. But he didn’t want to agree on a plan that would push Braus into death.

Because Sungmin was also a No Class.

“Is there a reason to?”

“This is better.”

“I’ll go first.”

Sungmin said. To that, Braus’s eyes widened and Heelong looked at Sungmin. Sungmin confirmed again with that glance. Heelong wasn’t a good natured guy.

“Do that then.”

Heelong said. Sungmin ignored Braus’s attention and swallowed his breath. There were thirteen orcs.

Can he do it?

He had to.

Generosity, or was this pity. He didn’t really have any relationship with Braus. They were just No Classes. That was just the reason.

He had no obligation to save him.

He did say that, but if Braus was being attacked, Sungmin would have helped him.

He was that sort of person.

Sungmin ran forward. The Amethyst Cloud filled his body. The inner strength boiled inside of him and ran through his blood.

This was the truth. If Sungmin didn’t get the inner strength from Wijihoyun, he wouldn’t have tried to help Braus. That was it. If a situation didn’t harm him, if he could survive it, he could help with his goodwill.

It wasn’t also just goodwill. There was point to show his strength first.

When the orcs had turned around to Sungmin, Sungmin had already broke through an orc’s throat with a spear. The orc died without a scream. He pulled it quickly and swung it against an orc’s head. Bap! The orc’s head broke.



The orcs screamed. Sungmin took his posture. The orcs didn’t try to rush him. Even if they were stupid and dumb, they weren't dumb enough to rush a person who just came out the bush and killed two of their kind.

The orcs came forward. The front line was filled with young and brave orcs. They wrinkled their face and pointed their weapons threateningly..

Sungmin held his spear carefully. The spear was long. Since that was the case, he could attack first with the length. That was the basics of spear techniques. How to use the length and how to keep it.

It was basic. Before the opponent comes close, kill them first.

That was Wijihoyun’s explanation. That was easy to say but not to do. Something easy for Wijihoyun is not easy for Sungmin. They were just different people.


An orc ran forward. Sungmin widened his eyes. Sungmin strengthened his posture.

Chase Soul Technique.

Babap! A spear broke through the three orcs.He didn’t have enough strength. Or timing. It was the body’s weakness. He broke through 2 orc's chest, but not the third.

He intended for ‘that’. An amateur spear technique. He was showing that to Heelong. He was showing the rank of the technique to him. It would leave an impression on him.

If he would use the impression or not. Sungmin didn’t care either way.

He used the Chase Soul. Speeding up his body, he pushed the spear with his left hand. Bck! The spear that was half way in broke through the orc’s body.

‘I killed five. The number left is…’

Eight. The bush behind Sungmin shook.

“I will help!”

Eun Heelong. That cheeky b*stard yelled with bravery.

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