Possessing Nothing - Chapter 2

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Lee Sungmin recalled the things that he could have achieved but didn’t. Those memories of the past were clearly imprinted in his mind. What if he had another chance? The thought of having another chance spiraled on and on in his head ceaselessly. He had always longed for another chance at life due to his humble status as a No Class.

From what he could recall, there were three opportunities that could have changed his grim life in Genavis. Thanks to this, he could figure out the goals he had to accomplish.

What he needed to do was to acquire the Martial Skeleton.

Martial Skeleton was simply a physique which had a high aptitude towards practicing martial arts. In his past life, he had practiced martial skills. Due to his experience, he believed it would be be in his best interests to learn it again.

The No Class usually had the ability to learn martial arts easily, but the speed would be accelerated with the addition of learning Martial Skeleton. It would help him gain an upper hand against his opponents in the competition later on with the help of the Martial Skeleton.

The requirements to learn it were simple: to not have any skills in possession. It was a simple requirement, but difficult to achieve.

Most would assume skills were difficult to obtain, but it was actually an easy feat. For example, if Lee Sungmin killed 3 people, he would get the “murder” skill.

The current him didn’t possess any skills, so he was able to learn Martial Skeleton. He thought about his past as he walked down the road.

Found it.

He looked up at the old sign. 13 years ago, he came here as soon as he heard about Martial Skeleton. He gave up all his money to undergo surgery, only to be rejected because he didn’t meet the requirements.

The frustration he felt back then was immense.

“I have come to undergo surgery for my body.”

There was no one in the hospital. He remembered that it was a new place. However, after a lucky No Class underwent surgery, people began to flood the hospital.

But, that lasted for only half a year. The hospital closed shortly after. A person who couldn’t undergo surgery killed the surgeon.

“A body surgery…?”

An old man looked at Lee Sungmin in surprise.His shock was not unaccounted for, as the person in front of him appeared to be a small kid who wanted surgery. Furthermore, it was before surgery became well known.


“...Where did you learn about it?”

The old man muttered. He knew. The first person to undergo surgery got it coincidentally. Originally, he went to the hospital for his neck that was in pain. The doctor then asked him if he wanted to undergo surgery for free. Of course, he got loads of money after the surgery became well known.

“You can do it, right?”

The man asked. The old man was still surprised, but he nodded.

“..Hahaha… I didn’t know this would happen, but there is money. It’s the first time I’m doing this to a person. Then, the side effects…”

“I don’t care.”

There were no side effects. The old man slowly nodded as Lee Sungmin answered.

“But, kid, it’s not easy to undergo surgery for the body. You… let’s see. Are you a No Class? No skills?”

“I’m a No Class and I have no skills.”

He had asked why there was a need for this requirement 13 years ago.

Then, he heard it. Skills changed the state of one’s body. Thus, the changed body would not be able to accept the surgery..

However, that restriction could not stop him now. He had no skills.

“Come here.”

The old man locked the door and urged him inside.

“Take off your clothes and get on.”

Lee Sungmin didn’t hesitate. He understood how weak he truly was after he took off his clothes. There was no muscle on his body. It felt foreign to him as he didn’t have the marks from his previous life.

It was the start of his new life. Lee Sungmin laid down. Getting the Martial Skeleton. He recalled the other chances he lost previously.

“It’s going to hurt.”

The old man held up a needle. Pain was easy to handle. He closed his eyes while smiling.

It was a surgery that had to hurt. It completely changed the body to another state. The transformation of his skeletal structure really hurt.

However, Lee Sungmin didn’t scream at all as he endured the pain. Instead, he welcomed it. He was going to live a life different from the previous Lee Sungmin. He was still behind the others who possessed magic or martial arts, but he was better than other No Classes.

(Obtained the low class Martial Skeleton)

When the pain subsided, Lee Sungmin received a message in his head.

He checked his status and looked at the body he obtained.

Name: Lee Sungmin

Job: No Class


Low Class Martial Skeleton.

-A body made for martial arts. It’s not the best, but better than a normal person’s.

“It’s done.”

The old man opened his mouth. Lee Sungmin stood up as he sighed.

A low class Martial Skeleton.

As it said, it wasn’t the best Martial Skeleton, but it was good for a No Class.

In the first place, getting Martial Skeleton as a skill was hard to accomplish. Thinking about the fast growth of No Class coupled with the additional speed of learning martial arts that Martial Skeleton provided, a low class Martial Skeleton could give the host power tantamount to a medium-level skill.

“It worked. I didn’t know it would work for a living person.. Haha! I won’t take any money from you. But, spread the word around.”

He said while laughing. It would become a lucrative career after realising that the surgery was successful.

But, Sungmin knew about the event that would happen in the future. The surgeon died half a year later. He was killed by a man who couldn’t get the surgery

However, he did not disclose this information to the old man. The old man wouldn’t listen to a boy, anyways. He was only a 14 year old boy. There was no point in telling the old man nor persuading him to believe him. .

Even if he didn’t say it to others, there would be another person who will undergo surgery. The rumors would spread regardless..

What if he killed the man? Then, Genavis would no longer have a place to undergo surgery. He would be the only one possessing Martial Skeleton.

No. No. There was no reason to kill him. Lee Sungmin laughed bitterly. He wasn’t so terrible a person that he’d kill a man who didn’t even try to hurt him. Furthermore, the old man was his savior.

However, he still chose not tell the old man about his nearing death.

“Thank you.”

He went out. His body hurt a bit, but he felt his body was getting lighter and lighter.

From this, he got the first chance that he wanted in Genavis. Martial Skeleton. Now, it was time for the second chance.

‘I have to go to the bookstore.’

He had prepared his body with the Martial Skeleton. Now, he needed to enrich himself.

The current Lee Sungmin had the capability to enrich his body with power immediately. He remembered the second-class skills that he had 13 years ago. Just by memorizing the characters, he would gain their power.

The [Spiritual Energy] Cultivation Method was a technique that he learned before, but was always a skill that always held him back.

The way to get [Spiritual Energy] was through studying it and gaining knowledge about the skill. However, if he wanted to learn another skill, he would have to discard of all knowledge regarding the original skill to replace it or master the skill impeccably. Of course, not all skills had that restriction, but this one did

He had trained up to level eight in his previous life. He believed he could now surpass level eight with ease due to his experience with it.

He knew where to get the skill that could substitute this.

Genuine Heavens Cultivation Method.

It was a skill hidden away in a small bookstore. He found it a week after he arrived in Genavis. When he realized its existence, he was raging with jealousy.

That skill was a first-class skill. It also took a shorter time to learn it. However, that was not the reason that it was so valued.

It was interchangeable. He could use the skill with another whenever he wanted to. The past him worked hard for 10 years to get to level 8, but if he got the Genuine Heavens, he could change into whatever better skill he found when he felt like it.

“I found it…!”

After an hour of searching, he finally found what he was looking for. It was the book. He knew it. It was the Genuine Heavens. The past him didn’t know of its existence until it was too late.

But, he did now.

He could do it. The storekeeper did not know the true worth of the skillbook, thus he got it for an extremely cheap price.

He still had enough money afterwards due to the addition of the money belonging to the man he killed just now.

‘About one year from now?’

He caught 2 of the chances that he missed in his past life. He got Martial Skeleton and the Genuine Heavens.

The third chance would arrive in a year. He opened his wallet. 60,000 Erie. The cheapest hotel cost about 20,000 Erie. However, a person couldn’t live by sleeping alone. It would cost at least 30,000 Erie a day when accounting for his meals.

Therefore, he only had money to last him for 2 days.

He needed to earn money.


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