Possessing Nothing - Chapter 20

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“You're a master!”

Heelong laughed as he said. Sungmin breathed hard as he glared at Heelong’s face. The fight was over. The 13 orcs were all defeated and on the ground.

“Thank you.”

Lee Sungmin answered as he pulled off the skin and blood on his spear. Braus was crawling out from the bushes. He looked at the orc’s corpse with horror,


He shut his mouth with his hand, feeling like he was going to throw up. Heelong clucked his tongue and muttered to Braus.

“So weak. Hey! Stop vomiting and come over here and collect the bodies. That is… take the eyes?”

“Y, yes…”

Braus came slowly as he finished vomiting. If they had the pocket that the guild had given them, they would have been able to collect all the orcs. But the pocket was with Renis and Do Sangrang.

Braus pulled out a knife. He shivered as he walked towards the bodies and started to take out the eyes. There was no worth in the eyes. Just for proof of the task.

“I’ll help you.”

Sungmin came over because of Braus’s slow speed.

“Do you have another knife?”

“Ah, yes. Here.”

Sungmin easily took out the eyeball, and Braus took the eyeballs that Sungmin gave him into a bag. Heelong who was watching from far away said.

“You are a very just person.”

“Not really.”

Sungmin answered as he rubbed the blood on his hand on his shirt.

He just had to wait. The flare would be blown from Do Sangrang’s side.

There was a flare.

“You seem to be very different from your outside self. You are very careful and have a lot of experience.”

“I learned from my master.”

“A great master. If you continue growing like this, you will be a person spreading his name to the entire world.”

Heelong and Sungmin said as they were walking towards the flare. Sungmin was walking behind Heelong.

“Thank you.”

“Haha, I’m just saying what I’m thinking of. Now, let’s go. They’ll be waiting.”

The distance was far, but it didn't take that long to reach them. When they came to the place of the smoke, there were bodies of orcs. A dozen of orcs were lying dead on the ground.

“How was your side?”

Sitting on a rock, Do Sangrang said. He seemed tired. Renis was also sitting next to him and, looking at her pale face, she looked tired as well.

“I got them all.”

Heelong answered. When they answered, Heelong and Wangpe exchanged glances. Sungmin, who was behind Heelong, could see the glance that Wangpe gave. Wangpe closed one eye, and it looked like a signal.

‘...look at this?’

It was a signal. That meant that Heelong and Wangpe weren’t skilled enough to use soundwaves to exchange signals.

There was no confirmation that it was anything. It could be that Wangpe's eye was itchy.

But Sungmin didn’t let that go easily. Suspicion leads to preparedness.

First, think of the relationship. Do Sangrang and Renis were in the same guild. They came with the request, and they had to finish the request.

Braus was the same, being with the guild.

But Heelong and Wangpe? They weren’t in the guild. Listening to their story, Do Sangrang looked to find companions to work with, and Heelong and Wangpe joined up.

‘They know each other.’

That was true. It wasn’t enough to confirm his suspicions, but Sungmin kept the suspicion in mind. The problem was what were they after.

“Now, let’s go clean up the rest.”

Heelong said with an energetic voice. Do Sangrang and Renis didn't seem ready yet, but they nodded their heads and got up.

“Fighting them wasn’t that hard.”

‘Idiot, trying to acting tough.’

Sungmin fought hard not to laugh at Do Sangrang. Do Sangrang got tired after fighting a couple of orcs. Seeing that Renis had time to cast spells and Sangrang still got tired, they would have been eliminated if they went inside the orc village like they originally planned.

But there was no worries anymore. Because of the two fights, there wouldn't be any warriors left. The old and females weren’t dangerous, and the only other danger would be the children orcs.

“You are right. Orcs, they’re nothing.”

Heelong answered.

“To the point of uselessness.”

Heelong added. It was that moment. Wangpe’s hand flew up. Sch! Wangpe’s sleeve shook and a black throwing knife shot out.


Renis screamed. She looked at the knife that was deep in her chest in horror. She opened her mouth as to say something, but only blood flew out.


As he was walking beside Renis, Do Sangrang's eyes opened up. In that moment, Heelong pulled out his knife and ran towards Do Sangrang.

Pang! Sungmin’s spear blocked the knife. Do Sangrang moved away slightly, and Sungmin wrinkled his face with the effort of resistance.

“Being a nuisance.”

Heelong muttered. He said that, but he looked surprised that Sungmin was able to react this fast.

‘I thought so, B*tch.’

Sungmin’s face wrinkled. It was a relief that he was on guard. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have been able to react at all.

“Eu, Eun. What is...?”

Idiot. Sungmin regarded Du Sangrang as pitiful. Renis was killed and he still didn't understand the situation yet?

“Just leave this world pleasantly.”

Heelong said, and Wangpe moved. Sch! A knife went towards Do Sangrang. Surprised, he quickly moved his body. The knife barely missed Do Sangrang’s shoulder.


Do Sangrang screamed as he finally understood. He ran towards Wangpe with bare hands. Do Sangrang doesn't use weapons. He seemed to specialize in close fighting.

“Let’s listen to them first.”

Sungmin said with a bit of relaxation. Do Sangrang and Wangpe. They looked to be of similar skill, but Wangpe looked calm compared to the tired Do Sangrang. That was because of the difference in types of martial arts. Wangpe stood far away throwing knives, while Do Sangrang was in the front line fighting orcs. Do Sangrang was obviously more tired.

But he would still win against Wangpe. The martial arts that they used were just that different.

“It’s nothing.”

Heelong muttered. He moved backwards with a cautious expression. Heelong saw Sungmin’s skill while walking with him. Even though Sungmin was young, Heelong knew Sungmin wasn’t an easy opponent. If it was up to him, he would have killed Sungmin first, but there just wasn't an opportunity like that

“That pocket they got from the guild. We would get so much money just by selling that.”

“I see.”

Of course. He first thought it was to take all the rewards for the request for themselves. But that wasn’t possible. If Do Sangrang or Renis dies, Wangpe or Heelong wouldn’t get any money to the guild even if they gave proof of success.

So, the only profit they would gain is the pocket. Heelong was right. If it was that big of a pocket, it would sell for a lot of money.

“B*stards, You’re being stupid.”

Sungmin laughed at him as he mocked them. Heelong was surprised at the change in attitude.


“You’re being stupid, B*stards. Sell the pocket that the guild funded? Haha! Being brave is being stupid, that fits you.

Sungmin sincerely mocked him. With that, Sungmin felt glad towards Heelong. There would suddenly be more money to him because of lack of people.

“...what are you saying?”

“You idiot. If you think the pocket is that easy to sell, why do they give it out so easily? Hm? Why don’t the guild members just run off with it? Hmm?”

Sungmin knew this because of his past life. He knew how stupid it was to try and run off with an item that a guild gave.

“You die if you run, idiot.”

Guild wasn’t stupid or idiotic. The reason why they funded an expensive thing like the pocket was because they had confidence that they would be able to get it back.

There was a tracking magic in all of the support items. Therefore, if someone ran, a tracker would be on them

“With your skills,  you’re barely second rate. You’re not even close to first rate. Right? You’re a C rank in a guild. But then… if you run with that, there would be A ranks, maybe even better, coming after you.”

The ranks were basically ordered by strength. The second rate skills were only second rate no matter how good. C rank. Some made it to B rank, but that was because of the experience.

Usual B ranks had first rate skills. The best of the best were given the A rank.

“S ranks are the real masters. With your skill, you think you can escape someone like that? Hahaha! Sell that? Nonsense. You’re dead before you’re even out of this forest.

“...You b*tch…!”

Heelong’s face wrinkled because of Sungmin’s mockery..

“Why. It hurts getting hit by facts?”

Sungmin’s hand pushed the spear. Pak! Heelong ran forwards. He took his steps and tried to close the distance.

Remembering Wijihoyun’s advice, Sungmin moved back.

The Amethyst Cloud ran through his body.

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