Possessing Nothing - Chapter 21

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Like starting a car.

Vrrm! The Amethyst Cloud moved through his body. Sungmin opened his eyes wide and looked at Heelong’s movements. Heelong didn’t try to attack when Sungmin moved back.

Heelong’s actions came to be a waste, but there was no backing off. They had already killed Renis. I’m sorry. It was an accident. It was our fault. Even if they laid out excuses, there would be no convincing the guild.

Kill to shut the mouths of witnesses.

Heelong and Wangpe chose that. They wouldn’t be able to take the pocket, but they would be able to take the spoils they had collected.

Heelong thought of the pocket that Sungmin had. He didn’t know how good the magic was, but it would be good money if he sold it.


Wangpe and Do Sangrang were fighting in the back. Depending on who wins, either Sungmin or Heelong was in a bad situation.

Heelong was nervous. Sungmin was turned around so he couldn’t see the fight, but Heelong was looking at the fight. Wangpe used throwing knives, and it was very bad in close fighting. It was too short to be swung around.

Throwing knives were also used once and were gone after being used. The true masters had ways of collecting the used knives and had ways of close fighting with them. Wangpe just wasn’t that skillful. He was also just a second rate.

Seeing that Wangpe did not kill Do Sangrang in the beginning with his throwing knives, it had basically shown the result. The only thing Wangpe could do was to hope that Heelong kill Sungmin quickly and come and help him.

‘Do Sangrang is in a better position.’

Sungmin knew without even looking back. Seeing the throwing knife user missing his first knife called the end. With Wangpe's skill, it would just be stalling.


Heelong’s face had that. Unlike the calm Sungmin, Heelong was nervous because he was seeing the fight. He wouldn’t be able to keep calm.

That makes him attack first.


Heelong moved forwards. The distance was 7 steps. Heelong had to move 4 steps to get to Sungmin.

If Sungmin was fully grown, he would be able to fight outside of Heelong’s range. But his body wasn’t fully grown yet.

Still, the spear had an advantage that he could use.

He looked at Heelong’s stance. He predicted how he was going to attack. Heelong’s arm moved to the side and started to move. Sungmin moved his foot forward and shot his spear.


Heelong moved back awkwardly. Sungmin moved his hand’s position on the spear and moved his feet. Sch!!! Sungmin’s spear shot out multiple times.

Heelong could only dodge when he was moving backwards in the attacking position.

His spear techniques were trash according to Wijihoyun, but they still worked on similarly skilled foes.

Sungmin had better power than Heelong’s. Amethyst Cloud gave an explosion of inner strength, which would flow through the body, strengthening the body. His inner strength wasn’t that great before, but it became better with Wijihoyun’s help.

Kang! Heelong’s knife hit Sungmin’s spear. Heelong was attacking to try and stop moving backwards. Sungmin firmly held onto the spear. Pale faced, Heelong quickly ran forward to Sungmin. He moved his right arm and tried to stab him.

That moment.

Sungmin stabbed his spear forward and let go of it. The spear moved forward outside of Sungmin’s grasp. Heelong’s eyes widened. He didn’t think that Sungmin would let go of the spear in this time.

Heelong quickly twisted his body. To that, Sungmin pulled out a knife on his back.

He didn’t borrow the knife from Braus for no reason. Sungmin had a knife, but there was a reason that he couldn’t use it.


Heelong’s stance tilted. Sungmin’s knife barely slicked Heelong’s arm. After that, Heelong tried to counter immediately.


Heelong’s face paled. His hand shook hard and suddenly let go of the knife.

“Y...you… what…”


Sungmin answered. He put a strong immobilizing poison on the knife on his back.

Sungmin walked towards Heelong.


“Shut up.”

Sungmin swung the spear. The spear broke Heelong’s shoulder. Heelong screamed loudly. Sungmin did the same thing to Heelong’s shoulders and knees.

He wanted to kill him, but it was probably best to bring him to the guild. The guild would do whatever they wanted to him.

“Are you done?”

He heard a voice from his back. Do Sangrang was looking at Sungmin with a tired face. Wagpe was lying bloodily on the ground. He had thought he had not heard any fighting, Do Sangrang had beaten Wangpe to death.


“...amazing. I ignored you because you were young… you seem stronger than me.”

“You’re very modest.”

Sungmin answered. Do Sangrang sighed. He looked at Renis’s body with sadness.

“...what do we do about the orcs?”

“Let’s clean them up after we rest for a bit.”

Sungmin answered.

“We should be able to clean them up with only two of us. The warriors are mostly dead.”

“...ok. Let’s do that.”

He answered, but Do Sangrang was already scared of Sungmin. At the age of 14, who was that cold? Even if it was only for half a day, a companion that they had been talking to was dead and two had betrayed them.

“Heelong. I’m going to take him to the guild.”


“Renis and Wangpe. Let’s put the bodies in the pocket. Ah, and put the orcs near here. Braus. Stay here so Heelong doesn’t do anything stupid.”

“Ah, yes? Ah… yes.”

“You don’t have to be scared. I broke his joints, so he won’t be able to move at all even if the poison stops.”


Just then, Heelong fell and wiggled on the ground as if to prove it. Do Sangrang had to ask.

“You. Are you really just 14?”


Sungmin answered with a casual tone.


The sun had almost gone down when they cleaned up the village. They would have burned the village, but the guild didn’t request that so they left it alone.

‘I don’t know how long it would last.’

Sungmin rubbed his nose and thought. He did kill the orcs in the village, but the orcs nearby would move here knowing that the village orcs was gone. They reproduce fast. The village would be repopulated again.

Sungmin didn’t care too much. The guild, or the hunters, would take care of that.

“Let’s go. The sun is going down…”

Do Sangrang opened his mouth when he moved the corpses in the bag. Sungmin came towards Braus. Braus was standing on guard cautiously. Heelong was wiggling beside him.


Do Sangrang grumbled. He spat out looking at Heelong’s butt, reeking of odor.

Braus and the other apprentice mercenary carried Heelong, and they left the forest quickly. Then, Sungmin and Do Sangrang carried Heelong from the middle. It was to escape the forest quickly before night.

“Are you going to report as soon as we get there?”

They had gotten out of the forest. Do Sangrang nodded. He was tired because he hadn’t stopped to eat or rest, but there was no reason to not report.

The guild was near the north wall. The first floor was the restaurant, and the second floor had the office.

“You should eat something.”

“I’ll eat when I get back to my inn.”

Sungmin answered. He felt that Wijihoyun was waiting for him.


When Do Sangrang was carrying Heelong up to the second floor, Braus went up to Sungmin. Looking at the other apprentice, he bowed his head to Sungmin.

“...Thank you for everything.”


Sungmin asked.

“If… it weren’t for you. I would have died to the orcs. Even if I did survive, I would have died to Heelong or Wangpe.”

“Don’t be thankful to me. Just think that you were lucky.”

Sungmin said. Then Sungmin wondered slightly.

What would happen if he gave the Genuine Heavens to Braus?

He didn’t really need it because of the Amethyst Cloud.


Braus was already becoming 30. Even if he did learn it… there would be no use. It was the matter for most No Classes. Unless they had a great opportunity, they wouldn’t be able to fix their terrible situation. Especially for older ones like Braus.


Do Sangrang moved down from the second floor. He didn’t know when they became so friendly, but Sangrang acted close to Sungmin.

“Go up.”

“Yes? What is it?”

“That is…”

Do Sangrang had a strange expression.

“The president wants to see you.”

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