Possessing Nothing - Chapter 24

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One month.

She said that she would be able to fix the High Heavens in a month, but it didn’t work like that. The High Heavens was still a grace technique. It was one of the best spear martial arts.

No matter how much Wijihoyun was a genius, it was impossible to fix the High Heavens in only a month. Even if it was only remixing the difficulty, the process required extreme geniusness.

One month passed, but she still hasn’t fixed the High Heavens. She was hurried though.

“It’s taking a lot more than I thought. I’m going to have to stay a bit longer.”

“Isn’t it because of me?”

“I’m doing this for me. You don’t have to stay that. Don’t say that also.”

She looked at Sungmin’s face.

“You’re too pessimistic by yourself.”

“People don’t change in one day.”

It happens when you’re bullied at a guild for 10 years. She would never know that feeling. Sungmin muttered and lifted himself up. Break time was over.

His body grow a lot in one month. By using only his body strength to swing his spear, it grew his muscles. That didn’t meant that he wasn’t practicing his techniques as well.

Because of the lack of hunting, Sungmin tried to practice on himself more. Wijihoyun tried to teach Sungmin in the time she didn’t fix the High Heavens.

His spear technique’s mastery grew a lot in only a month. His basics were bad because of not learning it properly.

“You don’t need to use inner strength to use the force. It’s basically only a efficient way of using power. Using inner power with that only increases the efficiently of it.”

“I don’t know if you say in words.”

“Then would you like to be hit?”

She pouted and said. Sungmin closed his mouth quietly. Sh! The spear broke through the air.

“There are many types of the force. There’s different types depending on the length. And the ways switch from there as well...it’s gonna take way too long explaining all of it. There was a person called Jang Sambong who was the first person to get in depth about this stuff. He also died a long time ago though.”

She muttered and lifted herself. She picked up the spear beside her.

“There are many types, but the purpose is the same. To use a lot of power out of little power . It’s basically using the entire body strength not the just muscle strength. Using the tension, the rotational energy, the opponent’s energy, everything is the basics, and inner power increases the efficiency of the strength.

Sungmin nodded. To that, she glared at him.

“Don’t act like you understood when you didn’t. I get confused.”

“Yes. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Then you have to learn. You have to mix in the force to the na, ran, and zhe. So then you get enough power than usual.”

Then she sighed.

“It doesn’t make sense. This world makes no sense. Using martial arts without knowing these things.”

He has been hearing that a lot from her. Since beginning to learn properly from her, Sungmin learned various things. Not really martial arts, but the information that was needed to use martial arts.

“You don’t know anything. How could someone who doesn’t know anything use martial arts…”

“How would I know if I didn’t learn it?”

“Don’t say it then.”

She grumbled. Sungmin’s face turned sullen as he practiced the postures that he learned. Then he suddenly thought of something and asked.

“How do you use telepathy?”

[Like this.]

She sent a message. Sungmin sighed and stopped swinging his spear.

“If I could do it right now, I would be a genius.”

“That’s true. You’re not a genius.”

She said with a pathetic face.

“But you’re not dumb either.”


“You’re not dumb. You’re not a genius, but you’re not dumb either. Common… might be a bit better than common.”

She muttered to herself.

“You learn better getting taught then learning it yourself. It’s probably because you probably never learned alone.”

Sungmin’s face turned blank. Right. He had never learned like this from another person.

“Well, you could say it’s part of inner strength.”

“What kind of stupid thing is that. How do you do that?”


She told him carefully about how to use telepathy. He tried it on that note, but it didn’t work. He didn’t have enough inner strength.

Like that, he learned various things from her. When he was using the Amethyst Cloud, she gave him advice about using inner strength as well.

Really, the main reason why she didn't’ finish the High Heavens in one month was because of using so much time to teach Sungmin. Sungmin opened his eyes after meditating.

“Why are you doing so much for me?”

Sungmin asked. When he was practicing the Amethyst Could, Wijihoyun was fixing the manual of the High Heavens in the corner of the bed. She turned around.

“Do you actually not know? It’s because…”

“Friend, don’t say that.”

“I don’t want to see you die.”

She changed her answer.

“You told me I was your goal. I can’t let you die to some random person.”

“Is that being nosy?”

“Say it’s being worried.”

She grumbled. She put down the pen and moved her neck side to side.

“...And I don’t want to leave any regrets behind. I’m going to leave soon.”

“...Regrets. What regrets.”

“You are my first friend.”

Her eyes turned clam. When she had those eyes, he didn’t know if it wa son purpose, but she had the aura of dominating the other person.

“Let’s say it wasn’t a coincidence, but my thoughts haven’t changed. You are my first friend. So I want to care for you. For you, for me.”

He heard it many times. That Small Pegasus in his past life was a person like this. A girl, not a boy, who had huge generosity for someone with a background of the vice head of a cult. She was like that; she tried to keep someone that she had gotten once.

“It’s a month. Twice the length that I said...but I’m leaving.”


“I don’t know. I’m going to venture around. Like my previous self.”

She looked at Sungmin.


“Me? I… will get the potion and go to the next city.”

Behengeru. A city that was about 4 days away from here. He had been a mercenary there.

“I see. When should we meet.”

She tilted her head.

“If I leave in a month, I will be wandering for a few years. Then I will be somewhere where ever I feel like. You and I have never met in 13 years.”

“We were in different places.”

“How about 10 years.”

She said.

“I was going to say 13 years, but since you don’t know what happened next, I think it’s best if we meet earlier. Let’s say 10 years. You choose the place. I don’t know this place.


He answered immediately.

“It’s one of the biggest and most modern city in Eria… we can meet there. When is the date?”


She opened her mouth.

“It’s my birthday. I won’t forget it. You remember it. 3/14 in 10 years. You and I meet in Tobes.”

That meeting plan has been chosen in 10 years. It gave a goal to Sungmin. He won’t die before then. He must not die. No, he couldn’t just live though.

He had to make it his goal to be closer to her,. He wouldn’t be anything close as just a first rate. ABove that, he needed to go way above that.

He had many goals in his new life.

One was to get everything that he could using his past experiences. The martial skeleton. The Genuine Heavens. The potion. That wasn’t the end. There were other things left to get.

The second was to survive.

Third was Wijihoyun. To get stronger than her… he never thought that. There was so many things that they had different.

But, that was his goal.

When two weeks passed, she finished the High Heavens. She changed the difficulty and put in the beginning of the Chase Soul.

She had finished it, but she didn’t leave just yet.

“I said I was leaving in one month, so I’ll teach you the High Heavens for two week.”

So Sungmin was taught the High Heavens for two weeks. Then two weeks passed.

Sungmin and Wijihoyun stood across from each other behind Jack’s inn. She was leaving today. The 100,000 Erie for the inn fee. Sungmin gave her that as well. She had on the martial arts clothes, Jack’s bag, food on the journey. No weapon. She didn’t use weapons.

“I’ll give you 20 seconds.”

She put down the bag. A fight. Wijihoyun asked for it first. He didn’t reject it.

He knew the result. There was no way that he could win at this point. The result didn’t change with him getting the first 20 seconds. No matter how many spear stabs, he wouldn’t even be able to wound her.

He knew, but he stood here.

He wanted to see the skill of Wijihoyun.


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