Possessing Nothing - Chapter 25

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Like before, like now, the weapon that he chose was the spear. He chose it because...it looked safe. Fighting far away, swinging like a coward. He was scared of using a knife up close. So he chose the spear.

That was the reason, but he like it. He used it for a long time. It was a difficult weapon, however.

He chose the spear his life as well. He hadn’t even thought of using another one. He had no confidence to welding one, and he didn’t want to abandon the Chase Soul,

Yes. He was stubborn.

His inner strength didn’t carry over. Only thing he had was the experience and the understanding of spear techniques. He didn’t want to abandon that. That memory was the memory of a person called Lee Sungmin living in this stupid world.

It was too hard for a 14 year body to use the spear techniques he remembered, but he was used to that. Inner strength? Because of the 20 percent from Wijihoyun and the Amethyst Cloud, he had more than before.

His spear techniques had improved at a fast rate. She gave him the basics. Not just spear techniques but other things as well.

The best thing that happened to him in his past life was Wijihoyun.

She had taught him the Amethyst Cloud, gave him her 20 percent of inner strength, gave him the High Heavens, gave him so many other things. There was no one like her in his entire past life. She never wanted anything for her help.

She was a great teacher. If she accepted, he would have been her student formally.

But she didn’t. Because he was her friend.

‘20 seconds.’

Before attacking 20 times, she wouldn’t retaliate. The only thing that she could do was dodge or block. There was no point. 20 seconds would be useful when the two people had the same skill.

There was nothing like that between Sungmin and Wijihoyun. A huge, dominant gap was between them. So Sungmin didn’t move quickly knowing that. A useless attack. A missed attack.

What was the point.

‘What should i do?’

What would he attack with first. It wasn’t going to hit her, but he was careful. He wanted to try his best, to try and kill her.

There were 3 attacks with the Chase Soul.

None of them were complicated attacks. All three of those were mixed in with the High Heavens.

There was no way to win with the attacks. Wijihoyun made the remixed High Heavens so she knew about all the attacks. Sungmin moved his feet. She only had her right hand uop.

It was dawn. The weather was chilly.

A bird squeaked nearby on a tree.

Sh! The spear stabbed from his hand. It was the zhe that she had taught him. No, it wasn’t just the regular zhe. It was the first attack of the High Heavens.

Chase Soul One Kill The one strike used all his strength and power. The spear went straight towards Wijihoyun’s heart in a second.

Tap! Her hand moved. She lightly wiped her right hand and blocked the Chase Soul One Kill.


She muttered. Sungmin wasn’t hurried. He knew that would happen. His feet moved. There was no reason to move. His spear was close enough.

‘Ah, this.’

He stabbed his spear. Stabbing. Swinging. He used all the basics that she had taught and the manual of the High Heavens. His spear technique could be called already over second rate.

But it didn’t work on Wijihoyun. She only moved her right hand. Her eyes moved faster than his spear and predicted the spear strike. That was how she blocked it. Her hand was barely a 13 year old girl’s, but the sharp spear didn’t even wound her hand.

That was the difference. He was only a half a year into martial arts. No matter how much he learned, he was barely first rate. How about Wijihoyun. She had learned from young age with potions and help. She was young, but her experience and skill vastly surpassed his skill.

The results was done.

“...I lost.”

He muttered. The 20 seconds. He used the 20 seconds to do everything that he could.

“You did well.”

Unlike the sweating Sungmin, she didn’t have any signs of tiredness. She only wiped her right hand and came close to Sungmin.

He attacked 20 times in the 20 seconds, but all of them were blocked by her right hand.

After that 20 seconds, she moved. She probably used a technique. He didn’t read her technique. Just, he… could slightly feel it. Not to stay in the same place.

“That last decision was good. You used up one more second.”

A random spear strike was aimed towards Wijihoyun. She used up one more second trying to dodge that. She put her hand on his shoulder and smiled widely.

“You have good sense.”

That was a genuine compliment.

“That’s something you have, above experience and everything. You know something that you can’t see, and if you can do that, that’s already talent. Someday, that’s going to be a huge tool for you. I’m looking forward to you in 10 years.”

“...But I lost.”

“Of course. I’m the Small Pegasus. I wouldn’t lose here.

She laughed loudly. She felt relieved. Maybe it was the freedom of leaving after staying in this city for a few months. But Sungmin’s chest felt a bit stuffy.

‘It was sadness.’

He had felt that. Thinking of it, he had never had someone like this to confide to. There was no things as friends, and he didn’t have companions either. There were mercenary companions, but facing hardships and sufferings, he had never thought of the his mercenaries as companions.

There was no trust in that. Not to say friendship.

But she was different. Unlike the suspicious Sungmin, she was innocent. She was an unique person that he had ever met before. Like he was her first friend, she was his first friend.

That was why he felt sad. To be away from her. He was surprised slightly that he could feel something like this.

“Why do you have that face?”

She tilted her head and asked. Sungmin sighed and swiped the sweat.

“I feel sad.”

“Really? I feel the same way.”

She laughed. She turned around. Picking up the bag under a tree, she continued.

“It’s sad for me to leave you. I want to stay with you if I could.”

“Then you can.”

“I already told you. It’s for you, for me.’

“I understand. I’m just... complaining.”

“Haha! Aren’t you 27 in mental years? A 27 year old is complaining to a 13 year old… it sounds a bit disgusting.

Disgusting. Wasn’t that a bit too much. No, she was always like this. Her words came out too directly. And harshly.

“It’s a shame, but I have to leave. Like you have things to do, I have things to do. With this, I get to look forward to you in 10 years.”

“...Look forward?”

“Yes. I’m looking forward to it. That fight… it was too easy. Way too easy. But I was content with your skill. You did what I had hoped you would do. Especially that last strike was really good.”

“It was luck.”

“That’s up to you to make it not luck. Haha! I’m looking forward to it. Well, I’ll probably win then too.”

She laughed and swung her bag on her shoulder. He turned sullen and looked at her.

“Don’t be sad. You’ll be able to meet me in 10 years.”

“It’s too long.”

“You’re complaining again. Why. You want to copulate with me?”

She turned around and asked. Sungmin blinked a few times and looked back. Silence continued. He didn’t know what the word ‘copulate’ meant.

“Cop… what?”

“Hm. You make me repeat an embarrassing word. That is, you want to make a baby with me.”

She touched her chin and repeated herself. Sungmin’s mouth opened widely

“What, what?”

“If you don’t want. Well, I guess you’re too young for that. No, are you?”

She muttered. She was calm, but Sungmin’s face turned red. He kept opening and closing his mouth until he finally screamed.

“You don’t have anything that you can't say!”

“Haha! I’m joking. Joking. Isn’t that a joke among friends?”


“Really? I didn’t know. It’s my first time. I’ll be a bit careful next time.

She laughed and said. She came closer to Sungmin.

“Well, it seems like a good idea if it’s you. It’s fun watching you. Yes… you should think about that for 10 years. How much my breasts will grow in 10 years.”

“I won’t!”

“Why? It doesn’t do anything. I’m curious as well. I was known as man before? Then it means that my breasts won’t grow that much...Haha! It would seem pretty fun meeting you with bigger breasts. You’ll be surprised.”


He forgot what he was going to say and muttered curse words. She went past Sungmin and tapped his shoulder.

“In 10 years. The main plaza of Tobes. 3/14. I’ll be remembering.”


“Don’t die.”

She left the words in passing.

“I won’t.”

He turned around. He could see her back leaving the inn.

“I won’t die ever.”

He muttered as if casting a spell on himself.

And so Wijihoyun left.

With a promise to meet in 10 years.


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