Possessing Nothing - Chapter 26

Ten years later...

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Everything occurred as Sungmin remembered.

After half a year, the old surgeon that did martial skeleton surgery had died. He was killed a third rate martial artist that wasn’t able to get the surgery.

Usually conflicts between otherworlders didn’t go to punishments, but it was different if it involved a citizen. The lord had punished the martial artist. The punishment was death.

He knew of the surgeon’s death. That’s how he died before.

But he didn’t stop it. There was no reason to stop the death. His sense of justice was always different. If there was a relationship between him and the man, he might have tried to block the death.

But there were none. Even if he had gotten the surgery, it was just coincidence. The old man wanted to perform a successful surgery on a person. He wanted to get a martial skeleton.

To be honest, he didn’t want to be involved in it.

After he died, time passed. He stayed in the inn, and if he was lacking in money, he went out to hunt goblins, orcs, etc. He sold the spoils to Hans. That money was spent on his inn fees or savings.

Wijihoyun had left.

There was no more teachings. He had to wait 10 more years since that happened. Well, if he didn’t die before that.

It was obvious, but he had no intention of dying.

There was a tournament that occurred in Genavis. It was like a game for the citizens that had to go through summonings, and it was also a test for the otherworlders. That wasn’t all. Usually there were different prizes depending on the tournament, but usually they were helping in surviving as a otherworlder. It was like a fair payment to the people who gave the citizens enjoyment.

There were three groups. One allowed magic. The other one didn’t allow magic. And the last one was the No Class Fight.

He was that.

Winning was easy.

Since Wijihoyun left, he had spent his time practicing the Amethyst Cloud. There were no sort of goals in his past life like this, but now was different. He had to defeat Wijihoyun and had to spend this much work.

‘Not just her.’

He looked at his gloves.

The No Class tournament was way easier than he expected and almost made him think his preparations were a waste of time. But that was to be expected.

The No Classes in the fight were just that level. They were the ones getting hunted by third rates. The strong ones in Genavis wasn’t that strong as well anyway

But how was he. He had the two grace techniques and was taught by the genius Wijihoyun. He had also gotten some inner strength from her as well.

The experience from his past life covered his lack of basics, and he was close to being first rate. It was true that he lacked the inner strength though.

‘It would be solved somewhat by the potion.’

He had fought 5 times and won all of them. He didn’t use his full strength. He thought there wasn’t really a good reason to.

“Drink  it here.”

A man was waiting in the contestant room. He was a knight held by the lord.

“If you take it outside, there might be problems. It’s generosity from the lord so thank him.,”

“...I will.”

“If you don’t want to drink it and sell it, tell me. I can exchange it to gold. Even if you don’t have any cultivation methods, it would still help you so don’t worry about that.”

There was no reason to sell it. He would get a lot of money, but he didn’t need money. Portions weren’t that easy to buy anyway.

Could he trust him...was not a question that he had to think about. A No Class in his past life got the potion and got help from it.

‘Thinking about it, what happened to that guy.’

The one who got the potion in his past life. Thinking about it, the person who should have gotten didn’t because of Sungmin.

‘It’s not my problem.’

He opened the wooden box. There was a white colored potion inside. As he picked up the potion, the knight went close to the door. He wanted to provide defense.

He put the potion in his mouth. The potion melted as it touched his tongue. It wasn’t delicious. There really wasn’t any flavor.

Sungmin slowly used the Amethyst Cloud. The inner strength in his body was welcoming the strength from the potion. He would swirl the inner strenght of the potion in his body. He couldn’t take all of the power. The potion was after the stage of refinement, but not all the energy could be collected.

Usually about a half could be collected. The other energy was either excreted or split in the bloodstream..

But the Amethyst Cloud was a great technique. When he had finished the process, he had collected almost ⅔ of the inner strength given by the potion. The other ⅓ also melted inside the blood stream. It was the same for Wijihoyun’s inner strength. The Amethyst Cloud would slowly move the inner strength towards Sungmin’s abdomen where his power stayed.

“Are you done?”

When Sungmin opened his eyes, the knight asked. Sungmin breathed lightly and lifted himself.

“Yes. Thank you.”

His body was filled with power. It was something he had never felt before.

“Your martial arts power. It’s pretty good. How is it? I could ask the lord to make you an apprentice knight if you wanted.”

The knight asked. To the knight, Sungmin was probably a genius in his eyes.

“Ah… thank you for the offer...but no thank you. I have to do other things.”

“Ah, that’s too bad.”

The knight was a bit sad at that, but he didn’t ask any more. To be honest, it was good offer. Anyone could be a mercenary, but not anyone could be a knight.

But he didn’t linger on it. He went outside the waiting room.

He was leaving Genavis. There was no change in plans.

“I wanted to say bye.”

There wasn’t a place he wasn’t going to leave without saying bye. He had leaved for a year. There were a few relationships.

“I thought so.”

First, Hans. He was a person that gave him great deals. He had sold things in fair prices, and he had also given him a interdimensional pocket.

“I heard that you would won the No Class Fight. To be fair, I thought you would have left earlier. You finished cleaning up the woods in half a year.”

Hans laughed. Even though Han’s generosity was from mistaking Sungmin’s talent, Sungmin still felt glad to Hans.

“Probably for you, you’ll be all right anywhere you go. You have good sense.”

Like me. Hans laughed showing his teeth. He pulled out a small bag from his pocket and tossed it to Sungmin.

“Take it.”

“...It’s a interdimensional pocket?”

Sungmin made a  surprised face, but he caught the pocket.

“It’s used. It’s better than what you have. About 1.5 times the power. It’ll be useful for you.”


“It’s a present. Take it. I’m going to be in Genavis for a while. If you want to repay me, send me something.”

Ahns laughed. Sungmin stared at Hans and bowed.

“Thank you.”

“What thanks. I wanted to give you it… While you’re at it. Get famous. So I can hear what you’re up to. Brag about it. That you’ve gotten help from Hans in Genavis.”


He bowed and went to Jack’s inn.

“You’re leaving?”

Lula asked when he went inside. Sungmin froze and asked.

“How did you know?”

“Your room is clean. You folded the blankets, and cleaned the room. Why? I could have done that.”

Lula was sitting on the table with pouty lips.

“It’s not surprising. You’ve stayed for a year. I know. Usually the otherworlders, they all leave.”

“...Yeah. I have to leave.”

“You don’t have any plans on working at our inn?”

Lula asked.

“My dad. He really likes you. You’re young and diligent. Yeah. Your dad might give you the inn when he retires.”

“Why to me? He has you.”

“You idiot.”

Lula’s arms shivered at Sungmin’s innocent answer. He knew what she was talking about, but he didn’t ask. That was right.

“Don’t die.”

Lula pouted.

“If you’re leaving, stay alive. Don’t die. Don’t do too much. If you can’t, just come back.”

“...Yeah. Thanks.”

“You aren’t though, are you?”

Lula went outside the table. She looked at Sungmin. The 15-16 year old girl’s eyes were calm compared to her age.


“I thought so. Don’t come back ever. You idiot.”

Lula spat and turned around quickly. As she was going in the kitchen, she stopped once. Then she turned around again.

“But don’t die. This is for real.”

“I don’t.”


Lula snorted loudly. Then she went inside the kitchen.

“She’s too young. Yes. You’re younger though.”

Hans walked out as Lula went inside the kitchen. He held a basket.

“Sometimes I feel like you look way older than your age.”

“...I can’t help it. Living makes you that way.”

“Someone would think you lived a decade more.”

Hans laughed. He gave the basket he was holding to Sungmin.

“A hungry journey is hard. Bread rots easily but not in the pocket. Take it with you. I put you some milk as well. I think you like it.”

“...Thank you.”

He didn’t really like it. It was just good for his health.

“And take this. It was a cape from my younger days...it has magic on it. Pointy knives don’t stick easily and it has temperature maintaining magic. But it’s not that great of a magic. It doesn’t keep the temperature if it’s too cold or hot.”

Even if it was used, a cape with magic would be expensive. He put the basket in the interdimensional pocket, and put the cape around him.

“...It’s too big…”

“You’re fit when you get older.”

Jack said with an apathetic face. He tapped Sungmin’s shoulder.

“Still though, you’re one of the best No Classes I’ve met since working at the inn. You’ll live pretty well in other places as well.”

“Thank you.”

“Nah. It’s the truth. If you have time, come back and show me your face. After my daughter gets married.”

Jack laughed showing off his teeth.


Lula shouted loudly in the kitchen. She was listening even though she was acting like she wasn’t. Jack jumped slightly and whispered.

“Or not. Hmm! Come back quickly and…”


Lula’s shout turned into a scream. Sungmin smiled bitterly and nodded.

“I’ll think about it.”

Even if he wouldn’t.

He left the inn. It was July. The year 1104. It was a year since he arrived.

The cape was a bit big, but he liked it. He rolled up the upper half of the cape so the end of the cape wouldn’t drag on the floor, and walked towards north castle wall.

‘3 years in his past life. Now it’s one year.’

He had graduated 2 years quicker.


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