Possessing Nothing - Chapter 3

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There were many ways to earn money in Eria. Naturally, the simplest way was to hunt ‘monsters’.

There are two areas in this continent. The place where humans lived was the ‘residential area’ while the place where monsters lived was called the ‘hunting grounds.’ Of course, this was merely a simple categorization. There were various types of hunting grounds. For example, a dungeon.

Lee Sungmin judged his current state objectively. He had Martial Skeleton. He had gotten a Cultivation Method. But he didn’t have a great amount of power as of yet. Martial Skeleton and Cultivation Methods only accelerated his growth and did not immediately bestow upon him power.

Therefore, he wouldn’t have much success even if he went to the nearest hunting ground. The past Lee Sungmin would have wiped out the nearby hunting grounds, but… now, it wasn’t possible.

‘I only have experience. It’s not too useful, either…’

The past him didn’t have much power. He learned martial arts, and he learned many other things to survive. Even after all of his efforts, he barely reached the average qualifications of the otherworlders..

That was the limit of the No Class. Lucky No Classes with medicine or a master went up the ranks quickly, but he had neither in his past life.

Therefore, he needed all the help he could get this time.

Out of the many hotels, Lee Sungmin went to one that was of average quality. It wasn’t great, but it was cheap.

“How long?”

The owner was a middle-aged man. He eyed Sungmin from his head to his toes and said.

“You don’t seem to have that much money… you’re a No Class, right?”


“Tsk tsk, that’s bad. You don’t seem too old, either… You’re unlucky.”

The owner muttered. It was the word that he heard 13 years ago. It might just be a facade. After all, he was just betrayed by a “nice” guy.

“...I have money for only a day. But… if… it’s ok, can I pay with something other than money?”


“Like monsters… if you need anything, I’ll get it. Of course, I’ll give you money, too. As much as I can offer…”


The owner slurred his words. Sungmin was going to another place if the owner said no. Monsters were money to the residents as well as the otherworlders.

“... Well, sure. There’s always room. Ok. From tomorrow, give me a Goblin’s tooth or liquid.”

The owner laughed a bit and answered.

“Ah, don’t take it the other way. Goblin’s teeth and liquid does give money. You know?”

“Yes… a bit.”

People who buy these stuff were the armory guild and the magic guild. Maybe some from the soldier guild, too

As he wasn’t in a guild, he wouldn’t be able to sell them at its original price because of taxes. Thus, it was better to give them to the owner for a night’s stay, instead.

“Ah, and can I borrow a pen and paper?”

Lee Sungmin got a room that was relatively tidy, but had a peculiar smell to it. There was a public bath on the 1st floor as well.

For 20,000 Erie, the rate for staying per day was cheap for a hotel like this.

‘But, it’s far from the hunting grounds.’

This hotel was at located at the top of Genavis. The hunting grounds were located opposite to it. It would take about two hours to get to the grounds by foot. It would be a shorter trip if travelled on horseback, but that would cost money.

Therefore, there were barely any customers. The lack of customers worked out well for him. It was also a cheap place to stay.

He opened the notepad; he was going to organize his thoughts. He pondered for a long time before he began to write down all the opportunities that he missed in his past life.

‘One year. I have to stay for one year,’

He stayed here for 3 years in his past life. However, one year was sufficient for him in this life. Well, it wouldn’t even take one year. He needed only half a year to have enough power to graduate from this place.

But, there was a reason as to why he had to stay for one year.

The Colosseum.

A Colosseum was located at the center of the city. It was a place reserved for combat. A competition would be held every month, and most otherworlders entered to compete.

There was a huge prize for the winner. He was going after that prize in one year.

‘In one year, the prize is the Intelligence Potion.’

The No Class fight. Only No Classes could enter that fight. Usually, the prizes for such fights were measly, but there would be a great prize appearing in one year..

It was a medicine that would aid his inner strength. The prize alone was worth his lengthened stay here.

‘But, it won’t be easy.’

Not all No Classes were weak. From what he could recall, the person he went up against in his past life was rather strong.

‘There is only one chance. I have to get it this time.’

One year. Long, but short. In his past life… how did he spend his first day? He didn’t have anything. He slept by the backdoor of an alley. He was starving but unable to buy anything to eat. Sungmin bitterly smiled as he thought about his past experiences.

‘Compared to the past, I have a good start. I have money. I have a room. I have a bed… I can take a bath.’

He felt hungry. He had not consumed anything and his hands still reeked of blood.

But, he would wait. Sungmin opened the book that he bought. He was going to read it once. There was no need to memorize it for now. Just reading it would suffice.

(You have read the Genuine Heavens Cultivation Method)

(Would you like to learn the Genuine Heavens Cultivation Method?)

Yes. He spoke inside his head. PSH! A light emitted from his head. This was the reason why there was no need for memorization. If he just read it thoroughly, he could already learn it as a skill. It was the same for magic.

‘Magic… I would like to learn it if I had the time.’

The past him didn’t use magic. It was very different from martial arts. Martial Arts improved as much as he practiced. However, magic was different.

If he learned ‘fireball,’ then he could only use that spell. It was definitely less useful than strengthening the body. Its benefit might be better if he could learn various magic spells, but the past him didn’t have that chance. It cost money to become a member of a magic guild or field. Furthermore, the requirements to enter were extremely strict..

But, it was the same for martial arts as well. They wanted people who already possessed magic and martial arts prior to joining, the No Class who had nothing were harshly admonished .

There was an exchange between the students. If their birth location was different, then they would learn different skills. It applied to magic, as well. Thus, people would learn from one another. In Eria, that was how knowledge was shared.

But No Class… they had nothing. Nothing to give.

‘Whatever… I guess I”ll do it myself.’

Luckily, he could use the skills he learnt in his past life using his memory of it alone. He closed his eyes and recalled them.

[You remembered the One Thunder Cultivation Method]

[You remembered the Iron Skin Cultivation Method]

[You remembered the Rock Smash Cultivation Method]

[You remembered the Chase Soul Spear Technique]

Got it. His face revealed a joyful expression. Those were the four skills that he used in his past life.

‘Learning from memory…this is the first time I tried something like this.’

He sighed in relief. He knew that he could relearn skills using memory from what he learnt in his past life. If it was impossible to learn skills from memory, then otherworlder magicians wouldn’t be able to use them as skills or pass them on to others.

One Thunder Cultivation Method increased the user’s agility. The Iron Skin Cultivation Method and Rock Smash Cultivation Method made the host’s body as hard as steel. The Chase Soul Spear Technique was a skill that provided holistic aid to him.

He utilised spears and close combat in his past life. Spears… He smiled bitterly. The reason why he chose it was simple; it seemed safer to stab enemies from a distance. The close combat was used for close range combat when he couldn’t use weapons.

‘These aren’t the best, but at least it’s better than what I used in the past. I tried to use rocks to hunt.’

However, his aim wasn’t very accurate and often missed the monsters. When they hit the target, he would often run away from the enraged monsters, frightened.

Name: Lee Sungmin

Occupation: No Class


Genuine Heavens Cultivation Method(1)

One Thunder Cultivation Method(1)

Iron Skin Cultivation Method(1)

Rock Smash Cultivation Method(1)

Chase Soul Spear Technique(1)

He made sure that the skills ended up on the screen and stood up. He was going to eat and wash up. He would sleep after learning Genuine Heavens a bit. Tomorrow, he would be able to get the items he needed.

He was going hunting.

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