Possessing Nothing - Chapter 41

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Stupid college...

The energy potion that was on the very top was that. The greatest energy potion of all time. From what he heard, all big energy potions were protected heavily in martial art temples and are given to the select few. That potion was an item for sale.

“The price…!”

Sungmin breathed loudly at the price. It was way more than what he expected. Neville looked at Sungmin and nonchalantly said.

“The big energy potion is best of the best potion made with alchemy. The price is fair for what it’s worth. If you take it, you will receive decades of inner strength. You can’t buy time no matter how much money you have, so decades of inner strength should be worth this price.

He could understand the price. He was just surprised at how expensive it was. Sungmin swallowed and searched up the energy potion that he had taken before. It was there. It was pretty expensive, but it was nothing compared to the big energy potion.

“There are raw energy potion that loses efficiency when taken. But I can’t recommend them to you. There are side effects to taking unrefined energy potions. So for example, if you take the millennium ginseng, the ying and the yang of your body would fall apart. You would have too much yin. So your body might fall apart. It would be a different story if you practiced a yang cultivation method.”

Nevilled advised. Sungmin looked away from the potion. It wasn’t that he didn’t want it, but the prices were way too high for him. He searched up martial arts.

There, he breathed loudly again. There were a variety of martial arts sold.

“There are many types of martial arts. The otherworlders coming into Eria are all different. The same sword technique may have a slightly different form. But they all can be called a grace technique.”

He didn’t understand. Were all these grace techniques so easy to buy? No, the prices were incredibly high so he wouldn’t be able to easily buy them. Neville laughed at Sungmin’s shock.

“DIdn’t I say. We have various connections with many customers and guilds. Ah… also, if you buy a martial art with us and practice, we won’t take care of any mess that happens.”

He could understand what Neville meant. If he randomly used a technique that was a secret to only a certain sect, the sect would take notice. If he couldn’t give a good reason for that, the sect may try to do things to confiscate the technique back.

There weren’t only martial arts that he could buy here. There were magic books here as well. The organized magic from branches to small magics, Sungmin felt horrified at the objects that were being sold. He had never thought that magic, martial arts, and energy potions could be sold like this.

“... Do you need a qualification to be a member of Ereburisa?”

“That is true. The easiest way is, like you, getting recommended by another member. To be honest, being recommended doesn’t completely make you a member...but Mush is a frequent customer of ours, so we slightly twisted the rules.”

Neville said that and nodded his head ot Mish. To that, Sungmin tilted his head. What would Mush have to sell to a guild like this?


Mush answred.

“The souls of the people who died in this mountain. I sold those.”

Mush said nonchalantly. Sungmin's face hardened.

“You… sold the souls of humans.”

“You’re taking it the wrong way. This mountain is my property. The souls of the people that die here are all mine. Is there something wrong with me doing whatever I want with my things?”

Mush only asked back. Mush wasn’t a person but a goddess. Morals didn’t apply to her.

“Souls are a good trading object. There are many people that want human souls. The black magicians and the demonic cults. Sometimes dragon… demons. Isn’t it good for everyone if you have transactions like this? It’s better to selling souls to them instead of having them trying to mass murder. And also…”

Neville’s eyes narrowed.

“If you want. We can give you a lot if you pawn off your soul to use. The soul that defied the principle has great value. Ah, it’s only a pawn though, you can pay off the debt later…”

“Don’t listen to that. If you give your soul to me, it’ll be better. Don’t you want talent? Like I said before, if you sell your soul to me, I can give you whatever you want.”

Mush cut him off. Sungmin could understand something. They wanted his soul. The soul that defied death must have an expensive cost that he didn’t know.

“I don’t have any thoughts about that now.”

Sungmin sighed. Mush said. He received a lot of stacks after defying the principle. It wouldn’t do anything to him now, but after he died… he would suffer for ages.

Therefore, death wasn’t a resting place for him. Sungmin only had a painful end.

But he didn’t want to sell his soul.

“I don’t have anything that I want to transaction yet. I don’t have any money. Later… I will call you if I need something.”

“Call me whenever. Ah, and this…”

Neville lifted his hand. Tap! As his fingers snapped, a small light enveloped Sungin.

“This is just a small thing for becoming a member of Ereburisa.”

His appearance turned clean. The clothes were still rags, but it didn’t leave any bad odors or have any dirtiness. It wasn’t just his clothes. His hair and body that haven’t been washed in a year turned clean.

“Then I’ll see you later.”

Neville’s body disappeared. Was that magic? No, everything that Neville did would be magic then. Sungmin muttered looking down at himself.

“There are so many things that I don’t know.”

“The world is big. It’s a great thing that you became a member of Ereburisa. I don’t regret giving it to as a reward.”

Mush muttered and looked at Sungmin.

“Where will you go now?”

“...i’m first going to go to Behengeru and become a mercenary.”

“A mercenary. Haha. That’s not too bad. Do whatever you want.”

Mush muttered and took steps back.

“Don’t forget what I said to myself.”

To that, Mush turned to smoke. Sungmin looked at the place where she was and looked down at himself. There are no coincidences in the world. If he came back, there was a reason why.

That kind of stuck on his mind.

From his life, there were so many coincidences. Jack and Hans. Wijihoyun. Mush and Sogo. Those were all coincidences.

But if there were no coincidences, were those meetings not coincidences?

‘I don’t know.’

Sungmin sighed and turned around.

He had to leave this mountain first.


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