Possessing Nothing - Chapter 42

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The city that Sungmin wanted to go to. He became a mercenary at this city. He was 17 and he wasn’t even a third rate back then.

According to his original plan, he was going to train at the mountain for 2 years, but the plan was twisted. He trained for 3 years, and now he was 18.

That wasn’t the only thing that was different. Past him was only a third rate. Now, he was already an apex master. Didn’t the man from Ereburisa say that, he had already passed the apex.

Everyone would say that looking at Sungmin's age. That he was a genius. It wasn’t false. Unlike WIjihoyun who was a complete genius, someone in their 10s who was a master would be called a genius.

But Sungmin.

He had a tendency to be harsh on himself. He felt it was less hurting ot always think about the worst instead of trying to cheer himself. It was basically inferiority like Wijihoyun said, but he have no intention of getting rid of that.

He knew that inferiority could be help to him. The 3 years that he spent on the mountain, the inferior made him move instead of falling in despair.

A master at 18. That would be considered a genius. But in reality, Sungmin had 13 years of experience. It was experience that would help him reach the second rate easily.

That wasn't it. He had 2 grace techniques that he was bestowed upon. Like Wijihoyun said, they were techniques that guaranteed rising up at least to the apex.

Adding on to that was the No Class’s growth rate and the martial skeleton. Those increased the growth rates. And on top of that, he trained at the Mountain of Mush. He spent 3 years suffering like that.

He was a master after all that.

If he didn’t go into the mountain, how long would it have taken for him to become a master. If he didn’t receive the High Heavens or the Amethyst Cloud, he wouldn’t have even been able to look at the limit of the apex.

‘A common man… not a genius.’

Sungmin bitterly smiled and descended. Even with the 3 years that he lived here, he didn’t have any attachment to this place. But he didn’t dislike it either. It was nice place. In the 3 years that he spent here, Sungmin had more devotion than his entire previous life.

Sungmin used Shadowless.

The speed was faster than anything he had done before. He had practiced it multiple times but everything was practiced under the weight penalty. But now was different. His body was light and free.

He was at the 5th level of Shadowless. Amethyst Cloud was level 6 and the HIgh Heavens was also 6.

The inner strength affected Sungmin’s body. The strength that he used twirled in his body. It made his body faster and speedier. Sungmin descended in a second. He ran for a while, but his breathing was constant. Like his skills were past the apex, his inner strength increased to the point where it matched his techniques.

‘He would reach Behengeru in no time.’

It would take about 4 days to get there. But if he used a speed technique, it wouldn’t even take 2.

But there was no reason to hurry. He slowly started to walk in the direction. It was awkward trying to sense directions after staying in the mountain for so long, but it wouldn’t hard to fix that.

He organized his thoughts. The things that he had to do.

He wanted to stop Sogo’s death. There was only 6 years left until she entered the same dungeon with Wijihoyun and died. Sungmin knew that even though he was an apex master, Wijihoyun would be stronger than him no matter what.

It was obvious. Wijihoyun was already past the apex when she left Genavis. Wijihoyun wasn’t probably just playing around for 3 years. And for 6 years later.

The 6 years that she would spend and the 6 years that he would spend were completely different. 6 years of a snail walking wouldn’t move more than a year of a human walking.

He wondered if it was better to train more in the mountain, but he left the mountain first.

There were things he needed to get.

In half a year. The guild would get a mission to wipe out a black magician’s dungeon. It was artificial, but the magician was strong so the guild received a lot of harm. They would gain many spoils after succeeding, however.

There was one thing that he wanted. The barding Devilnark. It was an armor that a C rank mercenary received by coincidence. It was later classified as a A rank artifact, and the guild couldn’t even take it because the armor made a blood pact with the user.

A C ranked mercenary rose quickly to the point of apex with just the armor. He didn’t know what the armor did, but he had to get it first.

Luckily, Sungmin remember how to get it. The mercenary that gotten it always spoke about how his life changed when he got drunk. Sungmin listened carefully to him in the corner of the bar.

The opportunity that would change his life. Sungmin was waiting for that in his past life.

With his current skill, he would be able to get an S rank in any city’s guild. If a martial artist was past the apex, he would be rewarded an S rank.

An S rank would be able to choose his missions. He had funds coming in monthly, and there would be sanctions on him if he didn’t take any missions. S rank mercenary had that much worth.

After he became an S rank, he was going to enter other missions before taking the mission with the black magician’s dungeon. If it was possible, he wanted to get the other artifacts as well in there.

Sungmin started to get ready for sleep when it became dark. He quickly caught two rabbits and lit a fire. Sungmin breathed loudly as he placed the rabbits on top of the fire.

To be honest, Sungmin was waiting for this moment. He didn’t have the restriction of taste anymore. And smell as well. Sungmin swallowed as he felt the odor of the rabbits. How long was it since he felt this smell. The meat was roasted quickly. Sungmin immediately picked it up and took a bite.

It was delicious.

It was just meat with no seasoning, but it was delicious to the point that he was about to cr. It was nothing compared to the horrors of eating in the mountain. He then understood how happy eating was.

And he promised himself. Even if he went back in the mountain, he wouldn’t take the taste penalty ever again.

Sleep was comfortable with no nightmares. He did wake up a few times in his sleep like a habit, but he wasn’t afraid of sleeping back again. Like that, Sajangnim was able to rest for a long time without nightmares The headaches that he felt when he woke up wasn’t as painful as before. It was the result of sleeping well.

Sungmin woke up and lifted his body. He wanted to practice his spear techniques, but it was important to get ot Behengeru first.

The next day, he arrived. His figure wasn’t that clean after walking through the forest. Since he caught a few monsters on the way there and gotten spoils, he smelled with odor.

“Where did you come?”


The officer asked and Sungmin answered nonchalantly. The officer wrinkled his face at that. Coming from Genavis meant something simple. He was an otherworlder.

“Go in. Don’t cause any trouble.”

The officer reluctantly let him through. Sungmin nodded slightly and walked in. Behengeru. It was similar to what he had remembered from before. Sungmin felt a really , really slight feeling of gladness.

‘Where was the mercenary guild…’

Sungmin looked at his memories and walked towards the guild.

He planned to be a mercenary right away. He got slightly lost, but he started to have memories come back. Sungmin stayed here in his past life for the longest, so it wasn’t that hard to find his way around.

Just he didn’t have that many good memories. Sungmin’s life here wasn’t that happy. He had to do everything to survive here. To be honest, he didn’t want to remember them.

When he stood in front of the guild.

Sungmin thought of a small memory. Small… memory. Was it the senior mercenaries that bullied him in the guild. Those people’s memories. Sungmin laughed and took hold of the doorknob.


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