Possessing Nothing - Chapter 43

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Since Behengeru was a close city to Genavis, it was the first city that most otherworlders came after being summoned. Therefore, Behengeru was a big and modern city. It was the first place the otherworlders had to get prepared for survival in this world, Eria.

‘Guild.’ That was basically a direction that otherworlders went towards to survive. Merchants went to merchant guilds. Blacksmiths went to blacksmith guild's. There were many guilds, but the mercenary guild was the one that most people went to.

There weren’t that hard of a requirement to get in, and becoming a mercenary meant food and living for a while.

Therefore, the door's opening of a guild could not be said to be a unique thing. Even if it was a small kid who was dirty, it was a common thing.

The mercenaries near the door spoke some words to him.

“Hey, kid. Can you work for your food?”

“Maybe it your face was better, I don’t know. You look like even a mouse won’t eat you.”

“Go get some food from your mom. You probably don’t have one though.”

The mercariences laughed. Sungmin didn’t say anything and closed the door. Like most mercenary guilds, the 1 floor was used as a bar for mercenaries. There were many drunk people even in daylight, but most mercenaries were like that.

They used their money to live life day by day. There was no saving. Getting money required risking your life everyday.

They risked their life and survived. They did all they could. They wouldn’t know they were going to die. So they would use money now. Live now.

Sungmin knew the life from experience. The beer drinking and the partying. They all reacted the same way for newcomers. If the newcomer was nothing important, it was good. If the newcomer was a skilled person, they would be jealous. Humans were like that.

Sungmin walked across the hall. The beer smell increased as he went inside. There were a few mercenaries that were naturally touching girl’s breasts. They moved their hands rapidly, and the girls moaned as to make the men happy.

Sungmin didn’t give them any glances. When he stopped, he was at the bar table. There were a few mercenaries that looked pretty formal. But they didn’t care about Sungmin. They only talked to themselves.

The bartender was the same. Sungmin knew who he was. He did come here a year later, but the bartender’s face was the same.

“I want to be a mercenary.”

Sungmin opened his mouth. To that, the bartender looked at him.

“Did you get a invitation?”

The bartender was a clean middle aged man. He didn’t have a shadowy figure, but his eyes were narrow and sharp. Sungmin shook his head to the question, and the bartender nodded as he knew the answer.

“Go to the 2nd floor. They take requests there.”

Sungmin knew that as well. The reason why he talked to him was to make an impression to the bartender.


That was his name. He was also the guild master of the Behengeru branch. He was a great magician.

“Excuse me.”

Sungmin put his hand out. He took hold of a fork on the table. The fork’s owner looked at Sungmin but didn’t say anything.


Sungmin's fork turned purple. Sungmin showed the fork with a nonchalant face, and Baron’s face changed.

“Ah. I must have underestimated you because you were a kid.”

The owner of the fork said. Sungmin knew who he was. He was a free mercenary. He wasn’t a martial artist, but he was an S rank with similar skill.

“...Martial artist.”

Baron sighed and muttered. He put down his glass. The mercenaries muttered to themselves. Sungmin put an aura around the fork and that meant that he was a apex master that knew how to use his powers well.

“Sit here.”

Baron pointed to a chair. Sungmin put the fork down and sat down. Baron looked at him



“18 and a master. A genius.”

Lude who was sitting close by laughed. It was a natural reaction. A person with a master skill before their 20s was usually a genius. Sungmin felt slightly bitter because he knew he wasn’t.

“How long has it been since you were summoned?”

“About 4 years?”

“4… why did you not become a mercenary. Did you come straight away?”

“No, I left 3 years ago. I travelled for years.”


Baron nodded. Guilds shard information. If he wanted to, he could find what Sungmin did in Genavis.

“Why do you want to be a mercenary?”

“It’s easy to be and has a lot of freedom.”

“True. Mercenaries are free. Especially with high ranks.”

Baron answered. Low ranked mercenaries had to take missions to survive, but high ranked didn’t have to. Guilds gave them money and high ranked missions gave a lot of money so high ranked mercenaries didn’t have a hard time living.

“I forgot to ask your name.”

“Lee Sungmin.”

“You must be a martial artist?”

“I’m a No Class.”

Sungmin said truthfully. He didn’t want to cause any suspicious by telling lies.

“No Class?”

Baron was surprised. Not just him, but everyone in the table was surprised.

“A No Class got a skill of a master in just 4 years.... What a genius….”

Lude muttered like he couldn’t believe it. Sungmin didn’t react. Baron spoke.

“...we usually have a test, but we don’t need one for masters.”

Baron muttered and gave a paper.

“First… let’s put a contract. You’re mostly an S rank if you’re a master, but we need to test your skill.”


Sungmin signed the contract. Baron looked at the unquestioning Sungmin. He was slightly surprised at the fact that Sungmin wasn’t asking anything.

There was no reason to. Sungmin knew what mercenaries did. Sungmin sighed and gave back the contract.

“...If you want, we can contact you with a leader of a squadron of mercenaries.

A legion of mercenaries was a squad. A strong squad had that much power that they could first pick some good missions.

“No, it’s fine.”

He refused. There wasn’t just positives in that. Usually the mercenaries in the squad took their commissions out of the missions. That wasn’t a bad thing. If the squad could do more positives, commissions wasn’t that big of a deal.

Just, there was no reason for Sungmin to be in a squad. It was better to be a free mercenary instead of being stuck in a squad.

“Yes, that’s better. There’s no stupid fights either.”

Lude laughed. Baron didn’t ask anymore.

“Did you get a hotel?”


“Then use the empty room on the 4th floor. And we will give you your test tomorrow.”

Do you want to drink? Baron asked. Sungmin shook his head.

“I’m too young.”

“Funny answer.”

BAron laughed. Sungmin ignored the glances and moved up tot eh 4th floor. It was the high ranked mercenaries room, so Sungmin had never been here before.

It was a complete different place. Sungmin looked for an empty room. There was a room with the keys on the door, and Sungmin picked a close door to him.

He went inside and looked at the place. It was large. There was a bathroom and a shower. Hot water existed. The living room wasn’t hot or cold. Temperature magic probably existed. There were so many things.

Sungmin closed the door.

He would get a missions. He didn’t know, but Sungmin would become an S rank if he succeeded.


Sungmin called him. And then, out of his shadows, Neville came out.

“Did you call?”

Neville bowed.

“I heard that you have missions as well.”

“We may give missions to customer in the mercenary guilds. Do you need one?”

“No, not yet. Is there missions for an s rank?”

“Of course. There are many mercenary customers. S rank is the lowest rank we can find for you.”

It should be. To become a member, people had to have requirement. If it weren’t for Mush, Sungmin wouldn’t have been a member. Therefore, all the members were S rank or higher.

‘SS or SSS. Monsters…’

The limit was mostly an SS. An SSS ranked mercenary were for people who had completely surpassed the limit.

He had only heard of 3 SSS rank mercenary. Was it possible to get there?

“Thank you.”

“Of course. Call me whenever.”

Neville disappeared. Sungmin fell in deep thought. This was the reason why he didn’t want to be in a squad. He could also get high ranked missions through the mediator guild.

‘Half a year.’

Sungmin was going to work hard as a mercenary. He was going to successfully finish his test tomorrow and then do high ranked missions. He might be able to get to SS rank like that.

But before then.

He would have to get the barding from the black magician’s dungeon.

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